Heartbeat - Season 8

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Testament
    Episode 24
    David is the only witness to a drunk driver's hit-and-run, and the relation between Mike and Jackie is in big trouble as he suspects her uncle is guilty. Greengrass is in charge of enlarging a graveyard but he's more interested in what is found in the ground.
  • David Stockwell's Ghost
    A troubled family has moved into Aidensfield from Zambia. At the auction David happens to buy pigs instead of lambs, and Mrs. Ventress is hospitalized.
  • Old Ties
    Old Ties
    Episode 22
    An old friend visits Gina, and Aunt Mary fears trouble. Two brothers open a restaurant, and they are surprised by more than a brick through the window. An archaeologist inspires Greengrass to dig for a treasure.
  • Friends Like You
    Friends Like You
    Episode 21
    David wins £100 and buys some fine clothes, but the shopkeeper wants to sell more to him. Gina substitutes as singer in a new club in Whitby, but it turns into a nightmare as the police finds drugs in her handbag.
  • All in the Mind
    All in the Mind
    Episode 20
    Blaketon loses focus on Greengrass because an even worse crook enters the area with some racing ferrets. Jackie Lambert visits Maggie Bolton to finish the paperwork on Dr. Bolton's death. An old woman witnesses a kidnapping. A young man annoys ordinary citizens intensely while presenting himself as PC Ventress.
  • Fire and Ashes
    Fire and Ashes
    Episode 19
    Maggie Bolton tells Neil that they are going to have a baby, but she's quite troubled about it and takes a small trip with Gina. Small fires in the area worry the police, and Greengrass has a railway carriage for holiday guests, but that makes Blaketon angry.
  • The Angry Brigade
    The Angry Brigade
    Episode 18
    Barry Dixon is released from prison but is followed closely by an insurance detective. Lord Ashfordly has closed a pathway to a waterfall, but that decision meets strong opposition when a couple of tourists, Mr and Mrs Tidy, is stopped somewhat brutally. Bradley and Jackie Lambert, an attractive lawyer, develop common ground.moreless
  • Twist of Fate
    Twist of Fate
    Episode 17
    Mildred Crosby dies unexpectedly suddenly and Maggie Bolton is accused. An anonymous night rider 'borrows' frequently a horse and leaves it in an uneasy state. Two Japanese vases are stolen, and Greengrass obtains hot horse racing tips from a road bum.
  • Echoes of the Past
    Echoes of the Past
    Episode 16
    Jane Hayes is nervous of her pregnancy and some mysterious incidents related to the past make her fear she's haunted. A Christmas Charity Dance is arranged in Aidensfield, and Greengrass gets the responsibility for a trophy at the event.
  • Taking Sides
    Taking Sides
    Episode 15
    A road sign thief causes some disarray, and a Miss Aubrey charges Dr. Bolton with sexual harassment. Greengrass arranges local history theater in the open air, but doesn't it take two armies to make a battle?
  • Where There's a Will
    Eric Tatton and his wife are dead and his sister, Peggy, has to move out of their house. At the last moment she however decides to fight to stay. Bellamy seeks a flat and gets 'assistance' from Greengrass.
  • Forbidden Fruit
    Forbidden Fruit
    Episode 13
    While David Fuller apparently is very busy at an auction his wife, Marianne, is brought to hospital in a critical condition. Bradley stumbles into a short flirt with her sister, Rachel, and Gina dreams about a trip to Paris.
  • Shadows and Substances
    Blaketon is appointed Warning Point Officer - in case of nuclear attack, but soon Greengrass grabs the initiative to make money on the security issue. A pupil smashes a front window of the teacher's car. Later another pupil drinks poisoned water in the woods and Bellamy's Granny leads a protest against noisy lorries.moreless
  • Hot Rocks
    Hot Rocks
    Episode 11
    Bellamy convinces Bradley to have a party at the Aidensfield Police Station. Lord Ashfordly's sister visits to introduce her new love, but he's very interested in Gina, and Greengrass has campers who modernize people's homes.
  • Easy Rider
    Easy Rider
    Episode 10
    An apparent UFO mystery intermingles with the death of an Italian racing cyclist. Greengrass receives 200 gnomes from China, but they turn out to be models of Chairman Mao.
  • Pat-a-Cake
    Episode 9
    Mel Drinkwater disappears on the way to her secret wedding and a former boyfriend, Michael, is suspected of making her diaappear. Greengrass' cat allergy is ruining his joy of a new business project. A burglar steals some medicine from Dr. Bolton's clinic.
  • Hello, Goodbye
    Hello, Goodbye
    Episode 8
    Greengrass wants to make a fortune as mobile shop keeper. An Indian doctor from Kenya stirs up ugly racist prejudices, and an illegal hunt for live badgers disturb the forest.
  • Give a Dog a Bad Name
    At a roadside 'shop' David sells some sheepskin rugs for Greengrass very cheaply. Craddock and the local veterinarian have grave disputes on drunk driving, and a fleas' epidemic gives a dog a bad name.
  • Baby Love
    Baby Love
    Episode 6
    A young man sneaks around inside Moorside Lodge, a mothers' and babies' home, and Greengrass grabs an order to make a concrete driveway but as David refuses to work that very day, Greengrass has to make the unknown Gary do the job. Later an adopted baby is kidnapped.
  • Spellbound
    Episode 5
    Blaketon notices some strange activity at a graveyard at night but as he wants to investigate, he's knocked down. Greengrass tries his luck in the beauty business.
  • Past Crimes
    Past Crimes
    Episode 4
    A respectable bank manager finds his past coming back to haunt him. Greengrass fixes the outcome of a local golf tournament - much to Blaketon's annoyance.
  • For Better or Worse
    Just after buying a car young Brian Rider has a serious solo accident and his mother blames the owner of the Motor Company. Greengrass takes over a couple of racing pigeons after the owner's funeral.
  • Fallout
    Episode 2
    A stolen car harbors a radioactive isotope, and the chief suspects the Fawsey brothers of the theft.
  • Fall Out
    Fall Out
    Episode 2
    A radioactive isotope contained in copper is in a car that is stolen when parked at The Aidensfeld Arms. At the same time Greengrass tells two school boys that in another episode 'found' golf balls to him that he could use some copper. Greengrass' little brother makes him have a racing dog in custody.moreless
  • Snake in the Grass
    Snake in the Grass
    Episode 1
    Gina returns home from her uncle George's funeral and Blaketon tries to mediate some neighbors but his efforts are disturbed by acute food poisoning. A night club owner goes broke and Greengrass takes some belongings into possession to cover a debt of 75 pounds. The stripper's snake contained in a box happens to be among them.moreless