Heartbeat - Season 9

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • The Son-In-Law
    The Son-In-Law
    Episode 24
    Jackie Bradley's parents arrive from South Africa. She admits to Mike that she has not told them of their wedding. A car is found driven far into the river and at the same time a hitch-hiker is picked up by Greengrass and David. Andy Ryan tries to win back Gina's love.moreless
  • Wise Guy's
    Wise Guy's
    Episode 23
    Franco Mazzetti has suddenly died, so Greengrass finds guts to buy one of his vans to sell fish and chips from. He's soon mixed into a brawl between the Mazzettis and another local business family. Ventress is put on a harsh crisp bread diet by his wife, so his heart, and especially his stomach fall victims to the charm of a lonely widow.moreless
  • With This Ring
    With This Ring
    Episode 22
    Frank is an addicted gambler always in serious and his actions to deal with his debt hits both his employer and his wife and daughter. Mike plans secretly a honeymoon to Majorca, but Jackie is more keen on her job. Greengrass makes David 'save' coal from a lorry due to maritime law.moreless
  • Desperate Measures
    Desperate Measures
    Episode 21
    Roy Brooks gets a suspended prison sentence for horse theft, but later in the evening a racing horse is stolen from Lord Ashfordly and his estate manager is seriously knocked down. Bernie Scripps happens to tell Greengrass that he once was psychic.
  • Against the Odds
    Against the Odds
    Episode 20
    Lottie finds Charlie Weller dead and to the ugly surprise and disgust of his nephew, Martin, her mother, Peggy Turner is the beneficent of a week old will. At the same time Blaketon is approached by a professional full time planner on the establishing an industrial quarter close to Aidensfield.
  • The Good Doctor
    The Good Doctor
    Episode 19
    Jackie's friend Sue is wounded by a hit-and-run car driver but Dr. Peters claims it's not as bad and serious as it looks. Greengrass finds some old bicycles he wants to rent to participants in a local race.
  • A Shot in the Dark
    A Shot in the Dark
    Episode 18
    Lyn is a maid at Ashfordly Hall. She is secretly visited by her boyfriend Gary who has a suspended sentence. As he leaves the estate manager tries to stop him with shouts, and soon with gunshots, too.
  • For Art's Sake
    For Art's Sake
    Episode 17
    The painting artist Joe Vaughan seeks peace in Aidensfield, bu he runs into brawls and controversies with members of the local rugby club and the police takes him into custody, until Jackie Bradley makes a judge release him. Then his house is burnt down.
  • Weight of Evidence
    Weight of Evidence
    Episode 16
    Greengrass buys a sheep to win some races, and of course money. Jackie has become halfway partner of the lawyers' firm, but to reach full partnership she needs £5000. A young girl is raped in her car.
  • The Seven Year Itch
    The Seven Year Itch
    Episode 15
    Ray Nixon visits his mother's grave before renting a room at the Aidensfield Arms. Blaketon feels a kind of guilt to Ray Nixon. Sergeants Nokes and Craddock temporarily change places for experiences. A man seems to steal some valuable maps from an old lady.
  • Full Circle
    Full Circle
    Episode 14
    Stella Redford arrives to talk to Mrs. Trotter but she only just reaches her funeral. Stella fears to have lost an important photo for good as her wallet is stolen at the hotel. Greengrass and an old acquaintance of Blaketon arranges illegal dog race gambling.
  • Stag at Bay
    Stag at Bay
    Episode 13
    A couple of poachers attacks Lord Ashfordly's stags with a brutality that's unheard of. A headmistress makes Jackie Bradley put pressure on the police to enforce an injunction. Greengrass rents Bernie Scripps' bearer to start up as driving instructor.
  • No Surrender
    No Surrender
    Episode 12
    A fortune teller promises David a real change of luck on love and money, and in spite of Greengrass' warnings strange incidents make David believe it. Clegghorne is ruthless to a neighboring family, and a business man has his own agenda with that family.
  • Flesh and Blood
    Flesh and Blood
    Episode 11
    After the funeral of a local butcher's wife various skeletons are found in the family's hidings. Bellamy experiences a revival of a romance of his very youth, and David and Greengrass try an alternative way of 'breeding' rabbits.
  • Hollywood or Bust
    Hollywood or Bust
    Episode 10
    Nathaniel Clegghorne brawls with David and Greengrass over two maran hens and with Lord Ashfordly who trains a dog close to Clegghorne's ground. A film producer seeks locations and Lord Ashfordly is very cooperative.
  • Kindness of Strangers
    An old man is very obsessed with his son who fell in World War II near the German border, a real war hero. A young couple is caught shoplifting but she simulates that the birth of her baby has started. Greengrass seizes a sudden opportunity to be the arranger of a local rally.moreless
  • Negative Vibes
    Negative Vibes
    Episode 8
    A car driver smashes the front of a shop. Greengrass brings one of his mates to hospital but it's in vain, and to the widow's deep despair the body is given to the medical students in a last will. Bradley and his newly wed have negative vibes over late working hours and what's the secret at Strensford Tavern?moreless
  • Always a Copper
    Always a Copper
    Episode 7
    The Chief Constable makes Blaketon organize a crime prevention committee. A burglar spills some blood when leaving a site of his crime, and Greengrass is a tourist 'guide' for Norwegians looking for Viking items.
  • Shotgun Wedding
    Shotgun Wedding
    Episode 6
    A dramatic train robbery threatens and interferes with Bradley's plan to marry Jackie Lambert. Greengrass has not seen his sister for 22 years, but now her husband has died she turns up to take command.
  • Honor Among Thieves
    Blaketon runs in a local election against Tom Drabble, one of Greengrass's mates. A romantic author, Honor Gable, rents a house in the area for six months to write a book, but she finds Bradley more interesting. Young criminals clean the local river as a part of their punishment.
  • Puppet on a String
    Puppet on a String
    Episode 4
    Alison keeps secrets from her parents and burns a letter in the fireplace. Ventress stops smoking to live up to his status as temporary leader of the local police while Craddock is away on teaching duties, and soon Bellamy and Bradley long for Craddock!
  • Intuition
    Episode 3
    Bill offers Auntie Mary to become hotel manager in Sidmouth. Celia Gilmour wants to see her sister, but the front door is locked and suddenly a van rushes away.
  • Tricks of the Trade
    As the new owner of Aidensfield Arms Blaketon has moved in but his ideas of running the place do not fit with the experiences of Gina and Mary. A nasty burglary hits the home of one of Greengrass' mates who has died recently, forcing him to have to work with the police. An Asian flu epidemic starts to rage in the area, putting baby Sam at risk.moreless
  • Manoeuvres in the Dark
    Terry Noble deserts the army and contacts Gina with hot kisses and cute words. Maggie Bolton is a proud mother, and an army veteran from World War II hits a boy in a car accident.