Heartbreak High

ABC1 (ended 1999)


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  • Hearbreak High was and still is the best High School Drama to be made .

    Heartbreak High is probably the best school tv drama ever made there hasnt been a show thats came close to the passion , great acting, exitement, drama that this show has created during its 5 year run from 1994-1999. The main lead characters who made the show the success that it was were Jodie Cooper, Peter Rivers, Nick Poulos, Rose Malouf , Bill Southgate , Anita Sceppers, Ryan Sceppers, Drazic ( Bougdon) , Sarah Livingstone, Lee Delaine, Kurt Petersen, and 100s of other great characters and it was such a shame when in december 1998 with ratings falling that tv networks pulled it from their schedules and the end of heartbreak high was announced. The show was filmed at 2 different schools for the early years at Heartley High then the students moved to Heartly Heights High. The last show ended with the announced wedding of Drazic and Anita the shows most popular couple and was a great ending to a superb series .