Season 1 Episode 3

Picking Up Little Things

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jul 02, 2007 on TNT

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  • Nathaniel has a heart breaking episode, but it's also a sweet one.

    This is probably the best episode so far this series. It was field with everything. You really felt for the boy because he had been through so much in his short life. I never saw it coming though that he was hurting himself just because he wanted to be around those in he hospital he felt were his family. I hurt for him when I found out what was going on and then it lead to his death. I was in tears and felt for Nathaniel. He felt so much for that boy, but also he learned from him. He's such a workaholic, that he tends to put his daughter on the backburner and for once, we see that he's learned something and made sure he was there to pick her up from the bus when she returned from her trip. But it was also nice to see that the boy could help someone else and give them a happy ending he deprived himself of. It's hard to expect a young kid to realize how fragile life is. The episode looked like it was going to have a sad ending, but it turned out happy because with Adam's death he was able to help another extend her life and be with her husband and little girl. It was good to see that situation turn around and for Vancouver to get another chance to prove not only to Nathaniel, but to himself, that he can do his job. Really good episode overall.
  • Heartland is truly turning into a show worth watching.

    I truly enjoyed watching this episode. Previous episodes were decent to watch and even rather good at moments and I knew that this show could become a high quality medical show. The one thing that was missing was to stand out above the top; presenting itself with issues that would set it self apart from other medical shows or at least at the point to be comparable to other medical shows. Tonight's show exceeded it self with wonderful performances by a great cast who outdone them selves by demonstrating to us what could happen in the back scenes we do not see on an operating table, or how extreme or far a child would go because of his differences and loneliness, or the high price that is paid for a youth to protect his sister. Now this is reality and this is definitely what is needed for future shows.