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  • Learn from mistakes

    First of all. I love the show! I have 1 very irritating thing to comment on. It was very clear that the reason Lou and Peter's marriage didn't work was because they put their ambitions and careers first before their family. It is happening again with Lou, now as a single parent. Being an absentee parent is not OK. When will Lou learn this. She needs to be a less neurotic, career oriented, type A personality, and more of a hands on, loving mother, ready to, go with the flow.
  • I think this is an excellent show which fairly and closely represents the world of organ donation and receiving organs.

    This show is wonderful! As a lung recipient myself, I am so pleased that someone finally is doing a show about this subject, and doing it well. I must admit that I am a huge Treet Williams fan, and have become a fan of every major player in this series. Organ donation is a very touchy subject and one which many folks are frankly afraid of because it's not talked about in most settings. Besides being a great learning tool, it's very good entertainment. I really hope it comes back next season with a full 13 shows. I, for one, will much miss it if it goes.
  • Interesting, Informative,..not really hooked on it yet. I think there is a lot of potential

    Well I must admit that I only started watching this because Treat Williams was in this and I'm still upset that they canned Everwood. I will say it's not even close to the caliber of Everwood BUT ..I have not watched it enough to get hooked either..so that may be an unfair statement. I will point out some of the uncanny similarities between heartland and Everwood. Once again Treat is the HERO physician ( as in EW) he is single with a teen who he just doesn't understand, Most of his meaningful conversations come from a diner with an elder (but retired) surgeon. All as in EW. I'm enjoying noticing these similarities and maybe some of you have noticed others that I haven't yet. I guess I'm just having a hard time getting "INTO" the series and am probably apprehensive for fear of THIS getting canned as well. I have 5 episodes on DVR saved that I haven't watched yet and came on here to find out if the show already got axed because it quit taping. To my delight found out the shows season just ended WHEW!!
  • A true medical show that is reaching out to help people understand how to save lives. This show is a one of a kind.

    The vast majority of people usually lack in knowledge about organ-transplants and the importance of donating organs. What makes this show so unique and valuable above every other hospital show is it's ability to not only entertain with high quality performances by top actors and actress's with high standard scripts, is also the sensitive and delicate way it deals with and teaches about organ-transplants, life and death. Heartland demonstrates with compassion and honesty by being an example with a strong medical staff that team together to make a difference in such a frank way that each week we are drawn into the show with a deeper understanding of the fine lines between these such topics. As in reality not every patient will survive and Doctors have to show wisdom and maturity with every decision they make. In my opinion this is one of the top medical/hospital shows on TV and it has surpassed previous or on-going shows in various ways. There are some hospital series that shoot right pass the real issues extremely too much but Heartland is a show that takes responsibility for precious issues of present and future, and they are devoted to telling the truth no matter how hard or difficult it may be. By repeatedly learning about organ-donation weekly in such a sensitive instructive manner, viewers will know more than they ever have in their lifetime. This show is making a true difference for the future of lives.
  • I will be really upset if this show is canceled.

    I just love this show! It started out as my summer Greys Anatomy replacement, but now I don't want it to end. I look forward to Monday nights again. My boyfriend and I are both really into it. The characters personalities keeps growing, the music is great, and the storyline is very attention getting. I can't wait to see the relationships evolving every week to deeper and multisided dimensions. I miss Dabney Colemans character, and I am hoping to see him again, perhaps showing himself in spirit form to Dr. Grant. This show is actually, in my opinion, educating people of the benefits and satisfaction of organ donation. It has the potential to benefit many people and save many lives.
  • TNT shoots … and completely misses the basket.

    For a show with a decent enough gimmick that looked like it could have had some potential on paper, “Heartland” sure turned out to be a gigantic pile of manure. Treat Williams (Everwood) returns to television in a show that tries hard to be like both “ER” and “Grey’s Anatomy” … and ends up failing to emulate either. Terrible dialogue and pathetically developed characters really made it hard for me to sit through even one episode of this “fresh” medical drama set in the world of heart-transplant surgery. It’s also really hard to decide whether the show is plagued by incredibly weak storylines … or just plain nonexistent ones. Either way, this isn’t exactly an Emmy Award-winning drama.
  • This show has potential, but it's not using it, and looks to be dying. Subtracting a character might resucitate it.

    In a hospital drama centered around one narrow field, transplant surgery, you knew from the outset that the characters would have to be strong, with fantastic chemistry. I have watched every episode to date, and think last night's episode, 'Domino Effect' may be my last.
    Treat Williams' character, Dr. Nathaniel Grant, needs to be surgically removed. I have had dull ministers and boring history professors with more personality than this man. He fails to move me in any way, not as a surgeon, not as a father, not as a co-worker, lover or friend. His annoying habit of seeing the dead was a fresh contribution in 'Cold Case', but taken to the extreme in 'Heartland' it's beginning to look schizophrenic. The rest of the characters are beginning to develop. I am learning to relate to them, and care about their careers and interpersonal relationships, Dr. Jonas and Kate Armstrong in particular. However, I fear that they are doomed if Dr. Grant doesn't die in a car crash and have his organs duly distributed. Hopefully, the recipients won't inherit his annoying habit of seeing beyond the grave.
  • It's not Everwood,but at least we got Treat Williams back every week!

    The minute I saw there was going to be a new show with Treat Williams in it I knew Ihad to see it! I was a HUGE fan of Everwood & "took" to Treat from the first episode! He is a wonderful actor & can bring life to any show! Heartland has become a new favorite to both myself & my Husband! There are times his character has made us laugh,cry & just want to scream! This is a great new show & one that will hopefully be around for years to come! It's too bad so many terrific shows have been taken off (Everwood,7Th Heaven,Reba,What About Brian etc.)! At a time when our country is facing so much pain & fear we need good family shows to remind us just how blessed we are! Way to go Heartland & welcome back Treat I missed seeing you!
  • The next big medical hit!

    Okay, I know there's already way too many medical shows, like House, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs and ER, but this one definitely takes the cake and deserves a fighting chance, with the high possibility of TNT canceling it. However, Treat Williams is a legendary actor, and his role in this show is amazing. I know he played a doctor in Everwood as well, but something about this role piqued my interest and I made a great decision in giving this program a shot. Kari Matchett is also amazing in her role. The two actors and the two characters offer a lot to Heartland, and to TNT as well. If they're smart, they shouldn't get rid of this.