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a nitpick with the show

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    I really love this show, but I have one problem with it. I am watching reruns on Uptv and I just watched episode 2.5 and 5.10. In 2.5, Mallory was told not to ride Spartan, but she did anyway and Spartan gets poisoned.Kids don't always do what their told. But when they disobey, they should be disciplined or at least scolded. That never happened here. Mallory did apologize, but blamed everyone else like it wasn't her fault. In 5.10, Miranda learns that Shane was with Ty andAmy when they rescued the racehorse and got shot at.Shane was told that he couldn't come, but he did anyway. Amy tells Miranda that Shane was a stowaway.Miranda should have disciplinedShane by cutting short his vacation at Heartland, but the focus was on punishing Tim by saying he could never see his son ever again. That's pretty severe. All it would have taken was one sentence like Mallory having extra chores.

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