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  • Fell in love with this show!!!

    I started watching this on nexflix not to long of course now that I am hooked they have run out of anyone know how to watch season 4 and I can get caught up before I start on season 6. PLEASE HELP!!! It will drive me crazy until i can watch more heartland.. :)
  • an awesome show ever

    i started to watch this on netflix thought it was a movie and found out differently and i continued to watch season 1,2,3 and netflix didnt have any more seasons so i went to other sources and i couldnt stop watching heartland its addicting show and i love it please continue to season 7 cause its and awesome show to watch
  • love it

    Does anyone know when the new episodes are being put on netflix. Because they only have seasons 1 thru 3 on there. And I can't get them to let me watch them on here.
  • the best show ever

    I actually just started watch this show this week on netflixs because my best friend told me about it so started from season 1 and just like two minutes ago I finish catching up. I've never seen a show so unbelievable good before I was glued the computer and tv. Even my two year son loved it "mommy horse show". This show makes me cry at least once an episode and im always on my the edge of my were times I would have to force myself to go to bed but trying to fight myself "just one more episode". I can say that i will be so sad when they end this series. Truthfully these writers are amazing always coming up with new thing. I can honestly say I haven't got bored of not one episode. Thank u for this fantastic series......
  • Best series I have EVER watched

    If this ends, my husband and I will have very little that we like to watch . Good story lines, no sex scenes, no bad language (well, almost none), no violence. We absolutely love it!
  • Don't Understand?

    I really enjoyed this show also! Why did the CW stop airing it? We need more shows like this. Just good family entertainment! I'm done with seeing the old rerun shows. This is just So Wrong!!! Let's get people together and get on CW about it huh? Just maybe we can get them to bring Heartland back to our viewing slot.
  • Why did?

    Why did they take Heartland off of CW on Sunday nights at 6 pm? That is a favorite show of ours & we are confused why they took it off the channel. Please bring it back!

    Sincerely, Marilyn L. Wagner
  • season6

    i can't seem to watch episode 2 can anyone help
  • This is by far the best series I've ever watched!

    My grand daughter and I are hooked...She's 9 and I'm OLDER.
  • Heartland

    Absolutely best show on TV!! For a change there is finally a quality program to view...
  • More Heartland???

    A great show for Adults and children alike. We got to "The Happy One" and it quit... are more shows available after this one?
  • Heartland

    I was bored one day and saw this on Netflix it looked like it should be a clean show and not only was it clean it is very well put together. Netflix only goes into series 3 and then panic set in did the show get cancelled do I have to know wait a year. I started looking on the internet found this and I will continue to watch. Thank you to the writers, cast and crew for putting a clean family show on TV.
  • heartland

    i really enjoyed the show.I cant wait for the next episode

  • Heartland

    How do I watch these episodes online? I signed up on this website because I thought that's what it is for!
  • new series???

    When will the new series come back on?? I"m hung and wanna see more please. I so miss my show. Seen all the re runs. LOVE THE SHOW!!!!
  • An American in love with Canada thanks to Heartland !

    I love this show. The actors are perfect, the writing is sensational and the producing is top notch. Probably would not be a hit in the USA because we suck at TV shows now. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful in Calgary. Thank you GMC network for showing this awesome Canadian masterpiece to us starving for good clean entertainment Americans. I hope this show goes on forever. I have never ridin' a horse in my life, and I love this show. Amber Marshall , you are a delight. Thank you !
  • I'm proud of being Canadian!!

    I really do like this show! I watch season 1 to 3 in 4 days. I am so into it!! I've just ordered season 1 and 2 in dvd and I think I will watch the again as soon as I get them!!

    This show is so refreshing, it's soft, no really big action that could not happen on a ranch.. Of course real life is not like that every day on a ranch but this is more real than fake ¨-¨ so it's refreshing!! If you like horses and a little drama you will love this show. This is exactly what it is about: horses, love, living in a ranch, ...

    I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!!
  • Heartland is a horse ranch where frightened and abused horses are healed and learn to trust again. It is based on the popular books by Lauren Brooke although it is altered a fair bit.

    I havent been able to watch this on telly because I live in the UK but I have watched up to date on Youtube and cant wait for 'Sweetheart of the Roder' to be uploaded. I found it nice that Pegasus didnt die because the book 'Breaking Free' is the one that I found hardest to read, and also that Amy got to keep Spartan, although in the book she rides Sundance a lot more than she does in the tv series. It is very informative although I found some of the characters backgrounds (particularly Ty's) hard to get to grips with because of the difference between the books and the tv series. I also dont remember Caleb or Malory being in the books but I find their roles, especially Malory, very intresting. I also found it odd that Soraya and Amy end up being sort-of friends with Ashley. Anyway, I love this series x
  • Look here all you horselovers, a new show is in town (or in the stable)!

    In this clearly underappreciated show we follow the young girl, Amy Fleming through joy and sorrow. After loosing her mother in a terrible accident that involved a storm and an abused horse she has trouble coping. Together with her sister Lou and her grandfather Jack they try to move on and continue to run the family business, Heartland. This is a ranch out of the ordinary, where abused horses get a second chance. One day Ty, a rebel that is out on parole gets a job at Heartland. He and Amy get off on the wrong foot, but as time pass by their relationship starts to grow. This is an amazing show, it really touched my heart. -Heartland, Healing horses, healing hearts

    PS! Heartland returns in October 2008, be sure to watch it!
  • Heartland is about Amy Fleming and her life living on a Horse Rescue Center called Heartland and dealing with her mother, Marion Fleming's death. She lives with her grandpa Jack Bartlett, her sister Lou Fleming, Ty Bordan and Ben Stillman (stablehands).

    In all I have to say that Heartland is my favorite TV show! Heartland as a TV show is actually based off the book series by Lauren Brooke but as a TV show they have changed a few things to keep it interesting for people to watch on tv. There is always drama going on between Amy and Lou or Jack and Ty, a problem with one of the horses or other random drama. The characters have done an outstanding job of protraying the characters so far. I love Amy & Ty, Ben & Soraya and Scott & Lou's budding relationships on the show, it makes it that much more interesting because you never know what is going to happen next. If you have never watched this show I highly recommend it. This show airs in Canada but for those of you who do not live in Canada you can watch the episodes on Youtube as people post them up. Anyways love the show and we are hoping for a second season after this one!
  • I am sure this show has potential - it is just it seems like we have seen it all before!

    I think the main problem with the storyline is that it is so obvious - there are no real surprises. That doesn't make it bad; some shows are just as good when they are easy to watch. The best thing is that it is a good family type show; at least you don't have to cover your ears for language content! I am interested in how it will develop; particularly in how the girls cope with the loss of their mother, the battle between their father and their grandfather that is obviously looming and of course the wonderful horses! I suspect it will all be worth it in the end - especially if Chris Potter is in it!
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