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  • Love the show!!!

    My family and I love this show and the best part is that the whole family can watch it!
  • Best Show on TV

    Amy on this show reminds me so much of myself! I love this show and can never get enough of it. I am actually up to Season 8 and just watched Amy and Ty get married. I have to say that was the best wedding ceremony I have ever seen on a TV show! I can't wait for them to start their new journey in life keep this show going.....

    And he is the greatest Dad/Grandpa anyone could ever ask for!! I really hope in the next seasons that Caleb, Lou & Peter find happiness!
  • Smart as a Horse

    I am a 71 yr old man who owns, Spotted Show Horses LLC. Our horses are Spotted Saddle Horses. In case y'all don't know they are the ones that, "Singlefoot" NATURALLY. (Look it up) Anyway, I have to tell y'all that what Amy is doing on the show is fantastic. She is actually "communicating" with the horse and letting the horse build up a trust for her. From experience I can tell you, that no matter how great and wonderful a trainer you THINK you are, if the horse doesn't develop a "TRUST" and respect for you, then no matter how much you try "ASKING" him to do something, he's not going to do it. Oh sure some people get their horses to do what they want by taking out the whip or like some "GENIUS" so called Quarter Horse "Trainers" by short tying the horses head up high if they don't do what they are trying to MAKE them do. I asked one prominent "trainer" here in Ohio why he did that and his answer was, "I'm teaching them a lesson. If they don't do what I tell them to do, then after a few times of this they'll think about it and learn". REALLY???? AMAZING!!!!! PROBABLY TREATS HIS WIFE AND KIDS THE SAME WAY.

    Anyway, Amy keep up the great work. Acting and training the natural way. With LOVE and understanding.

    Steve Low

    Spotted Show Horses LLC

    1941 Hamrock Dr

    Powell, Ohio 43065

  • Season 10?

    I love this show so much but I really want to find out when season 10 airs but for now I'll watch the first 9 seasons over and over again.
  • The best show on TV

    We fell in love with this show on Netflix but could only see the first 6 seasons. Now I want more and am in search of the rest.
  • This Show Only Deserves A 10 Rating

    To be honest never cared for country music but for some reason I love country movies and TV shows and when I came across Heartland on Neflix I knew I had to give it a try.

    It had me hooked by the second episode on the first season, I knew it was going to be hard knowing I had 8 seasons to catch up to but trust me it did not take long because it was the only show I watched then I continued watching season 9 on the CBC app and well season 9 was the greates I think.

    Fall can not come fast enough, I so look forward to watching season 10 and hope that they continue to make more wonderul seasons of this show because I could watch just this show over and over and never get sicks of it LOL.

    I've become a huge fan of this show and look forward to whats to come.
  • would love to be invited to come watch on set

    We are a huge fan of Heartland and we are making a special trip to High River , Alberta on July 16th till July 22nd between that time of our stay would really love to meet n greet with some of the cast and maybe watch on set make our stay so much better and mark this off my bucket list I have not been well . Please let us know if possible ... This show Rocks big time Buffylynn Bante oxox
  • Need more shows like this

    I loved this show. It really is one of the best and rare gems on any network. Please keep them running.
  • Hartland review

    so amazing is one of the best things I have ever watch I would recommend this to everyone it has a life lesson when enjoying a great film kids could realy benefit from watching this.
  • Heartland broke my heart

    It's one of the best tv shows I have ever watched. Being an equestrian myself, I instantly got hooked on it- with all the horses, cowboys, and horse behavior tips. In a matter of two weeks i watched seasons 1-6 (which is impressive considering i still has all my school work to do on top of watching the show). However, I live in the US, and for some reason Heartland got "pulled" from our viewing, making it nearly impossible to watch the new seasons. What happened to jack? How was Amy and Ty's wedding? Spartan? A girl needs to know. Please Heartland, come back to the us.
  • Heartland seasoned

    The BEST Family Drama on Television hands down - Canada AND US

    This is why it is in its 9TH SEASON and running strong.

    There is so much on this show that appeals to all walks of life and all ages.

    Nothing on tv is better.
  • Family

    I love this show. I love horses and a family that fights to stay together. Love the caring for animals especially horses. I can't wait til l it comes back on.
  • A Horse Lover's Dream

    I truly enjoy this drama. It is well acted, written and produced. Unfortunately I live in the US and have only been able to see all of the 1st through 6th seasons in their entirety and a few sporadic episodes since. I look forward to the Netflix addition of seasons 7 and 8. Fortunately I just retired to Tennessee and they have the UP network available here and I should be able to see the 9th season. For me it is the horse scenes that set this series ahead of the others. Keep up the great work cast and crew.
  • Heartland review

    I love the show and Ty, amy, Caleb, ash we can not wait for more romance and how the wedding night went. We love it hope to see many more episodes and more romance with Ty and amy and the future
  • A little bit of heaven

    I love this show. Like most, I didn't know about it till I seen it on Netflix. Now, my 9yr old daughter and I love to watch it. My daughter kept asking me if I thought Ty and Amy were going to get back together, or if I thought Lou's baby was going to be a boy or girl. With all the crap shows on, This is such a relief to watch and really enjoy. I am going to be sad when I catch up on Netflix, I'll have to wait till they put season 7 on there. Anyways, REALLY LOVE this show!!!!
  • Wonderful family show!

    I had never heard of this show until I seen it on netflix! I love this show its a great show to watch with all ages. My 6 year old loves to watch it with me. I love the fact there is no sexual content or profanity can relate to real life situations. Hope this show stays on the air!
  • Best TV show on the planet!

    I have quickly watched all six episodes on Netflix and am anxiously awaiting the next ones. I cannot believe that FINALLY there is a show on the tube that has NO VIOLENCE, NO SEX, NO FOUL LANGUAGE and is heartfelt, interesting and real to life. The scenery is gorgeous also. The actors are fabulous and should be getting some acknowledgement from the tv and film media. A totally refreshing show in this big, bad, ugly world we live in today where morality and kindness have been thrown out the window and the news media finds terrorists the most interesting thing to write about. It's a shame.
  • We have to have more episode's to live!

    My husband and I LOVE this show! We basically binged watched all the seasons. We love the story line and the scenery is amazing! It's a wholesome feel good show and there is not enough of those shows on TV or ANYWHERE! We need more Heartland episode's STAT!!!
  • where to find season 6 through 8

    if you look on youtube you can find season 6 season 7 season 8 full episodes on all of them all the way up to season 8 episode 12 season 8 episode 13 comes out tonight sunday february the 15th in canada and will be on youtube by wednesday afternoon everyone should be able to watch it they said bye august or september the united states will be caught up with all the seasons and the episodes all the way up to what is showing brand new in canada and they will be playing heartland the new seasons and episodes on the up channel
  • can't see season 6 and up!

    I absolutely love this show. I watched seasons 1 - 5 on Netflix but that's all they have. I'm really irked that I can't see the rest. What's up with that!?! I live in the states. How can I see the rest of the shows?
  • A Heartland obsession

    I love this program so much. I feel like I am there with the characters. I have watched up to season 6 but can't watch season 7 and 8 because I don't know how can someone tell me please?

    Heartland is my favourite tv show EVER and if they cancelled it I would probably cry for a week ;)

    One of the things I love about heartland s that it's jam packed full of romances (this is from what I have watched) Amy and Ty, Lou and Peter, Jack and Lisa, Mallory and Jake....

    I would like to thank all the people who made my obsession possible.... thank you :)
  • Heartland is Grade is A+

    This show is downhome and can be related to by so many people. It has character and a great cast to boot. It is a rarity to find a family program without all the junk put in... Thank you....
  • In a World FULL of Shameless TV - A Terrific Wholesome Family Show

    I love Heartland as it is one of the only shows still out there that you can sit with your family and watch without embarrassment. It feels like the modern day Little House on the Prairie. Please continue the show!
  • I miss Dutch Subtitels!!!

    It is a shame that Heartland is in the Netherlands still at season 3. After season 3 there are no Dutch subtitels anymore. I like the serie a lot. So i look to it now with eng subtitels. I am now starting season 6 and seven to watch. But i hope there is comming soon a Dutch television sender who send out the serie with dutch subtitels. The serie is so good it deserve it to send out in more countrys on tv.
  • I miss heartland

    Heartland is my favorite show. I've read all the books and watched every single episode. After Amy left I just wanted to see the next season and watch Ty and Amy be reunited. It's a mistake to cancel the show because this show teaches great life lessons in every episode and leaves you feeling great afterwards. I get shivers every time the theme song comes on. This show just makes people feel great and the show has a great meaning. Your making a mistake if you cancel Heartland.
  • Canceling Heartland Is A Bad Idea

    Heartland is a heartfelt drama about finding love in helping people or animals. Horses have become a big part of my life due to this show. I owe the producers a hobby. This show does not deserve to be canceled. It is a great show with an amazing plot and catching characters. This show helps influence people to do their best all the time and never give up on something. DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW. It is a good influence to kids and adults.
  • keep heartland going !! xx

    i loved horses before i watched heartland but after watching it i so the real beuty in horses and know alot about them such as t-touch it works so good on other horses .the first time i watched heartland i was soon catch in to watching the rest of the seasons as it was that good ive watch all the seasons 1-6 on netflix and have tried to watch the rest over youtube but after hearing the news about heartland being canceld i was very heartbroken and disoppointed in tv all togher this show meant somthing to me alot i love the idea of ty and amy being togher i think they should get marrid and have kids and i think mallory is a great acto r but gets alot of hate which i dislike alot :( the scene with georgie and peter is a strong one it shows that even when you have gone through something as much as georgie did there is allways some1 there to be your friend and to love the releationship between georgie and katy is nice she is so cute . but tim can be a bit annoying at times tho but he is kind loivng father doing the best for his kids i mean a horse for a birthday present id die for one of those , the arguments between kalub and ty are best it shows how much they both love amy and how far they would go. im 14 and would this show (heartland to carry on i would miss it :( to much i spend most of my time watching it over and over again) i do think that this show teeches something in real life its almost real i carnt stress how much i want it back. i love everything about and all the characters so i would like to stop all the haters to stop hateing esp on marllory she does nothing wrong so stop !! i have very strong views about thing and when i do i dont stop untill i get it so i wont stop untill i get my point across about heartland who's with me ?!!
  • Don't Cancel This Show

    I loved the show Heartland and I cannot believe that they are going to cancel it. I am very disappoint in television anymore because it seems if you find a show that is a good family show they want to cancel it and put some stupid disgusting show on in it's place. I now know why I don't watch that much television. Please bring HEARTLAND back. I hope you are going to let this show return in the fall of 2014 because it is such a great show to watch
  • Send Mallory Back to Nashville

    Mallory is the most obnoxious person on TV.... I thought when she came back she was going to be less grating, but I was wrong. Just watched the episode where the dog falls in the well.... my blood pressure went up every time Mallory was on camera.

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