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  • Send Mallory Back to Nashville

    Mallory is the most obnoxious person on TV.... I thought when she came back she was going to be less grating, but I was wrong. Just watched the episode where the dog falls in the well.... my blood pressure went up every time Mallory was on camera.
  • Ty is an annoying drama queen and Lou is too self centred

    Both of them would not be tolerated in real life, but the show overall is refreshing family entertainment. Love Mallory, one of the best characters on the show.
  • Help to pepsicharlotte

    To pepsicharlotte if you can see this website: http://watchseries. lt/serie/Heartland-2007 you just click on the episode you want to watch, and then follow one of the links on the second site (the one that opens when you click on a link) and there you go all the episode of the Heartland series and many other series for FREE! I live in Denmark and have no problem with the websites and it requires no email address or any kind of information :D Good luck to you PS remember to delete the space bar in the link between (. and It)
  • Heartland

    How do I watch these episodes online? I signed up on this website because I thought that's what it is for!
  • I am sure this show has potential - it is just it seems like we have seen it all before!

    I think the main problem with the storyline is that it is so obvious - there are no real surprises. That doesn't make it bad; some shows are just as good when they are easy to watch. The best thing is that it is a good family type show; at least you don't have to cover your ears for language content! I am interested in how it will develop; particularly in how the girls cope with the loss of their mother, the battle between their father and their grandfather that is obviously looming and of course the wonderful horses! I suspect it will all be worth it in the end - especially if Chris Potter is in it!
  • Heartland has my heart

    I absolutely love this show!
  • the best show ever

    I actually just started watch this show this week on netflixs because my best friend told me about it so started from season 1 and just like two minutes ago I finish catching up. I've never seen a show so unbelievable good before I was glued the computer and tv. Even my two year son loved it "mommy horse show". This show makes me cry at least once an episode and im always on my the edge of my were times I would have to force myself to go to bed but trying to fight myself "just one more episode". I can say that i will be so sad when they end this series. Truthfully these writers are amazing always coming up with new thing. I can honestly say I haven't got bored of not one episode. Thank u for this fantastic series......
  • Modern Day "Little House on the Praire"

    I absolutely LOVE your show! No cussing, no sex family oriented and entertaining! I just discovered this show and have watched thru season 4 two times, got season 5 in the mail and have finished it, now I just need to order the rest! I'm completely in love with it! I live in Upper Michigan, so I already feel like a Canadian. Wish I could come visit. It is simply breath of fresh air in an evil world! I rated it a 10 but couldn't get it corrected.
  • heartland

    i really enjoyed the show.I cant wait for the next episode

  • I miss Dutch Subtitels!!!

    It is a shame that Heartland is in the Netherlands still at season 3. After season 3 there are no Dutch subtitels anymore. I like the serie a lot. So i look to it now with eng subtitels. I am now starting season 6 and seven to watch. But i hope there is comming soon a Dutch television sender who send out the serie with dutch subtitels. The serie is so good it deserve it to send out in more countrys on tv.
  • keep heartland going !! xx

    i loved horses before i watched heartland but after watching it i so the real beuty in horses and know alot about them such as t-touch it works so good on other horses .the first time i watched heartland i was soon catch in to watching the rest of the seasons as it was that good ive watch all the seasons 1-6 on netflix and have tried to watch the rest over youtube but after hearing the news about heartland being canceld i was very heartbroken and disoppointed in tv all togher this show meant somthing to me alot i love the idea of ty and amy being togher i think they should get marrid and have kids and i think mallory is a great acto r but gets alot of hate which i dislike alot :( the scene with georgie and peter is a strong one it shows that even when you have gone through something as much as georgie did there is allways some1 there to be your friend and to love the releationship between georgie and katy is nice she is so cute . but tim can be a bit annoying at times tho but he is kind loivng father doing the best for his kids i mean a horse for a birthday present id die for one of those , the arguments between kalub and ty are best it shows how much they both love amy and how far they would go. im 14 and would this show (heartland to carry on i would miss it :( to much i spend most of my time watching it over and over again) i do think that this show teeches something in real life its almost real i carnt stress how much i want it back. i love everything about and all the characters so i would like to stop all the haters to stop hateing esp on marllory she does nothing wrong so stop !! i have very strong views about thing and when i do i dont stop untill i get it so i wont stop untill i get my point across about heartland who's with me ?!!
  • S07E12 - This was another really good episode.

    7x12 has moved up in the rankings all the way to third favorite. It was great to see Amy completed her recovery, I believe for the most part. She fought through the fear when push came to shove. TAMY was still strong and together, with a few nice tender moments. I really like the Georgie & Olivia scenes they were great, I'm really liking Alisha's work. Jack & Peter were good as well. It's really cool how they are showing a good Father / Daughter relationship developing. Georgie's character really needed that. It was cool to see Peter give up the attic for his older daughter to have a special safe place to grow up in. TAMY/Scott defeated the bad guys without major issues and Ty kept his cool while doing so. really throughout the entire episode Ty displayed the right amount of maturity for his current represented age. The scenery was super throughout the whole show. I really liked the ending it was great and showed a special moment for TAMY that signified good things to come in the future. The closing song was great, really liked it. But mostly, NO TIM again this week. Sweet. Whatcha think guys.

    A Texan Wishing He Lived In Alberta.....
  • frustrated

    I just finished season 4 on Hulu Plus and found out there are 3 MORE seasons! And cant find them anywhere to watch! Where can I watch them?
  • amazing!!!!!

    i love this is nothing better. cant wait for season 7!
  • One of the best shows I ever saw!

    Just finished watching all 6 seasons. Love the show. Can't wait for season 7 to start. Anyone know when that will be?
  • Best Show Ever

    My favorite was Season 1 Episode 1 Coming Home and it is the saddest episode you will see. There are a few other great and sad ones before my next favorite Season 2 Episode Full Circle. I cannot give enough praise to this show. It reminds me a lot of McLeod's Daughters which is one of my favorite shows.
  • an awesome show ever

    i started to watch this on netflix thought it was a movie and found out differently and i continued to watch season 1,2,3 and netflix didnt have any more seasons so i went to other sources and i couldnt stop watching heartland its addicting show and i love it please continue to season 7 cause its and awesome show to watch
  • season6

    i can't seem to watch episode 2 can anyone help
  • new series???

    When will the new series come back on?? I"m hung and wanna see more please. I so miss my show. Seen all the re runs. LOVE THE SHOW!!!!
  • Look here all you horselovers, a new show is in town (or in the stable)!

    In this clearly underappreciated show we follow the young girl, Amy Fleming through joy and sorrow. After loosing her mother in a terrible accident that involved a storm and an abused horse she has trouble coping. Together with her sister Lou and her grandfather Jack they try to move on and continue to run the family business, Heartland. This is a ranch out of the ordinary, where abused horses get a second chance. One day Ty, a rebel that is out on parole gets a job at Heartland. He and Amy get off on the wrong foot, but as time pass by their relationship starts to grow. This is an amazing show, it really touched my heart. -Heartland, Healing horses, healing hearts

    PS! Heartland returns in October 2008, be sure to watch it!
  • Heartland is about Amy Fleming and her life living on a Horse Rescue Center called Heartland and dealing with her mother, Marion Fleming's death. She lives with her grandpa Jack Bartlett, her sister Lou Fleming, Ty Bordan and Ben Stillman (stablehands).

    In all I have to say that Heartland is my favorite TV show! Heartland as a TV show is actually based off the book series by Lauren Brooke but as a TV show they have changed a few things to keep it interesting for people to watch on tv. There is always drama going on between Amy and Lou or Jack and Ty, a problem with one of the horses or other random drama. The characters have done an outstanding job of protraying the characters so far. I love Amy & Ty, Ben & Soraya and Scott & Lou's budding relationships on the show, it makes it that much more interesting because you never know what is going to happen next. If you have never watched this show I highly recommend it. This show airs in Canada but for those of you who do not live in Canada you can watch the episodes on Youtube as people post them up. Anyways love the show and we are hoping for a second season after this one!
  • love it

    Does anyone know when the new episodes are being put on netflix. Because they only have seasons 1 thru 3 on there. And I can't get them to let me watch them on here.
  • Episodes

    Where can we get the full length episodes where we don't have to download anything!?
  • In a World FULL of Shameless TV - A Terrific Wholesome Family Show

    I love Heartland as it is one of the only shows still out there that you can sit with your family and watch without embarrassment. It feels like the modern day Little House on the Prairie. Please continue the show!
  • I miss heartland

    Heartland is my favorite show. I've read all the books and watched every single episode. After Amy left I just wanted to see the next season and watch Ty and Amy be reunited. It's a mistake to cancel the show because this show teaches great life lessons in every episode and leaves you feeling great afterwards. I get shivers every time the theme song comes on. This show just makes people feel great and the show has a great meaning. Your making a mistake if you cancel Heartland.
  • Canceling Heartland Is A Bad Idea

    Heartland is a heartfelt drama about finding love in helping people or animals. Horses have become a big part of my life due to this show. I owe the producers a hobby. This show does not deserve to be canceled. It is a great show with an amazing plot and catching characters. This show helps influence people to do their best all the time and never give up on something. DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW. It is a good influence to kids and adults.
  • Don't Cancel This Show

    I loved the show Heartland and I cannot believe that they are going to cancel it. I am very disappoint in television anymore because it seems if you find a show that is a good family show they want to cancel it and put some stupid disgusting show on in it's place. I now know why I don't watch that much television. Please bring HEARTLAND back. I hope you are going to let this show return in the fall of 2014 because it is such a great show to watch
  • Tim has got to go

    Tim is so annoying. Please make him go away. He says and does such stupid things, over and over again. We literally cannot stand to watch any scene that he's in. He is definitely the weakest link of the characters. It's time for Tim to fade off into the sunset.
  • Amy and Ty

    Amy and Ty are awesome together but their growing into fine young adults, they need to add more life experience for them to become a stronger couple on the show. they still have a special bond that know one should be able to break I hope to see them get married and have children. love the show cant wait for next episode and many more seasons to come ive see all season up to season 7 episode 8
  • best family show on tv today

    best show on tv today, its everything a good tv show should be , great family show, safe , no bad words , excellent program
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