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  • Don't Understand?

    I really enjoyed this show also! Why did the CW stop airing it? We need more shows like this. Just good family entertainment! I'm done with seeing the old rerun shows. This is just So Wrong!!! Let's get people together and get on CW about it huh? Just maybe we can get them to bring Heartland back to our viewing slot.
  • Why did?

    Why did they take Heartland off of CW on Sunday nights at 6 pm? That is a favorite show of ours & we are confused why they took it off the channel. Please bring it back!

    Sincerely, Marilyn L. Wagner
  • In a World FULL of Shameless TV - A Terrific Wholesome Family Show

    I love Heartland as it is one of the only shows still out there that you can sit with your family and watch without embarrassment. It feels like the modern day Little House on the Prairie. Please continue the show!
  • Heartland is amazing

    They need to get the rest of Heartland on Netflix.
  • A Heartland obsession

    I love this program so much. I feel like I am there with the characters. I have watched up to season 6 but can't watch season 7 and 8 because I don't know how can someone tell me please?

    Heartland is my favourite tv show EVER and if they cancelled it I would probably cry for a week ;)

    One of the things I love about heartland s that it's jam packed full of romances (this is from what I have watched) Amy and Ty, Lou and Peter, Jack and Lisa, Mallory and Jake....

    I would like to thank all the people who made my obsession possible.... thank you :)
  • Heartland is Grade is A+

    This show is downhome and can be related to by so many people. It has character and a great cast to boot. It is a rarity to find a family program without all the junk put in... Thank you....
  • This is by far the best series I've ever watched!

    My grand daughter and I are hooked...She's 9 and I'm OLDER.
  • not able to see all the series

    I live in Rome,GA USA and I have watched season 1 through season 4 not able to get any more seasons on Netflex is there anyway I can purchase DVD;s from #5 on I am 80 years old and I love the show Heartland I just love Ty and advise would appreciate a answer. thanking you in advance

  • would love to be invited to come watch on set

    We are a huge fan of Heartland and we are making a special trip to High River , Alberta on July 16th till July 22nd between that time of our stay would really love to meet n greet with some of the cast and maybe watch on set make our stay so much better and mark this off my bucket list I have not been well . Please let us know if possible ... This show Rocks big time Buffylynn Bante oxox
  • Need more shows like this

    I loved this show. It really is one of the best and rare gems on any network. Please keep them running.
  • Heartland review

    I love the show and Ty, amy, Caleb, ash we can not wait for more romance and how the wedding night went. We love it hope to see many more episodes and more romance with Ty and amy and the future
  • What a show!

    Thank you for a show that is down to earth and real. I love watching it and cannot wait to see the next one.
  • Pet peeve

    I really enjoy the show, been hooked ever since i found seasons 1 - 6 on netflix. But something has always bothered me about how Amy always goes on about Spartan and Pegasus were/are her connection to her mother. Fact of the matter is Ty is as well. Marion(Amy's mother) is the person who hired Ty and initially was his sponsor for his parole. Jack took over as sponsor cause Marion told him she had a good feeling bout him. It annoys me that's always overlooked.

    Ok done venting. lol. But Heartland is a great show.

    Oh ya, I aswell have noticed the dynamic between Ty and Amy has cooled somewhat ,might be the fact Amber Marshall is a newlywed and therefore it has changed on screen dynamics. But who's to say its not part of the storyline. As we all know Ty and Amy have had many a bump along the way. Maybe they building for another.
  • Best series I have EVER watched

    If this ends, my husband and I will have very little that we like to watch . Good story lines, no sex scenes, no bad language (well, almost none), no violence. We absolutely love it!
  • An American in love with Canada thanks to Heartland !

    I love this show. The actors are perfect, the writing is sensational and the producing is top notch. Probably would not be a hit in the USA because we suck at TV shows now. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful in Calgary. Thank you GMC network for showing this awesome Canadian masterpiece to us starving for good clean entertainment Americans. I hope this show goes on forever. I have never ridin' a horse in my life, and I love this show. Amber Marshall , you are a delight. Thank you !
  • Heartland is a horse ranch where frightened and abused horses are healed and learn to trust again. It is based on the popular books by Lauren Brooke although it is altered a fair bit.

    I havent been able to watch this on telly because I live in the UK but I have watched up to date on Youtube and cant wait for 'Sweetheart of the Roder' to be uploaded. I found it nice that Pegasus didnt die because the book 'Breaking Free' is the one that I found hardest to read, and also that Amy got to keep Spartan, although in the book she rides Sundance a lot more than she does in the tv series. It is very informative although I found some of the characters backgrounds (particularly Ty's) hard to get to grips with because of the difference between the books and the tv series. I also dont remember Caleb or Malory being in the books but I find their roles, especially Malory, very intresting. I also found it odd that Soraya and Amy end up being sort-of friends with Ashley. Anyway, I love this series x
  • Heartland has my heart

    I absolutely love this show!
  • Heartland seasoned

    The BEST Family Drama on Television hands down - Canada AND US

    This is why it is in its 9TH SEASON and running strong.

    There is so much on this show that appeals to all walks of life and all ages.

    Nothing on tv is better.
  • We have to have more episode's to live!

    My husband and I LOVE this show! We basically binged watched all the seasons. We love the story line and the scenery is amazing! It's a wholesome feel good show and there is not enough of those shows on TV or ANYWHERE! We need more Heartland episode's STAT!!!
  • I miss heartland

    Heartland is my favorite show. I've read all the books and watched every single episode. After Amy left I just wanted to see the next season and watch Ty and Amy be reunited. It's a mistake to cancel the show because this show teaches great life lessons in every episode and leaves you feeling great afterwards. I get shivers every time the theme song comes on. This show just makes people feel great and the show has a great meaning. Your making a mistake if you cancel Heartland.

  • Amber and Graham

    hi i love your storie it is the best in the whole world and i have only been watching for 1 week and i am already on season 7 so yea i kinda watch it all the time so i hpo you get this message, keep in touch

    Luca xxoxooxox

    im 12

  • Tim has got to go

    Tim is so annoying. Please make him go away. He says and does such stupid things, over and over again. We literally cannot stand to watch any scene that he's in. He is definitely the weakest link of the characters. It's time for Tim to fade off into the sunset.
  • Heartland

    Absolutely best show on TV!! For a change there is finally a quality program to view...
  • all round superb program

    I saw this program on netflix and thought i saw the actress who plays amy in a dif program when i realised it wasnt i was hoocked one of the best programs ive ever seen and its a shame i cant find a channel that airs all seasons in order in the uk.
  • Fell in love with this show!!!

    I started watching this on nexflix not to long of course now that I am hooked they have run out of anyone know how to watch season 4 and I can get caught up before I start on season 6. PLEASE HELP!!! It will drive me crazy until i can watch more heartland.. :)
  • I am amazed at some of these so-called reviews (spoilers)

    Overall it's a good show that could have been great. That said - the scenery, coupled with the core "family" of characters -- makes me love the show. Even the one character that I'm somewhat deconstructing here - I love. lol.. The actors are all just superb. Really - extremely talented cast. BTW - I think Mallory is hilarious, and the "scene-stealer" - especially the first few seasons. I love that kid - she's hilarious - so precocious and observant... so cute! I miss her in the last couple seasons, frankly. I really do love this cast. The writers? Well... they can be quite disappointing.. but - still love the show. Tim, another major source of comic-relief - such a jerk but also so often hilarious... Chris Potter is fantastic. On to my critique of the main protagonist - the queen of the double-standard, lol... Amy! :-) One blogger has mentioned what she calls "OOC", or out-of-character moments - where the writers seem to just ascribe seemingly schizophrenic affectations with many of the characters, doing and saying things that totally contradict their character's personalities over the entire series. I have to agree completely. Scott's break-up with Lou and subsequent behavior - from "I'll follow you to New York, and... yada yada", being so in love.. to just dumping her? Ridiculous. I understand the writers wanting to clear the way for Lou to meet Peter or someone else - makes total sense - but the way they did it was just unprofessional. Over the seasons it's become clear that the writers are not on the "same page" at all - and when they do get together, it really becomes apparent that they settled their differences by watering down everything.

    The review by another fan - science something - was so very one-sided, imho, and betrayed a fundamental bias, a real identifying-with the Amy character to the exclusion of any level of reason or logic. To claim that Ty was the jerk... and NOT Amy... was so outer-limits... so deluded.. ... well, to quote them:

    " He has insulted her - cheated on her - let her down a number of times - ... she let him walk all over her -... Jack and Tim can accept any of Ty's actions which make Amy miserable"

    What!? Ty's bringing the Blair character back to Heartland was DEFINITELY stupid, that's undeniable - but - it was unintentional. Both Ty and Amy are NEW to relationships - with Amy being the far less mature and experienced (no debate) - it's funny how she sort of narrates her struggles to rationalize things like possessiveness and jealousy, and just what "trust" means, given her realizations of human nature regarding attraction and such. But - the way she just EXCUSES herself for the "Chase thing", while she continues to see the guy, repeatedly "forgiving" him, firing/re-hiring... putting it all in Ty's face...

    let's be real - Ty got rid of Blair as fast as he could and never looked back. Meanwhile, Amy repeatedly (again) pretends, ... yes, PRETENDS.. that she doesn't see the obvious signs of guys who are very interested in her... THEN, (spoiler) in season 8?

    The Prince dude? GIVE ME A BREAK. Look at that video of them in Europe... Her stance is leaning IN.. leaning IN to the guy... as he goes to kiss her she doesn't even FLINCH, let alone move away. This girl is bad news.

    Now - the show does not intend to portray Amy as I'm describing. In fact - she is innocent, and - Ty _can_ trust her... that's true. The problem is just that, the way the scripts are written, and the way that Amber has been directed, and the shots done - they don't gel with this. It was a royal mistake to portray her the way they did - because they're TRYING to paint the picture that she is just confused, but really true - true to Ty and to herself - a girl who is not interested in anyone but her fiance. They just - they blew it. The girl they show to us - the one I describe here - can't be trusted - . I know she's supposed to be true.. unfortunately they showed us a completely different person... easily manipulated, slow to discourage the guy(s) that would wreck her future with Ty; of two minds when propositioned. I know that's not who she's "supposed" to be... that's the problem. The show makers screwed up. Bottom-line.

    lol. She doesn't deserve TY. He's too good for her. The writers screwed this up. I've asked a few friends, both guys and girls, and there is total agreement. Ty would never be able to trust Amy again. It's much more than just the words - it's body language, it's eye-contact. Looking back, it's clear that Amy is "open" to nearly every good-looking guy that talks to her. It's not about being friendly or personable - but let's be honest - people give impressions, they give signals. "Encouragement" or ... discouragement. Amy is VERY encouraging - just watch - and if you can step aside from your Amy-super-fan persona for just a moment - you cannot deny it: Amy ENCOURAGES interested guys... to "give it a try".

    This is obvious to anyone who understands people even a little bit. The big, beautiful, welcoming smile - the direct and prolonged eye-contact, followed by the slight "away glance" and then return to direct eye-to-eye - that is the signature good-girl flirtation that says "I'm attracted to you" to anyone with a brain.... There is no doubt that the director's instructed Amber to portray these various forms of unspoken communication - some quite overt - and Amber is an EXCELLENT actress. She _nails_ it. She nails the girl that you simply cannot trust. The girl that will reach in to your chest and yank out .... your heart.

    Amy - when ya look a bit more deeply - is not innocent at all... her "clueless" viewpoint that viewpoint that allows her to justify going in to a dark movie theater with Chase, her best-friend's boyfriend... or to travel to Europe with a wealthy royal douch... I mean Prince... her SUPPOSED INNOCENCE... gives her license to get in to virtually ANY questionable, compromising situation.... and... she seems determined to take advantage of that license. RUN AWAY... Ty.... Run away man. Leave that kind of girl well behind.

    Hey - it's the truth of it. Sad. But true.
  • Wistful viewer

    This is a wonderfully entertaining show for young and old (like this octogenarian). Hard to find shows covering that spectrum these days. I have managed to watch the first 8 seasons with the help of the up network, Netflix and the library. But now it appears that up tv will no longer air the program and season nine is in production. It is not a good way to pleasure loyal fans. One can only hope things will change and this is not a USA goodbye to Heartland.
  • More Heartland???

    A great show for Adults and children alike. We got to "The Happy One" and it quit... are more shows available after this one?
  • I'm proud of being Canadian!!

    I really do like this show! I watch season 1 to 3 in 4 days. I am so into it!! I've just ordered season 1 and 2 in dvd and I think I will watch the again as soon as I get them!!

    This show is so refreshing, it's soft, no really big action that could not happen on a ranch.. Of course real life is not like that every day on a ranch but this is more real than fake ¨-¨ so it's refreshing!! If you like horses and a little drama you will love this show. This is exactly what it is about: horses, love, living in a ranch, ...

    I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!!
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