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  • I don't understand

    Me and my husband just started watching this show we like it the part I don't like or understand is when Ben came and was hitting his horse with that whip how they watched and did not say or do anything except for ty he finally stop it one time and when asked Amy she said well it's his horse that does not make it ok if you're watching someone hit on a animal and not trying to stop it no matter who owns it !!!

    And then when those two men were getting those mustang and they were hitting them in front of everyone there and no man stepped up to stop it except for ty once again and when ty told Tim he said well it's his horse I don't understand the ranch is about saving horses but yet they don't step up when they see someone hitting on them well ty did but I don't get why they keep saying it's ok cause it's there horse that's crazy to me !!!!
  • Love/Hate

    I have a love/hate relationship with this show.

    I love..

    all things Jack.

    the beautiful Rockies, the horses, all of the animals.

    Georgie, Ty, Amy, Scott, Peter, Lisa

    the music is fantastic. the music supervisor is one of the best things about the production of this show.

    can the writers create such awful characters? Tim and Lou are some of the most annoying characters I've ever seen on a TV show and they are one dimensional because they never get better with time or a new season. Tim is belligerent, a bully, arrogant, rude, tactless, to the point he ruins the show for me. He's the main reason I don't LOVE this show and honestly I skip some episodes that focus on his story line. I can't understand why you present this man in season 1 who wants to redeem himself in his daughters' lives and goes on to treat them like crap. Jack is the only one that really stands up to him but he never changes. He never contemplates why people can't stand to be around him. Why have such a shallow character?

    Then there is Lou, the other insufferable character on the show. Just like her father - self-centered, pushy, myopic, control freak. Completely unsympathetic and again, a character that doesn't seem to have any growth over the years. Just continues to be completely self-serving to the point she won't move to Vancouver to be with her husband and raise their child together. She is unfit to be a mother as she puts her own needs before having her child grow up with its father. They live in the middle of nowhere on that ranch and she acts like he should have multiple job opportunities near-by. There's so many jaw-dropping moments of Lou saying the wrong thing, acting like a spoiled child and mucking things up.

    The show's continuity director isn't very good either. There are a lot of small things that get introduced them seem to just dissipate. What happened to the white dog that Amy rescued? How about the kitten she brought home? Did Max ever die? It's not that any of these things are instrumental to the show but why even introduce them if you're not going to follow through? And Ashley's mother? I know Ashley moved to Vancouver but did her mother also? Her mother was one of the only characters that actually showed an arc of character growth.

    I don't understand that child that plays toddler Katie. She has absolutely no facial expressions and in most scenes looks like she's drugged. She is usually just sitting there complete inert and once in a while throws something on the floor or poops a coin. All with the same non-expression on her face.

    And I know this is a family show and there's not going to be sex scenes but for goodness sake, can we have Ty and Amy please stop tickling each other like they're 8 years old? They are now in their mid-late 20's on the show. Can we have one real kiss between them instead of all these pecks? They look like chickens pecking at each other's face. It looks ridiculous. No one kisses like that.

    I started watching it on Netflix when I had the flu. It was a nice easy story, pretty to look at. But I"m not at Season 7 and getting tired with the one dimension of the characters. Maybe do something interesting with Scott? Was Lou really the only woman he can date? While I love many things about the show, I feel the writers could do so much more and better with the characters.

  • Love their cowboy dishes!

  • Love the show!!!

    My family and I love this show and the best part is that the whole family can watch it!
  • Best Show on TV

    Amy on this show reminds me so much of myself! I love this show and can never get enough of it. I am actually up to Season 8 and just watched Amy and Ty get married. I have to say that was the best wedding ceremony I have ever seen on a TV show! I can't wait for them to start their new journey in life keep this show going.....

    And he is the greatest Dad/Grandpa anyone could ever ask for!! I really hope in the next seasons that Caleb, Lou & Peter find happiness!
  • Smart as a Horse

    I am a 71 yr old man who owns, Spotted Show Horses LLC. Our horses are Spotted Saddle Horses. In case y'all don't know they are the ones that, "Singlefoot" NATURALLY. (Look it up) Anyway, I have to tell y'all that what Amy is doing on the show is fantastic. She is actually "communicating" with the horse and letting the horse build up a trust for her. From experience I can tell you, that no matter how great and wonderful a trainer you THINK you are, if the horse doesn't develop a "TRUST" and respect for you, then no matter how much you try "ASKING" him to do something, he's not going to do it. Oh sure some people get their horses to do what they want by taking out the whip or like some "GENIUS" so called Quarter Horse "Trainers" by short tying the horses head up high if they don't do what they are trying to MAKE them do. I asked one prominent "trainer" here in Ohio why he did that and his answer was, "I'm teaching them a lesson. If they don't do what I tell them to do, then after a few times of this they'll think about it and learn". REALLY???? AMAZING!!!!! PROBABLY TREATS HIS WIFE AND KIDS THE SAME WAY.

    Anyway, Amy keep up the great work. Acting and training the natural way. With LOVE and understanding.

    Steve Low

    Spotted Show Horses LLC

    1941 Hamrock Dr

    Powell, Ohio 43065

  • love the show!

    i love heartland but some of the characters just piss me off like Tim he is so arrogant and pushy, Malory is so annoying most of the time i was glad to see her go. i really like Amy and i feel like i could really relate to her, i cant wait to see Peter and Lou get a divorce i hate Peter. and make Lou and Scott a thing please they would be so cute together.
  • Love the show but...

    @dwaynewayne71... I agree with almost all of what you wrote. I follow the heartland CBC Facebook page and it seems like everyone loves these characters like they are their personal friends and I get that to a point. But honestly doesn't anyone dislike any characters at all. Like in the beginning, Mallory annoyed me to no end but then I ended up liking her. As for Tim, i have never liked his character, he's an arrogant ass and he says mean things to everyone every episode all the time!! And his daughters are just like oh that's just dad but he's still the best, wtf!! And how about how Ty treats Amy like she's a baby sometimes- super annoying. Lou is so obnoxious with her obsessive need to control every little thing. I love the show but there are just some characters who have gotten or have always been irritating to me. That being said I love seeing the horses and the ranching lifestyle.
  • The lowdown of the characters

    (based on seeing up thru S9, E8). The show - Why were the first two seasons all about whining that they did not have enough time to do chores, and then after that it was no big deal even though at times they had fewer people to do them? What's the financial situation through the years? Does anyone there remember that Ty's dad stole thousands of dollars of Lou's money? What happened to Amy's dog? Does Tim need a gun put to his head to stop being a jerk? All these questions and more on the nearly G-rated show called Heartland....

    Scott - The most decent and stable of the recurring characters. His only fault was the writers didn't want him and Lou together, so they made the man who pined away for Lou for so many years decide that because they had a hard time getting together one special day to "make out" that he just gave up completely. Wow that's weak writing. And the funniest part is that he's the one that day that had an emergency and then when that got called off a while later he got mad at her for making her own plans for the day.

    Peter - This is the most normal person on the show, which is why the writers had to remove him because they can only have extreme characters. His only fault is that he didn't want to leave his good job in Vancouver, so it destroyed an entire marriage. The writers never gave another reason than that. All it would take is a decent job within driving distance and bam, Peter's permanent and they would have to get their own house.... so naturally it didn't happen. At least he doesn't have to put up with that hot mess Lou anymore who wouldn't dare live more than a few miles from the ranch. And am I the only one who would have liked to see Peter just once take a baseball bat and smash Tim in the head?

    Jack - He was pretty much a perfect character in the beginning, but later he gets to be stubborn with certain things like being in Paris or giving up his junker trucks. I guess it's to be expected from the oldest on the show that he'd be set in his ways. But all-in-all a great guy.

    Ty - He is like Jack in a way as to being wise (some of the time). He is supposed to be the semi-bad boy turned hero. In the early seasons his biggest problem was getting hot-headed way too easily over things he doesn't have a right to. Part of this is to show that Ty cares a lot about animals, which leads to him being a vet. When it comes to Amy, he did a couple of major league mistakes like going to be with his dad and simply not picking up the phone to tell her "hey my dad is a jerk off but I think I need to stay longer to help him". Or how about that bike trip he takes and then arrives back with a hot girl.... no matter how innocent that was, you don't bring a hot friend back with you when your girlfriend is not sure why you left in the first place.

    Mallory - Well they had to get rid of Mallory to make room for Georgie, but it's probably a good thing because Mallory wasn't getting any better the older she got. Her strongest point was that she was the only one on the show who instantly understood what was going on via someone's emotions or body language. She did have a bad habit of babbling, whining, and scheming to get her way. But all around we should all miss Mallory.

    Amy - She really is the miracle girl. No matter what stunt she pulls or how hard she pushes a client, everything works out for Amy by the end of the episode. She's adorable and cute as a button, but just once I'd like to see a stunt backfire or at least not work out at the last minute of the show. And I really wonder about how much money she makes for the ranch vs. what's put into it. As for Amy and Ty, Amy was a big tease in the first season towards him. Ty's made some mistakes too, but Amy sure doesn't win girlfriend of the year. And that thing with the Prince and the video .... you'd think she went completely brain dead for those several seconds and forgot the last time another man kissed her. At least with the first guy it was sudden, but this time she had plenty of time to see it coming.

    Georgie - I can see why this girl gets so much screen time. Season 6 was her first big season and probably her best in what it did for the show. But as a foster child those emotions are a mixed bag. This girl thinks that everything is either the most awesome thing in the world or the worst, there's no middle ground. And she doesn't seem to obey anything any adult tells her specifically not to do... not frickin once. Between that and always whining about everything, she's pretty lucky she hasn't gotten grounded for life.

    Caleb - When they first introduced him, you just wanted him gone because he was such a jerk with the whole Ty/Amy thing. Then they did a complete 180 with him and he became this lovable dolt. He is either all in or all out emotionally (and unfortunately financially as well). I must say though that season 6 with the whole Caleb getting the hots for Lou thing was pretty intense as it almost seemed like he would throw her down on her desk and they'd have at it. But that would never happen anyway as Lou sees him more as that "dolt", which is totally understandable.

    Lou - What can we say about this controlling/anal-retentive woman? She's hot and business smart no doubt, and she gave up a lot to take control of things at home and wants to take care of everyone. But she drives people a little too crazy. The writers definitely must have fun putting Lou into all sorts of wild situations which she pulls out from. And what's with Lou always saying bad stuff about people not realizing they've entered the room? You can probably sum up a lot about Lou when she got a case of nostalgia and bought a piece of old beat up property at auction for a 1/2 million bucks while Peter was on the phone practically screaming at her to stop. Lou receives the top honors for demanding things go her way. She definitely would be killer in an office setting.

    Tim - If Tim and I were in the same room, I'd probably find the nearest sharp object and stab him to death. He's 95% useless/mean/scheming/pain-in-the-butt, and the other 5% he'll say something good to someone. Now we all know why Jack had kicked him to the curb and not let him near the property for so many years. As an actor however, it's pretty amazing Chris Potter is only two years younger than Shaun Johnston.... or maybe it's just weird that Shaun looks that old. Probably the latter.
  • Robot Child

    I love the show and characters, except for Katie. She is three years old. She does not talk, walk, laugh or smile. She doesn't even reach for her parents when presented. She throws things, and cries "off screen" and someone runs to silence her. It is a pitiful depiction of a child. When she was presented with a pony there was no response, and when she "brushed" it, she was moved down the pony's back to move the brush. How sad. Either write her out of the script, or do something real with her. Please. The humanness of the other characters makes show a real human interest story.
  • Season 10?

    I love this show so much but I really want to find out when season 10 airs but for now I'll watch the first 9 seasons over and over again.
  • The best show on TV

    We fell in love with this show on Netflix but could only see the first 6 seasons. Now I want more and am in search of the rest.
  • This Show Only Deserves A 10 Rating

    To be honest never cared for country music but for some reason I love country movies and TV shows and when I came across Heartland on Neflix I knew I had to give it a try.

    It had me hooked by the second episode on the first season, I knew it was going to be hard knowing I had 8 seasons to catch up to but trust me it did not take long because it was the only show I watched then I continued watching season 9 on the CBC app and well season 9 was the greates I think.

    Fall can not come fast enough, I so look forward to watching season 10 and hope that they continue to make more wonderul seasons of this show because I could watch just this show over and over and never get sicks of it LOL.

    I've become a huge fan of this show and look forward to whats to come.
  • would love to be invited to come watch on set

    We are a huge fan of Heartland and we are making a special trip to High River , Alberta on July 16th till July 22nd between that time of our stay would really love to meet n greet with some of the cast and maybe watch on set make our stay so much better and mark this off my bucket list I have not been well . Please let us know if possible ... This show Rocks big time Buffylynn Bante oxox
  • Need more shows like this

    I loved this show. It really is one of the best and rare gems on any network. Please keep them running.
  • Hartland review

    so amazing is one of the best things I have ever watch I would recommend this to everyone it has a life lesson when enjoying a great film kids could realy benefit from watching this.
  • Heartland is amazing

    They need to get the rest of Heartland on Netflix.
  • Heartland broke my heart

    It's one of the best tv shows I have ever watched. Being an equestrian myself, I instantly got hooked on it- with all the horses, cowboys, and horse behavior tips. In a matter of two weeks i watched seasons 1-6 (which is impressive considering i still has all my school work to do on top of watching the show). However, I live in the US, and for some reason Heartland got "pulled" from our viewing, making it nearly impossible to watch the new seasons. What happened to jack? How was Amy and Ty's wedding? Spartan? A girl needs to know. Please Heartland, come back to the us.
  • Prince Ahmed

    Dearest Heartland Writer,

    I just recently started watching Heartland thru a friend's recommendation & being an equestrian myself, i fell in love with the show & in fact, i applied some of the things i watched from Heartland with my riding & surprisingly i've never been more connected to my horse. I got so addicted that I watched season 1 to 8 in a short period of time.

    The show would have been perfect but when you introduced Prince Ahmed's character and have Amy & Ty driving him away like a stray dog, you ruined the fantasy. Yes, every girl loves to have an honest to goodness faithful Ty but my dearest writer, you forgot that some girls dreams of a prince in a white horse & who will sweep them off their feet to a castle far away & give her the world. Also, based on Prince Ahmed's character he is representing a middle eastern prince & a continent that is in the process of changing a woman's role in the middle eastern society & you are representing Prince Ahmed's character as a male chauvinist pig which is an insult to the middle eastern culture.

    My dearest Heartland writer, i wish you just did not introduce Prince Ahmed's character in the show & be treated like a stray dog just to make Amy & Ty's love look unbreakable that no money or power in the world can separate them & you're bringing Prince Ahmed's character back to be what??? to test Amy & Ty's marriage? why don't you pick a character who is in the same level as Ty & not a middle eastern prince who is totally misrepresented & shamed.

    Thank you for your time.
  • A dream come true

    I love the Heartland family, I love Jack, he looks and acts like a man I once loved. I have to find out why he fell off his horse. I gotta see the wedding for Amy and Tye. Please don't disappoint your #1 fan. I love horses so much. I always dreamed that I would've had a father and a childhood growing up on a ranch like Heartland. Love love love
  • Heartland seasoned

    The BEST Family Drama on Television hands down - Canada AND US

    This is why it is in its 9TH SEASON and running strong.

    There is so much on this show that appeals to all walks of life and all ages.

    Nothing on tv is better.
  • Wistful viewer

    This is a wonderfully entertaining show for young and old (like this octogenarian). Hard to find shows covering that spectrum these days. I have managed to watch the first 8 seasons with the help of the up network, Netflix and the library. But now it appears that up tv will no longer air the program and season nine is in production. It is not a good way to pleasure loyal fans. One can only hope things will change and this is not a USA goodbye to Heartland.
  • Family

    I love this show. I love horses and a family that fights to stay together. Love the caring for animals especially horses. I can't wait til l it comes back on.
  • A Horse Lover's Dream

    I truly enjoy this drama. It is well acted, written and produced. Unfortunately I live in the US and have only been able to see all of the 1st through 6th seasons in their entirety and a few sporadic episodes since. I look forward to the Netflix addition of seasons 7 and 8. Fortunately I just retired to Tennessee and they have the UP network available here and I should be able to see the 9th season. For me it is the horse scenes that set this series ahead of the others. Keep up the great work cast and crew.
  • Heartland review

    I love the show and Ty, amy, Caleb, ash we can not wait for more romance and how the wedding night went. We love it hope to see many more episodes and more romance with Ty and amy and the future
  • Great clean show

    I was not sure about the show at first, and I finally started watching it and can not stop doing so. I am on season 6 on Netflix and can't wait to see the next 2 seasons on it soon. Please load them on there. This is one of the best shows I ever watched.
  • A little bit of heaven

    I love this show. Like most, I didn't know about it till I seen it on Netflix. Now, my 9yr old daughter and I love to watch it. My daughter kept asking me if I thought Ty and Amy were going to get back together, or if I thought Lou's baby was going to be a boy or girl. With all the crap shows on, This is such a relief to watch and really enjoy. I am going to be sad when I catch up on Netflix, I'll have to wait till they put season 7 on there. Anyways, REALLY LOVE this show!!!!
  • Wonderful family show!

    I had never heard of this show until I seen it on netflix! I love this show its a great show to watch with all ages. My 6 year old loves to watch it with me. I love the fact there is no sexual content or profanity can relate to real life situations. Hope this show stays on the air!
  • Best TV show on the planet!

    I have quickly watched all six episodes on Netflix and am anxiously awaiting the next ones. I cannot believe that FINALLY there is a show on the tube that has NO VIOLENCE, NO SEX, NO FOUL LANGUAGE and is heartfelt, interesting and real to life. The scenery is gorgeous also. The actors are fabulous and should be getting some acknowledgement from the tv and film media. A totally refreshing show in this big, bad, ugly world we live in today where morality and kindness have been thrown out the window and the news media finds terrorists the most interesting thing to write about. It's a shame.
  • Still waiting for it to update on Netflix on West Coast!! Love the show but how long must we wait?

    Love the show,characters and storylines... hate the fact we must wait 3 plus seasons and counting to even come close to catching up. I have been waiting for months now for it to be updated on netflix and hulu! Saw seasons 1 through 5 several times over (waiting since last year 2014 and it's now 2015 ). Your already into season 8 and still haven't allowed netflix or hulu to upload the rest of the seasons prior to season 8. This is ridiculous way to treat fans of the show. I use to believe that absence made the heart grow fonder. However, there are a large audience waiting to see the new seasons on netflix and hulu and currently people not just myself are getting tired of waiting for it to come out. I have decieded to give it a little more time, but honestly if nothing happens soon i'm going to give up altogether. Longer I wait the less interested I am in waiting week after week to login in to netflix and or hulu to find nothing new has been added. Per netflix customer service they say they have to wait for Heartlands creators to give the word on when it can be added... How long must the fans keep waiting? Or should we just realize we who watch netflix and hulu just aren't important to you people???? rating this low because of the waiting period for it to show on the west coast /east coast!