Heat Guy J

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Unknown on TBS

Episode Recap

Daisuke meets Shogun at his last Wind shop and they discuss Daisuke upcoming trip to Siberbia. Shogun does not like the idea of Dice traveling to find out about Marius killer and tells Daisuke that his father would not have approved of revenge.

Out in the rain, a stoic J stands guard over Daisuke motorcycle. Dice comes out of last Wind and notices J staring at someone: a man wearing a long trench coat is sitting on a bench across from our heroes. J informs his partner that the man is an illegal. Seeing Daisuke, the man, Luca, stands up, the wind catching his trench coat. He begins to walk towards the two, remarking on the "lovely weather in Judoh. Suddenly he reaches in his coat a pulls out a hand-held cannon. J shields Dice just as Luca cannon fires multiple projectiles. They impact in J chest, blowing a hole right through the android. Luca fires at J three more times, decapitating him. Before Dice has a chance to react, Luca android, Pixy, appears out of nowhere and stuns Dice unconscious.

Back at the casino Claire writes a check out to Luca. The illegal tries to offer his services again to the Vampire, but Claire insults him, creating some ill will between the two.

At the Special Unit office Kyoko receives a call from Dr. Bellucci who says that J signal was cut off on Kabuki Road.

Dice wakes up inside Claire office at the casino, his hands handcuffed to the back of a chair. Claire shoots his hostage full of a narcotic stronger than LSD that trips Daisuke out, tipping him and his chair to the ground.

On Kabuki Road, Kyoko arrives to find a Antonia and Edmundo at the crime scene and a crowd behind police tape gawking at the remains of J, who is being taken away on a stretcher. Kyoko asks where Dice is, but the doctor and detective have no idea.

Back at the Special Unit office, Kyoko sits and gazes out the window behind her desk wondering where Daisuke could be. At SECT, the lab personnel go over a badly damaged Heat Guy J. Antonia has a talk with J head, still separated from his body, and he informs her that he is unable to locate Daisuke and feels that Dice may be in danger.

Concerned for Dice, Kyoko goes to see Shogun, who tells her that he being held by the Vampire and that she should do all she can to help Dice. Kyoko then calls up Edmundo and asks him to investigate the casino. However, Edmundo hands are tied as most of his bosses are in the Vampire pocket. Kyoko decides to rescue Dice herself, even if it gets her fired.

At a quiet bar Luca tells his android, Pixy, how he is growing very fond of Judoh, but that Claire really annoys him. He decides to deal with the Vampire and take over the family himself.

Kyoko arrives at the casino in disguise, driven in a limo chauffeured by Edmundo. She quickly infiltrates the off-limits area of the casino and uses a handheld tracker given to her by Antonia in order to find Dice. As Kyoko makes her way further into the casino underbelly, Luca and Pixy arrive. Kyoko takes a hostage of her own, but is stopped by Giovanni, Mitchell, and Ian. As Kyoko begins to negotiate with the three for Dice, Luca shows up and opens fire on them.

Meanwhile, Pixy flies into Claire office and holds the Vampire hostage. Before Pixy can fire a repaired J breaks through the office outside wall, and Pixy and J engage in battle. After some excellent blows, J is successful in defeating Pixy. Dice makes quick work of Luca and the episode ends with Dice, in his way, thanking his angel Kyoko for rescuing him.