Heat Guy J

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Nov 19, 2002 on TBS

Episode Recap

Daisuke and Shun are arguing Dice goes to punch him. Outside, as Phia types, the commotion from inside Shun's office is very audible. Shun then comes out asks for a glass of water. Phia brings him a pitcher of water and two glasses. Shun takes the pitcher and pours the water on an unconscious Daisuke, telling him to get cleaned up and get out. Daisuke, smarting from his fight with Shun, goes out with J. They see a guy getting jumped, and, to work of some anger, Dice intervenes. He makes short work of the thugs are throws them into the water. Daisuke turns around and the guy he helped is gone. Daisuke talks to Cynthia, Vivian and Janis and finds out that there is an illegal gun factory somewhere in the city. Phia tells Shun that the Administrator needs to talk with him. Shun tells Phia about Daisuke not being suited to the Special Unit and then heads to the meeting. Daisuke meets up with the guy he helped and learns his name is Kia. They go back to his place and you see flashbacks of Kia's childhood and how his father use to beat his mother you also learn he has a half brother named Ray Dullia that he despises.

Kia buys a gun part from a guy that he works for. Walking down a street, Daisuke sees that Kia's stepbrother, Ray, has a concert coming up. Daisuke and J go to a factory and learn that the owner, Kia's boss, makes gun parts and that Kia tried to buy one. Kia is sitting under a bridge staring at a picture of his father and brother another flashback shows when his mother died and went to tell his father, but he couldn't do it because his father had moved on with his life and had another family. Kia pulls out a gun, talks to himself, gets up and leaves. Daisuke and J go to where the guns are being made, and get attacked by three men with guns. J takes out down the three shooters, and Daisuke gets the owner and asks him if he sold a gun to Kia. Dice sees Kia's guitar case and beats the man up. Kia is sitting on the stair in front of the theater hall, waiting for his stepbrother. When Ray come out and sees Kia he's happy that his brother came to see him. Daisuke is running through the crowd trying to get through before Kia shoots Ray, but Kia does not have a gun and hugs his stepbrother. Later, Daisuke and Kia are talking and Daisuke gives him back his guitar that he sold. Then he ask what happened to all that hatred and Keya tells him in went deep into the water, and the gun is shown at the bottom on the water. Daisuke asks his brother Shun out to eat, and Shun says that he'll pick the place.
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