Heat Guy J

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Oct 22, 2002 on TBS

Episode Recap

In this episode you meet Boma, an altered werewolf.

The episode starts out with three men talking, and then Boma comes and asks "Have you seen my Bunny?" The men and Boma get into a confrontation and all of them ends up getting killed.

Daisuke and Rena are talking about a rumour she heard about a wolfman and they talk about Rena's boyfriend..

In an arena, Bouma is playing Russian Roulette and wins. Claire comes out and challenges Boma and just as he pulling the trigger one of his guards comes and pulls the gun away from his head he had the real bullet. Claire asks Boma if he would like to play a game of Kill the Android and says yes and Claire then tell him to go kill J.

Next, Daisuke is going down an alley and sees Boma then J comes down in front of him. J and Bouma have a fight and J ends up getting his arm cut off and they both retreat and he gets it repaired by Dr.Bellucci later. You see a flashback of Boma's past and you find out that Bunny is his sister and that his best friends betrayed him. Rena is talking to Claire and if she can trick Daisuke one more time he will forget about the money her boyfriend owes. Rena gives Daisuke info about where the werewolf is at.

Daisuke and J go and it ends up being a trap and Boma appears and throws a knife in J back and disables his lower body. Daisuke and Bouma fight and J reboot. Boma says Daisuke is and interesting person and disappears into thin air. Boma calls Claire and tells him he's out and hangs up. Claire says the game is over and then realizes that the poet is still there and kicks him out he gets up and leaves with his girlfriend. Rena ask Daisuke can he forgive her and he says yes this time.
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