Heat Guy J

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Oct 29, 2002 on TBS

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a man getting his son kidnapped by Claire and his men. Daisuke and Kyōko are discussing about J's unusual behavior, and that he might not be functioning properly. J hears someone singing, who turns out to be the little boy that was kidnapped. J identifies the boy as an android, and proceeds to try and arrest him. Daisuke explains to J that it's just a regular kid, but J chases after the frightened boy. On-lookers accuse J of attacking the little boy. Chief Aurora and another man are having a discussion over J's malfunctions and how they will be discussed at the meeting covering the android law tomorrow. Daisuke goes to visit J in the hospital, and Dr. Bellucci tells him that J just needed a new internal battery. Just then, the doctor gets a call, and says to Daisuke that she needs to shut down J due to the mishap he had between the boy earlier.

Daisuke finds out that a man is looking for his son, and once the man shows a picture of his son to Dice, he immediately recognizes him. The man threatens to tell the cops that he as an android if he doesn't help find his son. Flashbacks are seen of Claire's dark childhood, and then Claire tells the android to go destroy J and then himself. The little boy goes to the hospital where J is held, and kills the security guard there. Then, he takes the guard's appearance to gain access all throughout the hospital. He goes up to J's room where an android with a cover over it is laying on a gurney. The robot punches through the gurney, thinking that J is under the cover, but it turns out Antonia moved him to another room just in time, replacing J with a dummy. The android finds where Antonia and J are hiding, and kicks the door down. Daisuke arrives just in time, and tries stopping the rampaging robot. The evil android overpowers Daisuke, and Antonia is forced to activate J to help his partner, despite Dice's orders of leaving him alone. J smashes the android against the wall with the gurney, and then proceeds to punch it right in its face. The android is finally destroyed. The chief takes back his decision of having J shut down for good. Later, Daisuke confronts Claire and he tells him that even though he's the new don, Dice is not going to let do the things he's been doing.
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