Heat Guy J

TBS (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Guys
      Episode 13
      With the coup in full swing, Daisuke prepares for the final showdown with his brother, who has a few surprises in store for our hero. Meanwhile, Claire and his resistance begin their attack on the military. J has been reactivated by Antonia, and is on his way to help Daisuke. With Shun's kill command still in J's AI, Daisuke must press onward like a real man and save his partner, his brother, and the people of Judo.moreless
    • Revolution
      Episode 12
      Below the darkened skies of Judo, military tanks patrol the city and Kabuki Road is temporarily shut down. As the members assemble for a final showdown, Daisuke, Antonia, and Boma fight to save J. After the events of "Alteration", Shun Aurora tries to wrest control from the powers of Judo. He has his work cut out for him, however, as Claire and Daisuke team up to oppose Daisuke's brother.moreless
    • Alteration
      Episode 11
      Another assassination attempt is made on Shun Aurora's life. The reasons behind it, and its shockwaves, will have far-reaching implications for the city of Judo. The military tanks, silent for fifty years, begin to roll out. Shogun is attacked and J's program is changed by a secret command buried deep within his system. Claire, arising from his delirium, tells Daisuke that the answers he seeks have always been right in front of him.moreless
    • Play
      Episode 10
      Monica Gabriel's studio, and house, is burned to the ground by one of Judo's mob families. In order to pay for her family, she turns to crime. However, Daisuke stops her before she does something illegal and offers her a job at the Special Unit. Moving into the cramped office, Monica gets use to her new home. Ken Edmundo takes an immediate dislike to Monica, J acts as her surrogate father, and Daisuke learns something about the bullet that is attached to his necklace.moreless
    • Fortress
      Episode 9
      A mysterious woman appears from the sea and begins to attack sailors, using a device very much like the tip of a harpoon. When the Special Unit intervenes, the woman eludes them and vanishes into the ocean. Old sea tales from sailors tell of an island chain some 600 miles south of Judo where the mysterious woman could have come from. Daisuke, J and the rest of the Special Unit commandeer a vessel and head out to the mysterious islands in search of a secret.moreless
    • Tears
      Episode 8
      Edmundo's partner, Romeo Visconti, takes it upon himself to find out the whereabouts of the Laundromat, the financial wing of the Underworld. Senator Noriega becomes aware of Romeo's inquiries and has him eliminated. It's up to Edmundo, along with some help from our hero, to weed out those responsible for Romeo's death and bring them before the law.moreless
    • Fake
      Episode 7
      SECT, the company that created J and where Antonia works, is suddenly closed due to a lack of resources. Although Antonia is out of work, she decides to take it easy for a while. A new android that looks exactly like J has killed a mob boss. Dice and Edmundo investigate further to uncover the truth and clear their friend of any wrongdoing.moreless
    • Truth
      Episode 6
      Offered a job with the Special Unit, Boma tries to end his friendship with Daisuke so he will not be betrayed. Meanwhile, a beast master has come to town in order to capture the beast he couldn't tame. As Daisuke and Boma face off in an abandoned stadium, Boma must face his past and his relationships with his only friend, Brad, and his Bunny.moreless
    • Independence
      Episode 5
      Daisuke reports to his brother on what he has found out about their father's case. As a result, Shun shuts down the Special Unit and tells Daisuke to forget about Echigo and the Shop. When Daisuke refuses, Shun fires him from his position in the City Safety Management Agency. Meanwhile, a mob war has begun as the various families search for Claire Leonelli, whose left eye is the key to unlocking the Vita Company's safe filled with gold.moreless
    • Survival
      Episode 4
      Daisuke and J finally head to Offshore and the Siberbian Village. While there, they learn a few things about village life and how the citizens of Siberbia follow a code of strict individualism. Deep within a cave, a solitary man, having waited 18 years for the day when someone would come looking for him, dispatches his androids in order to keep those behind Marius' death in the shadows.moreless
    • Target
      Episode 3
      Shun Aurora is shot and almost killed by a sniper bullet. While recovering in the hospital, Shun is watched over by his brother. As Daisuke keeps a vigil over Shun, he is visited by many of his friends including Kyōko, Antonia, and Monica. Meanwhile, J and Edmundo investigate the assassination attempt, which leads them to the Vampire. Claire finds he has a traitor in his midst and seeks to purge the Vita company of his enemies.moreless
    • Angel
      Episode 2
      Preparing once again to head to Offshore, Daisuke is taken on another detour as some thugs take out J and kidnap Daisuke. They take him to the Vampire, who seeks retribution for the events of episode 13 - "Encounter". It's up to Kyōko to rescue her colleague. As she infiltrates the Vampire's casino, however, she finds herself in a battle for the title of Vampire.moreless
    • Arrow
      Episode 1
      Daisuke is given orders by Shun to head to the Offshore village of Siberbia where he is to find a witness who has information about the death of their father, Marius. Leaving the city, Daisuke meets a young Siberbian making her way into Judo. It appears that the young girl is in need of a guide. Daisuke postpones his plans to head to Offshore and helps the girl in her search for her missing grandfather, who has come to Judo seeking revenge for the death of the young girl's parents.moreless
  • Season 1