Heat Guy J

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Dec 03, 2002 on TBS

Episode Recap

The episode starts with some search teams looking for a bomb but they find nothing. Daisuke is looking around various places at Narashino Base until he see a hanger he goes in and meets a military Captain. J goes in a warehouse and a flashback of Daisuke talking about explosives plays.

Daisuke finds out he's going to the Captain's house for dinner and J is searching through a computer and finds some illegal actives, but then finds out he to broke the law too for not getting the right authority. To search around, J writes a letter of apology to the military and Daisuke is at the Captain's house waiting for his granddaughter to arrive. The Captain says something about a successor their family name and in walks Kyōko. Her grandfather was trying to set her up with Daisuke. The Captain is talking about how the military use to be like and that he accidently hit the Central Tower.

J searches the computer to find out what the threat was and he tells Daisuke he learned "A man should not sweat the small stuff" and this is small stuff. Daisuke figures out that it is not a bomb, but the ships war program has be reactivate and that it is going to fire a the Central Tower, He calls Shun, and tells him to evacuate the tower because it's next and going to be hit a noon. Daisuke, J and the Captain go to stop the ship from firing at the tower. The ship fires and just misses the Central Tower, and, before it can fire again, the Captain has his men destroy the ship's gun port. Back at the office, Kyōko says "If you have something to say about my family, then say it". Daisuke says her grandfather is a pretty cool old guy and the base is shown and the episode closes.
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