Heat Guy J

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Dec 10, 2002 on TBS

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Detective Edmundo meeting up with a woman from his past named Elisa. At the police station, they're talking about a man that was killed yesterday day night, plus other cases and they think it is the same person. Also, the suspect might be a woman.

Elisa tells Edmundo that she is having memory loss, and that she is receiving strange calls every morning. Ken and Elisa are talking and just as he is about to give her something, he gets a call on his cell and he has to go. A woman is shown shooting another man, and as they shoot back, the bullets don't affect her as a car blows up behind her, which also has no effect. She chases down the other men and kills them also. When the police get to the crime scene, another witness reports seeing a woman do the killings, but Edmundo doesn't believe a woman could do it. Elisa calls Edmundo. He goes to meet her and she tells him that she might be the one committing all those murders. When he goes back to work, his fellow officers think that Elisa is the murderer and Edmundo gets extremely angry, telling them that they're wrong. He gets taken off the case. Daisuke goes to meet Edmundo. They talk for a bit and then Daisuke leaves. Later, Elisa receives a call from Thomas, and she walks out her apartment as Daisuke is going to see her. A police officer tells Daisuke to get away from Elisa and she runs down the street. They both chase her and a van gets in the way. They see her again and follow her. As they are coming out the alley, the police officer falls and Daisuke sees her go through a car and disappears. J discovers that the same van was at every crime scene and that Elisa and Thomas were working on a remote mind control device. Elisa is shown trying to kill another man, but J steps in and blocks the bullets. As he runs to stop her, he goes right threw her. The van tries to speed off, but J picks it up and Thomas falls out, grabbing Elisa, and putting a gun to her head. Edmundo shows up from behind and restrains Thomas. They find out that it was Thomas behind all the killings, and that he was projecting a hologram of Elisa to frame her. Edmundo knocks Thomas out, but didn't get the information on how to break the hypnosis. More flashbacks of Elisa and Edmundo are shown and he pulls out a music box he was going to give Elisa, which causes her to snap out of the hypnosis. It was the song in the music box that freed her. The police arrest Thomas.