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  • Heat Guy J follows Daisuke, and his andriod partner, aptly named "J". The story takes place in Judoh, where a futuristic mafia keeps Daisuke and J on their heels. Daisuke works for the Special Services Division of the Bureau of Urban Safety, which is unde

    First of all, I first caught this on MTV2, and I was hammered. I do really like Anime, but I often lose interests for several reasons. One of which, places set in our world, or our history. Heat Guy J is one anime that should make a return, and it should be well welcomed with the success with Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. I Love this show, and although it's only 26 episodes long, it's well worth a watch through every year with someone that hasn't seen it.
  • Set in the future in the city of Judoh, Heat Guy J provides an action-packed experience. Titled after the android in the series, Heat Guy J creates a new brand of urban police work in a city rife with crime.

    I must admit, I knew next to nothing about this series when I first saw it on a preview on my Lupin the 3rd: The Secret of Mamo DVD. I had heard of Heat Guy J in the past. While I had never read what the show was about, I had seen the apparel on AnimeNation's website and thought that it was kind of weird show name. It seemed like a series for kids. The preview I watched changed my opinion instantly. The preview for Heat Guy J is simple: It's the show's intro theme. The song in the intro is "FACE" by Try Force, a group who, from this song alone, has been able to write and sing their songs in two other animes since the release of Heat Guy J in 2002 in Japan. "FACE" is very much an 80's song and that's what made me purchase the series. I grew up in the 80's, a time when heavy metal was in. I think that if the car stereo speakers of today were around during the 80's, then the car window replacement shops would have made a killing. The song is intense and keeps your blood pumping throughout its entire length.

    After collecting all seven DVDs to the series, including a Special Supplemental DVD that includes a clean opening of the intro plus a music video of "FACE", this series has become one of my favourite animes.

    Within the huge urban metropolis of Judō, there are criminal organizations that seek to better themselves at the expense of others. These mafia groups are all under the auspices of the Vampire, a name given to the overseer of all of the mafia families. At the beginning of the series, the old Vampire is being put to rest. His son, Claire Leonelli, will now be taking over the family business, and become the new leader of the mafia crime families, at the age of 19. Incidentally, Claire is voiced by the English actor Johnny Yong Bosch who does a laugh for Claire similar to the laugh he used for Vash The Stampede in Trigun...only crazier.

    Many parties are now interested in the new Vampire, including Daisuke Aurora, a member of the City Safety Management Agency's Special Unit. The unit consists of two people and one android: 21 year old Daisuke, the investigator for the unit, 22 year old Kyōko Milchan, who handles the day-to-day office world, and Daisuke's partner, the three year old android called Heat Guy J. Known to those close to him as J, the android was created using a loophole in the Judoh's code of laws that forbids the creation or use of an android within the city's borders.

    The main theme of the series centers around friendship. Along with all the action scenes, fluid visuals of the city of Judō, which is a compilation of cities of the past (the Special Unit's office is located in a flat iron building similar to one found at the intersections of 23rd Street, 5th Avenue, and Broadway in modern day New York City), and beautiful character design, the series really sets a marvelous tone.

    Even with the incredible work done by the Japanese animation studios Gonzo and Production IG, Satelight, an animation company whose other works include the movie Metropolis and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, seems to be ahead of the two former companies in terms of visuals. Judō is a world that looks a lot like New Port City from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. However, I think that in terms of animation, the city of Judō is just a bit more pleasing to the eye.

    The intensity of each musical piece in Heat Guy J makes the show that much better. It gives each scene a proper atmosphere, whether the clouds are light and the sun is high, or the night is dark and the rain is falling. There are times when a musical piece is overused, but those times are few and far between. During J's fight scenes, an awesome song is played that includes Scottish bagpipes and electric guitars. Watching the series through the first time, I could not help but wonder if I had seen J somewhere before. In the final DVD, there is an interview with the director of the series in which he states that J had been partly modeled after Sean Connery. I knew that I had seen J somewhere before. And that made me love J all the more since Sean Connery is my favourite contemporary actor.

    As for Daisuke Aurora, the protagonist of the series, he is an incredibly laid back person. Never letting anything get to him, he gives off an aura of cool at its best. Living his life like one of the lines to "FACE", "Don't be too cool", Dice is very likable as he never comes off as anything more than what he is. He's just living for the day.

    If you have never seen the series, I strongly urge you to look into it. The anime is licensed in America by Geneon and many of their anime series would have a preview of the intro to Heat Guy J. Look into it. You won't be disappointed.
  • Take a gander at the main page ;)

    I don't know how or why I ended up so very in to this show, but I am. Of course it disappeared before I got my fill :( I just want it back so I can feed my need. This show is a total surprise, a wild concept with an awesome plotline!
  • HeatGuy J fills the void that cowboy bebop left in our hearts. Action packed and beautifullly animated heatguy J offers alot to anime fans

    Heat Guy J is the story of young Daisuke Aurora dubbed \"Dice\" in the series. If you like Good Fellaz this is definently a show for you.
    Heat Guy J is all about the neurotic Claire Leonelli the head of the mafia after the recent death of his father who is also Daisuke\'s rival throught the series. Dice\'s Partner? A Legal android called heatguy J on the streets working for the cities safety unit along with Kyoko Milchan, Shun Aurora and Antonia Belluchi.
  • My review on Heat Guy J

    Heat Guy J follows the adventures of Daisuke Aurora, an agent working for the Special Forces Unit, and his android partner J. The Special Forces Unit was created to deal with crimes the could happen and prevent them and to stop the mafia problem that Judoh is having.

    The main mafia family in HeatGuy J is the Leonelli's. The current head of this family is Claire Leonelli who took over the family after his father Lorenzeo Leonelli died. Claire hates the Special Forces Unit and is Daisuke rival at the start of the series.

    Heat Guy J is a action packed series and was fun to watch. The animation is some of the best I seen and the music is great to listen to. With lots of plot twist it is a must see show and I highly recommend it.
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