Heat Guy J - Season 1

TBS (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Encounter
    Episode 13
    With the Celestials ready to turn of the power to the city, Dice and J must race to stop the Vampire from crippling the city.
  • Visitor
    Episode 12
    The Celestial, the protectors of the city-states of the world, arrive in the city. Venturing to Judo every eighteen years, the Celestials prepare to meet with the government to see if the city is still civilised. If not, the Celstials have the power to turn off the station that supplies the essentials of life to the city. While the Celstial's ship arrives, beneath the city on Celestial Road, other Celestials are arriving to secretly meet with the Underground. As they make their way in the sewers, they come under attack.moreless
  • Mirage
    Episode 11
    An old flame of Edmundo's meets with him one night. It seems that she has a possible crime to report, but she is unable to remember the crime. She has been experiencing fugue states, gaps in her memory that she can't account for that place her in areas she can't remember arriving at. These states have been happening for quite a while before she contacted Ken. The officer contacts Daisuke and requests help on the case.moreless
  • Guns
    Episode 10
    A bomb threat has been made on the Central Tower. However, no one can figure out who is making the threat. Daisuke heads to an old military base, barely in operation, to ask around about explosives being obtained from there. Alone, J heads to a different ammunition depot to inspect their explosives records.moreless
  • Trust
    Episode 9
    Despite the fact that Monica is so young, she is the bread-winner for her family. Her mother has been a drunk ever since Monica's father left them. Every night Monica's mother takes the hard earned money that Monica made that day and spends it all on booze and men, hoping to find someone to love. At the same time, Daisuke learns of a group that is stealing passports from the citizens of Judo. Those who don't have a passport are seen as foreigners in Judo, which is a crime in itself. During Dice's investigation, he finds out that Monica's mother has been targeted by the group.moreless
  • Brother
    Episode 8
    An argument between Daisuke and his brother Shun about the role of the Special Unit escalates into a fight with Dice ending up with the short end of the stick. Dice later vents his frustration on a few hoods who had been beating someone for their money. Later, Dice comes to learn that the man he saved is Kia Freeborn, son of the famous Blues Dullia. Kia, however, has nothing except hatred for his father.moreless
  • Circulation
    Episode 7
    Daisuke is attacked by the man who he thought had been killed in the tanker explosion in episode 2 - "War". The altered human blames Daisuke for killing his brothers and tries to kill Daisuke. J shows up and is able to stop the man, but the beast is able to strip Daisuke of his bullet pendant, the one that his father gave to him. The pendant falls into the sewers of Judo so Daisuke enters them, heading towards the Underground.moreless
  • Money
    Episode 6
    Claire Leonelli has devised a scheme that will take care of two birds with one stone. He will fix the commodities market so that thousands of people will lose money on the price of tomatoes and Daisuke will be blamed for it. Unfortunately for Claire, Daisuke happens to know quite a bit about the commodities exchange and how it functions. The market will be closing soon and the Vampire is counting on being one step faster than his nemesis.moreless
  • Doll
    Episode 5
    The Vampire steals a young boy from his elderly father. Meanwhile, J begins to behave erratically. Dice and J find the boy on the street, but J overreacts, mistaking the boy for an android. With a crowd watching, J grabs the boy by the scruff of his neck. This incident has caused a panic in town. The android regulation law is brought up in the city council in order to revise the law so that the special waiver for J will be voided and J will be shut down permanently.moreless
  • Chaos
    Episode 4
    Daisuke's friend is in a bit of a bind with her boyfriend who has lost some money while gambling. He offers his advice, but before he can give it, she says she has to get back to her job. At the Vampire's casino, a Russian roulette game is being played where one man has never lost. Claire knows who this person is and decides to offer him a job.moreless
  • Bomb
    Episode 3
    Someone is taking pictures of beautiful women around town, putting them on "beauty cards" and distributing them through the Underworld. Daisuke begins an investigation into it. Meanwhile, Edmundo is tracking a mad bomber who is reeking havoc on Judo by attacking seemingly random targets with his precision bombs. Daisuke is caught in the middle of one of the explosions, and, while J is able to save him, the android sustains some damage. J's creator, Dr. Antonia Bellucci, is not happy with this and lets Dice hear about it.moreless
  • War
    Episode 2
    The various mafioso in the city meet to discuss the future leader of Judo's crime syndicate, dubbed the Vampire. After much debate, it is decided that the former Vampire's son, Claire Leonelli, will assume his father's old position. However, some of the mob bosses are not happy by this. This information is not lost on the new Vampire, and he makes his presence felt in the families by laying down the law swiftly.moreless
  • Guy
    Episode 1
    A new day is beginning in the city of Judo. The first member of the Special Unit, Kyōko Milchan, arrives at the office and greets the android, and second member of the Special Unit, known as J. The final member, Daisuke Aurora, arrives late as usual. Two illegal immigrants have landed in Judo along with an android named Misha. While they meet their contact at a restaurant named Solosso's, our heroes Dice and J track down the illegal immigrants.moreless
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