Heat Guy J

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Jan 21, 2003 on TBS

Episode Recap

Shogun is sitting in his shop in his usual position with a view of the entrance. In the shadows stands a lone figure:

Boma: The scent of darkness sits on you like a mist. What are you?

Shogun: What do I look like? I'm just an old man who wishes to leave this world peacefully in his own time.

Boma: Daisuke gone to the Offshore.

Shogun: Youth is always attracted to the unknown. But the unknown is often a dangerous place. Are you worried about him?

We join Daisuke and J as they make their way on the Special Unit motocycle deep into the wilderness. Eventually they travel as far as they can by motocycle. J covers the motorcycle with leafy tree branches and then suggests that he carry Daisuke the rest of the way so that they will reach Siberbia faster. Daisuke quickly declines, wondering how he would explain the piggy-back ride J gave him in his report to Kyoko.

Up on a mountain ledge, J navigates towards the top with ease while Daisuke sweats it out by climbing on his own. J suggests that they take a break, but Daisuke will not hear of it. That is, until he loses his grip and falls a few feet. He lands on his back and blacks out.

Later, Daisuke awakes to find that he has been carried by J all the way to the outskirts of the Siberbian village, a small hamlet of thatched-roof homes nestled in a valley. Daisuke has a hard time believing that people live here. J explains the village: It's called the Mountain Village Life-Sphere. They live a traditional life-style as if time had stood still.

At that moment they are welcomed by a group of Siberbians who point rifles at our heroes heads. One of the Siberbians, who calls himself the Leader, confiscates any weapons that the two may have brought with them, saying that the weapons will be returned when J and Daisuke leave.

The day is getting short and Daisuke and J try to seek accomodations for the night, but at the first house the man closes the door in their face. Daisuke takes offense to this and wonders what is wrong with the Siberbians. A lone man comes up to Daisuke and asks if J is in fact an android.

Back at the villager's house, he examines J and remarks on the exquisite intricacy of the android. The man is interested because he used to build androids back when he lived in Judoh. Daisuke asks the villager to introduce him to the townsfolk, but the villager says that it's not necessary as the others will talk to him, they just don't want to rely on anyone. Siberbians who reach adulthood are required to be self-sufficient and they are insulted by those who need help.

Deep in a cave in the mountains, an android informs a man that her sister has discovered visitors from Judoh. The disheveled man, who has been waiting 18 years for this day to come, tells the android to take care of them.

As nightfall approaches Daisuke returns to the villager's home and they discuss Judoh. The villager says that a man named Serge Echigo, the leader of the organization called the Shop (mentioned in the first episode) that controls Judoh underworld, was the one who ordered the former Vampire to have an android kill a politician who was meddling in Echigo affairs. The villager reveals that he was the one who, 18 years ago, had built the android who had killed Marius. Daisuke tells the villager that the murdered politican was his father.

Just then the androids, now numbering three, attack. Even with the Leader's help, the fight seems lost until Boma shows up and destroys one of the androids. With his help, Daisuke and J are able to take care of the other two androids.

After the battle, the villager waits for Daisuke to kill him, but Daisuke will not seek revenge as he feels the villager was forgiven a long time ago.

As Boma waits outside East Wind, Daisuke goes inside and tells Shogun that he's taking Serge Echigo and the Shop down.
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