Heat Guy J

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Jan 21, 2003 on TBS



  • Trivia

    • Serge Echigo is the man who helped craft the android regulation law in Judo, which states that no android will be permitted within the city. At first, he wanted to create a monolopy of the android business. However, finding that he could not do this, he began to stage incidents that showed that androids were dangerous. The final incident, which forced the government to craft the law, was the murder of Daisuke and Shun's father. In effect, this incident killed two birds with one stone as Marius was also lobbying to dispose of the anti-immigration law that Echigo supported.

    • The phonograph that the man plays his records on has the stamp of Echigo on the front of it.

  • Quotes

    • J: A man should not be so stubborn that he's blind to stupidity.

    • J: A man should strive to control his anger, even when he is hungry.
      Daisuke: Yea, yea. Well, I'm not angry because I'm hungry.

    • Daisuke: I guess you could go and live by yourself anywhere, couldn't you?
      J: I would have no meaning if I lived alone. My power serves no purpose unless I can use it to assist you, Daisuke.

    • Bouma: Hope you don't mind. Thought I would help. I like you guys.
      J: That is reason enough for a man to justify his actions.

  • Notes

    • Japanese Title:「陸」-「Riku」-「The Land」

    • In episode 5, "Doll", it was revealed that Shun Aurora was able to find a loophole in the law three years ago that allowed for the City Safety Management Agency to create the Special Unit and build J.

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