Heat Guy J

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Feb 28, 2003 on TBS

Episode Recap

At the police station, Edmundo and his partner, Romeo Visconti, are busy shuffling paper. Shutting down his computer, Romeo says he'll going to head out a bit early as he has a date with his fiance. Edmundo tells Romeo not to let the desk job go to his head as it's only temporary. As Romeo walks out, Edmundo receives a call from Romeo's fiance. Edmundo thanks her for dinner the other night, and will tell Romeo that she called when he returns. Putting the phone back in it's cradle, Edmundo looks at Romeo's empty desk and wonders where he could have gone.

In an alley across the street from the Wingfield Building, Romeo speaks into his recorder as he surreptitiously observes Muratai, one of the board members of Vita, leaving for the evening. As the car pulls away, Muratai's driver informs his boss that the cop is there again. Muratai informs the Vampire about Romeo's snooping. Noriega gets very anxious since Echigo will not forgive him for any more mistakes. Muratai tells him since he is the Vampire he can have the situation dealt with. Romeo works at his home computer trying to find where the Laundromat is, while outside his apartment building Muratai's driver keeps tabs on him.

Edmundo receives an e-mail from Romeo. Opening it, he sees a picture of a black cat wearing a red collar with a sphere attached to the front of it. As three spheres circle around the picture, Romeo's voice tells Edmundo that he'll getting married and that he is invited. Ken asks Romeo why he would send this to him when they talk to each other every day. Romeo nervously laughs at this and then receives a call that Juliet is missing. Ken asks if it's a kidnapping and Romeo says that it's just a cat who has disappeared. Edmundo then looks back at his computer screen and the black cat thats staring back at him.

Romeo heads out to the slum area and has a talk with a few of his informants. As he talks to them, Juliet is seen sitting in one of the alleys. Seeing that their target has arrived, several men stage a fight. Romeo tries to intervene, and he is stabbed in the stomach. Romeo hears a cat cry out as he falls to the ground. With his life flowing out of him, Romeo sees Juliet nearby and tries to reach for her so he can get her home. The image fades and Romeo dies.

Rain pours down on a small group of people as they lay Romeo to rest at the cemetery. Away from the group, Edmundo watches. He has brought no umbrella, but is soon shielded from the rain by Daisuke's umbrella with Kyoko and J watching the sad event unfold. Kyoko wonders why there are no police present at the funeral and Daisuke says that they're staying away since the higher ups have said that Romeo had been killed while on duty, but not in the line of duty. In other words, he was on the job, but had been investigating something without authorization. Edmundo asks Dice if he sees Romeo anywhere, that it's be just like him to play a practical joke like this. Edmundo just can't believe that Romeo is gone.

The remaining member of Unit 1 pays a visit to Romeo's apartment. He looks at a picture that Romeo had of them together. In a memory, Ken remembers Romeo saying how when he dies, it will be just like a paid vacation since they never seem to get a chance to take one as police officers. And when that day happens, Romeo will leave the rest of the work up to his partner. Suddenly, Edmundo is brought back to the present as some officers from internal affairs show up at the apartment wondering what Edmundo is doing there since the case into Romeo's death has been closed.

At the Special Unit, the members speculate why Romeo's death is being ruled an accident. Boma says that a death like this usually has the police rounding up illegals. J looks into Romeo's personal file and says that it has already been closed, not even Special Unit is allowed to look at it. However, Romeo's file had been sealed just before his death. Daisuke finds this rather interesting and lies down on the Special Unit's couch to think things out.

Later, Daisuke has a drink at a bar and is approached by one of Romeo's informants. Hesitant at first, the informant agrees to work with the Special Unit.

Daisuke and J investigate the informant's claim that the Landor family, who controls the money side of the Underworld that is called the Laundromat, may have dealt with Romeo since he may have been trying to find out who the new Vampire is through his investigation of the Laundromat.

Edmundo investigates Romeo's death on his own. Working the streets, he finds who the killers were, but many of them have already been killed or are fearing for their lives. One of the killers who is still alive informs him that Petrov was the one who got the others together to kill Romeo.

Back at the Special Unit, J breaks through the weak protection barrier guarding Romeo's personal data. Dice reasons that Romeo would not have kept such an investigation to himself and would have told someone about the Laundromat. J finds the wedding invitation and, sad as it is to hear Romeo invite the recipient to his upcoming wedding, J is able to find that the e-mail has an encryption device guarding hidden information.

Edmundo finds Petrov and begins to slowly choke him. Just then Daisuke shows up and tells him that it's not worth it. Petrov, free of Edmundo's wrath, begins to get cocky with the detective. However, it is cut short when a sniper fires a round into Petrov's head. Ken realizes that there's nothing they can do now.

Returning to the Special Unit, Dice shows Edmundo that they still have an ace. Hidden inside the invitation Romeo sent him is data pertaining to Himnatia, Judoh's largest independent contractor. In his investigation, Romeo had discovered that Himnatia is just a front for the Laundromat, since the large company never seems to make a profit. It turns out that one of the board members of Himnatia is Senator Noriega. To find out if Noriega is actually the Vampire, Dice has J look through Himnatia's records to see if Noriega can be linked with the Laundromat. However, before J can find anything, the server at Himnatia goes down and all the data is lost.

At Noriega's office, he talks to Echigo, telling him that they will not be able to be traced through Himnatia. On Dice's TV, a reporter says that the server crash has cost Himnatia over $120 million. In reality, the money was never lost, but can now be used to fund the Underworld.

Outside a restaurant, Noriega exits a car and is greeted by Edmundo, who tries to get information out of the Senator concerning Romeo's death. Noriega mocks Edmundo, calling him a dirty cop. For this insult, Ken punches the Senator in the face, knocking him out and sending Edmundo to jail. Once there, he is released on bail by an unknown benefactor. Out in the cemetery, Edmundo says goodbye to Romeo, placing the picture from Romeo's apartment on the headstone. He thanks Dice for posting his bail and, since Ken has been fired, our hero offers him a job at the Special Unit. On his cell phone he receives a post-dated message from Romeo who tells Ken about the data in the wedding invitation and to continue with the work he started. Shedding a tear for Romeo, Edmundo shouts up at the skies to Romeo to enjoy his paid vacation and he'll keep working down on earth a little longer.