Heat Guy J

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Feb 04, 2003 on TBS

Episode Recap

In Boma's run-down room, Daisuke sits with his back to his to Boma and offers him the chance to become a member of the Special Unit. Boma however is worried about trusting someone again. At the first opportunity, he steals away, leaving Daisuke alone in the room. In the alley beneath Boma's room, a man wearing a top hat appears.

Boma has a flashback where he robs a jewelry store. In a bit of foreshadowing, Boma wears the mask of a wolf. He makes his escape with his one friend, Brad. As they drive down they road, Boma says that he killed 16 people that day. His friend begins to talk, but the memory becomes distorted and is replaced by a young girl off in the distance. Boma's flashback ends and he is on his usual perch overlooking one of the canals of Judoh.

Waiting under a store awning for the rain to stop, Daisuke is approached by the man in the top hat, whose full attire makes him look like a circus announcer. He talks to Daisuke about a beast he once lost, who happens to be Boma. Daisuke says that Boma is not a beast, he's just lonely and that as far as he knows the only person Boma trusted was a girl named Bunny. The rain lets up and the man begins to leave. Daisuke asks who he is and the man replies that he is the beast master.

At the Special Unit, J discusses the prison at Magnagalia, in which prisoner who have been sentenced to more than 100 consecutive years undergo DNA modification on their faces so they resemble beasts. He goes on to say that the prisoners are then subjected to torture and mind control in order to make them obedient beasts and that those who administer the torture are called beast masters. Daisuke believes that the beast master is in the city since he failed to tame the beast inside Boma.

Boma has returned to his room where he has visions of a young girl before him. Brad appears and wonders if Boma is starting to trust Daisuke. Boma denies this, saying that he will never see Daisuke again. Brad, however, continues that it's inevitable that he'll be approached by Daisuke and be betrayed. Boma looks at the young girl and calls out her name: Bunny.

Out in a storm, Kyoko's umbrella gets blown into the street. She runs out to retrieve it and is almost hit by a truck, but she is saved at the last second by Boma. Safe on the sidewalk, Boma looks at her and a shocked expression falls over his face. She thanks Boma and he asks if she is Bunny. She says no and tells her who she is. Boma tells Kyoko that she looks just like his little sister Bunny. Kyoko asks him how old Bunny is. Boma however, cannot remember. Kyoko asks him some more questions about Bunny, but he can't remember anything about her. Kyoko asks for his name and Boma gives it to her and leaves.

The beast master is meeting with one of the mob families and he asks them to take out Boma for him. The mob boss declines at first, as no one seems to be able to touch him. The gold bars the beast master gives to the mob boss quickly changes his mind.

The city is covered in a crimson sky as Boma is hunted by the mob. Bullets are fired in rapid succession and rockets are fired destroying everything around him. Yet he manages to survive. The penalty for shooting at him is a quick death. At the same time, Daisuke is having a conversation with Shogun and they say that without Claire, the mobs are doing whatever they want to do. The mob family who has dared to challenge Boma gets nothing, but death for their troubles. As the last mob member falls, Boma lets out a mournful howl. Up on a TV antenna, the beast master watches Boma lose himself in killing.

Back at the Special Unit, Daisuke finds the beast master in his database. Because Judoh lets no foreigners into the city without the government's permission, the beast master is an illegal and can be arrested. J relates that since the reward was offered for Boma, 123 people have been confirmed killed by him. Kyoko then comments that she saw Boma about a week ago and tells them that he could not remember what Bunny looked like. The Special Unit then gets a call from the beast master himself informing them that he has Bunny.

Daisuke returns to Shogun's shop and borrows a katana. Shogun tells Daisuke that he'll taught him a great deal, but that he'll going up against Boma. He asks Daisuke if he'll be able to handle him and Daisuke says they'll just have to wait and see.

Back at Boma's room, he has more images of Brad and Bunny. The door to his room opens and Brad appears, telling Boma that they should go to Judoh. Brad's image disappears and Daisuke stands in the doorway. Boma tells Dice to stay away and Daisuke tells him that Bunny has been found.

At a large decaying stadium, Daisuke and J walk with Boma down a tunnel to the field in the stadium. Light hits Boma and he is standing in the middle of the field. Boma asks Dice if they'll be able to find Bunny here and Daisuke replies that's what they're here to find out. High above the field, the beast master pulls a gun and fires it into the air. Daisuke tells Boma that it's time he resolve his past. Boma has a flashback to when Brad betrayed him. As in Episode 4 Boma holds his wounded arm. He can't believe that Brad betrayed him. He returns to the present and draws his sword on Daisuke. Daisuke unsheathes his and they begin their duel, J and the beast master watching the action.

As they fight, Dice begins to talk to Boma, telling him to remember his past. Boma strikes at Daisuke with reckless abandon, but our hero is able to defend each attack. Dice tells Boma to remember Bunny and Boma sees Bunny in a field. He calls out to her and as she turns, her images quickly disappears. He returns to the present just as Dice attacks. Boma jumps away and prepares to attack again. However, Dice drops his sword. Boma moves in for the kill, but stops at the last moment.

Boma once again flashes back to a room filled with people he killed. Brad tells him that the organization will not be happy if he steps out on his own, but Boma brushes his concerns aside. Boma then remembers the time when Brad told him that he had been told to kill Boma, but he couldn't do it. They plan to escape to Judoh, but at the disembarking point, Brad betrays him and a hit man from the organization tries to kill Boma. Boma is knocked to the ground by two rounds, but he grabs and ankle pistol and shoots Brad, who has taken out his own gun and shot the hit man. As Brad dies, he apologizes to Boma.

Back in the present, Boma's wolf face is stained with tears. He howls and begins to remember his time in the torture sessions in Magnagalia Prison. While the beast master tortures him in Boma's flashback, in the stands the beast master realizes that Bunny was Boma's form of self-defense against the torture. To keep his sanity, he created a sister he never had in hopes of seeing her someday. The beast master begins to torture Boma again using the stadium's audio unit. Before Boma can kill himself with his own sword, Dice locates where the audio is centered and destroys it. The beast master, without his device, becomes a sniveling coward. He runs straight into J and falls down. He pleads with Dice to let him take care of Boma and Dice tells him to stay far away from Boma.

Boma sees a final image of Brad in which his friend tells him that Bunny had been the name of his sister and that she must have stuck in Boma's mind. Brad disappears for the final time and Daisuke asks Boma again if he'll join the Special Unit to which Boma agrees.
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