Heat Guy J

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 1:30 AM Dec 17, 2002 on TBS

Episode Recap

The Celestials arrive on their large ship. As the Celestials are walking down Celestial Road Boma appears and tells their guards to evacuate them, suddenly the lights go out and a spray of bullets comes toward them, 12 Celestials get killed and the rest leave because of what happened they can't complete their duties. Daisuke finds out from Shun that the Celestials refuse to do the ceremony that Judoh water and energy plants will get turned off in 24 hours and that a Celestial is roaming the streets of Judoh and he has to find him. A mysterious man is talking on the phone about the missing Celestial and that he wants him found and brought to him, then the Master Celestial shows up tells him not to interfere or they will kill them selves which in turn would destroy the planet. Claire gets a call from man that wants him to find the missing Celestial and he orders his men to find him. Kyoko runs into the man she bumped into yesterday and he introduces himself as Ryan then he asks her is there a place where he can see the whole city from at the same time Daisuke meets up with Boma and they both go down town to investigate where the Celestial could be. At a sky scraper Kyoto and Ryan have a talk and then she leaves, Ryan goes to some kind of wall and he uses his powers to open it up then he heads into the under ground where he meets Ruma. Daisuke and J find out where Ryan is and J breaks down the door to the under ground, J scans the area and finds out that Claire's men are also looking for Ryan, they come to a huge drop and they jump down. Ruma tells Ryan about all the work different people do to help out Judoh and ask him if he every seen a mermaid then takes him back to her house. Boma is waiting there and tells him that the city needs him now, Boma then asks him about Bunny but he knows nothing. J and Daisuke are still looking for Ryan and Claire sets a fire in the water way. Claire men put a gun to Ryan's head and then Claire says he that if Boma moves he going to put some bullet's holes in Ryan and that there taken him on a very "special" tour of Judoh.

The episode closes.