Heathcliff and Marmaduke

Season 1 Episode 29

A New Kit On The Block

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 14, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

Granny and Heathcliff are looking at old pictures in a picture album and Heathcliff finds one of him when he was just a kitten and the "new kit on the block." He has a flashback of when he first met Spike.

A little Heathcliff is walking down the street and asks a young Spike if he'd like to be friends. Spike doesn't like Heathcliff and tells his buddies that he will show the little kitten who's boss. Heathcliff easily picks Spike up and uses him like a bowling ball and rolls him into his buddies.

Spike tries to jump Heathcliff while Heathcliff is playing with a yo-yo and Spike gets tangled up and Heathcliff uses him like a yo-yo until the string breaks. Spike then puts Heathcliff in a wagon and pulls him to a hill and rolls him down it but the rope gets wrapped around Spike's wrist and pulls him behind the wagon where he gets banged around until the wagon stops.

Spike says they should have a contest to determine who is the toughest and Heathcliff agrees. Spike hands him a rope and tells him that they will have a tug-of-war contest to prove who's toughest. Spike goes first and his buddies help him from behind the fence by pulling on his end of the rope and Heathcliff doesn't budge. Heathcliff then tries and pulls Spike's buddies through the fence and Spike gives up and declares Heathcliff to be the toughest.

Back to the present, Heathcliff thinks things were more carefree in his kitten days and then he sees Spike and says that he can still relive his younger days and goes outside. He calls to Spike and Spike takes off running with Heathcliff in pursuit.