Heathcliff and Marmaduke

Season 1 Episode 19

Bearly Camping

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 24, 1981 on ABC



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    • Dottie: (the bear is eating all the food in the picnic basket) Oh no! There goes all our food!
      Billy: Don't worry, Mom. We've got plenty of food.
      Dottie: We do?
      Barbie & Billy: Yeah, dog food.
      Dottie & Phil: Yuck!

    • Phil: Yeow! (falls down a hole and Marmaduke pops up with him on his head) Don't tell me who dug the tent holes!
      Barbie: Don't be too mad, dad. Remember this is Marmaduke's first time camping.
      Phil: I'm trying to remember that.

    • Phil: Would someone get this horse in dog's clothing off me?

    • Dottie: I feel so sad, Phil.
      Billy: Yeah, Marmaduke would have been fun on this camping trip.
      Phil: Fun? Marmaduke would have been like the Oakland Raiders football team with us.

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