Heathcliff and Marmaduke

Season 1 Episode 11

Dud Boat

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 03, 1981 on ABC



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    • Heathcliff: Hang on, Captain, the coast guard will be along soon. Meanwhile, hang onto this (gives the captain an anchor) and try not to let it get you down.

    • Heathcliff: And now for the excitement of the chase.
      Captain: You won't be too excited with the catch.

    • Captain: So, you thought you could fool me with all that yelping and yowling.
      Heathcliff: Uh, no. But I've always wanted to be an actor.
      Captain: Good, because this is goign to be your farewell appearance!

    • Heathcliff: Fear is a great physcological weapon.
      Captain: Well, anyone that believes in phsycology is plumb crazy.

    • Heathcliff: Relax captain, I'll get the little nipper in the bud.

    • Captain: I want all hands on deck! We're going to clean out the galley! (a rat runs by with some cheese) Huh? Not that kind of clean out!

    • Heathcliff: (papa rat is acting like he will fight Heathcliff to protect his family) You may turn off the hysteria, I'm not a homewrecker. And besides, me and the captain have not yet begun to fight.

    • Heathcliff: I don't suppose this is the love boat?

    • Captain: For the time being, I'm going to put you on hold in the hold. (laughs) That's a little nautical humor.
      Heathcliff: Very little, I'd say.

    • Captain: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but insults are realy going to hurt you!

    • Heathcliff: Now there's a familiar, albeit ugly, face.

    • Heathcliff: Ah ,the lure of the sea. Fresh salty air. A good place to sort of hang out. (gets picked up by a hook) Oh oh, some one is taking me too literally!

    • Heathcliff: Hey, uh, stranger. How about sharing your meal with an affable stranger?
      Seagull: (Squawks and drops the fish which Heathcliff eats) No way Jose.
      Heathcliff: Thanks my friend. Everyone loveth a cheerful giver.
      Seagull: If I could keep my mouth shut, I wouldn't be so skinny.

    • Heathcliff: Now what's a nice guy like me doing with an empty stomach?

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