Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

(ended 1987)





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  • I may love animals but this one makes me want to kick an orange cat.

    Many may probably think shows from the good old days, around the era of Mickey Mouse to the 80's animation, are usually great and have good ratings. Not really.

    I first watched this "thing" in Nickelodeon, the Nick at Nite segment (it airs at 8:30 but I'm glad it's now at 11:30), the cat caught my attention. I knew he looked familiar, just to find out he's that same character I saw in KidsCo (I still hate that network, even if Australians or Brits made it). At first, I watched around 2 or 4 episodes of this show; so, what's my verdict? Boring! The characters may be cute, except for Heathcliff, but the voice acting is completely pathetic, much like the ones you would see in French cartoons. And that white cat on skates, Wordsworth I guess, he really really really annoys me, he sounds like a lousy rapper, he rhymes his lines everytime... in a cheesy manner! Heathcliff's the worst! Besides his laughter that makes me throw a pillow to the T.V. screen, he also has a very unfair advantage. I mean come on... In one episode, a dog challenged him to a fight, so the fight began and blah blah... The dog didn't even get to attack that jerk Heathcliff, and for your information, Heathcliff usually starts the problem! You shouldn't let a cat like that win!

    The story or plots are just as lame as Wordsworth's rhymes. I don't get some of it. It's hard for me to imagine this show got a 7.8 for a rating, I was expecting higher, in which I don't want to happen.
  • This was when television still had good cartoons on Saturday mornings.

    Heathcliff was an excellent show. I use to watch it as a child and I always loved all of his adventures. His practical jokes were great and his girlfriend Sonja was fun. This was one of the good saturday morning cartoons. Saturday morning cartoons just aren't the same these days, where did all the good cartoons go too? Anyways, I always thought that Heathcliff was the better cat, when comparing him to Garfield. Heathcliff was so much better and more entertaining. I loved the theme song to this show, but I don't really remember it much, I just remember I liked it. Great show, I wish it was still on tv in reruns or something.
  • A great show that was in the shadow of a bigger cat.

    Heathcliff and his gang were always going on adventures in the local dump. The characters were very likable and the stories were always fun to watch. I beleive this show was always under appreciated becuase of Garfields sucsess. Garfield was a huge sucsess and even though Heathcliff was a totaly different type of show it always seemed to be in Garfield's shadow. The Heathcliff series is finally making its way to DVD in 2005 and I hope people will watch this show with a new appreciation. I highly recommend this show for fans of the era or families with small children. Kids today will have fun watching Heathcliff and his gang get into trouble.
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