Heavy Gear

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • Great childrens computer animated cartoon which brought alot of good episodes using robots and explosions.

    This is an immense show especially for its time i wish i could still watch it and also the storyline was gooing to be alot ore advanced but they thought it would confuse their Intended audience as they were aiming at 8-10 years olds like how old i was when i watched it.
    Again obv we know who is gonna win as we are smart enough to be able to use judgement but younger children wont.
    Anyway, 10/10 as it was my favourite cartoon even better than wacky races or ed edd and eddy i made sure never to miss this show no matter what was happening.
  • Not the best animation ever seen but at least some action. . .

    We cant say that this show is cool as other animations that we have or had on Tv, but at least we can see it during times that we have nothing to see on TV. . .

    The Story is unoriginal, but the action and some episodes make this better, but something that make the serie worst is because we always know who going to win the battles. . .