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  • Season 1
    • Texas Follow-Up
      Texas Follow-Up
      Episode 14
      This one-hour special will bring us up to date on where the Texas participants are in their weight loss journey, what they're doing differently, and?what the trainers think.
    • Shrinkwrapped
      Episode 13
      Gene runs to Bill Maher and Mardi Gras when Shannon tries to send him to a therapy session, and Shannon and the kids deconstruct Gene's ego when they raid his shrine to sell his valuable KISS merchandise.
    • Follow-up (Texas)
      Episode 12
      This one-hour special will bring us up to date on where the Texas participants are in their weight loss journey, what they're doing differently, and?what the trainers think.
    • Sallie / Chad
      Episode 11
      Sallie is the life of every party, but at age 30 and 443 pounds, she is finding she can no longer be as active as she once was. Chad, at age 28 and weighing 509 pounds, has met the love of his life and is ready to start a family of his own.moreless
    • Mark / Patty
      Episode 10
      Mark is only months away from being a first-time father, but at age 40 and weighing 516 pounds, Mark is afraid if something doesn't change soon, he won't live to see his daughter grow up. Will he be able to turn his life around, or will being away from his pregnant wife be too much for him to take? Patty has survived a lifetime of tragedy, and has used food to medicate the pain for as long as she can remember. But now, at age 59 and weighing 312 pounds, Patty is ready to stop the cycle and start living again, not just for herself but also for her whole family.moreless
    • Stacia / Tim
      Episode 9
      Stacia used to live to perform theater, but at 435 pounds, her weight proved to be too much of an obstacle to take the stage. She has tried to lose the weight before but she and her husband fall into old patterns and find they just can't give up their food. At 39 years old, Stacia realizes that time is ticking and, if she wants to change, she must do it now, even if it means making some drastic changes to her home life. At 4'2" and 240 pounds, Tim is a little person whose health problems from his dwarfism are made worse by his excess weight. He dreams of holding down a job and finding love, but until he takes off the weight, those goals are out of reach. He has vowed to take off the weight before, but has never followed through. Will this time be different or will he once again fall back on old habits?moreless
    • Bill / Julia
      Episode 8
      Bill is 443lbs. He's a former college football star who had it all and lost it because of drug addiction. And Julia is 255lbs. When her boyfriend broke up with her because her weight, she reached wits end.
    • Johnny / Jill
      Episode 7
      Jill wants to have a baby, but at 305 pounds, her doctor told her she has 100 pounds to lose before she can become pregnant. Johnny, at 443 pounds, was abandoned by his biological mother at age three, Johnny has struggled with his weight ever since.
    • Ronnie / Debbie
      Episode 6
      Ronnie is 446 lbs. He is getting married; unfortunately, his weight is keeping them from their perfect beach wedding. And Debbie is 401 lbs. She never has had a date, or a full time job, and is still financially dependant on her parents.
    • Kevin / Flor
      Episode 5
      Kevin is 597 lbs. His wife has tried to motivate him to diet and exercise, but nothing has worked. And growing up, Flor, who is 309 lbs, remembers how her mother used to call her "the fat one."
    • Travis / Lindy
      Episode 4
      Travis' addiction to food has made him blind to the damage he's doing to his body, and his family. He weighs 431 lbs. And Lindy is 285 lbs. She used to be the most popular girl in school. She was skinny and a cheerleader...she had it all.
    • Sharon / Ashley
      Episode 3
      Sharon's life has been marked with tragedy. After losing her mother she gained 100 pounds, after her son took his life, she gained another 60. Now, she is 366 lbs. And Ashley weighed more than 230 lbs by the time she graduated from high school.
    • 1/24/11
      Rickywayne is 555 pounds and has been putting on weight since 5th grade. Getting creative with how to sneak the extra food, he was eating six or seven meals a day. Jessica is 288 pounds and has struggled with a pathological eating compulsion.
    • Tom / Jodi
      Episode 1
      Witness the journey of Tom and Jodi, both 37 from Houston Texas, and learn more about why they are heavy and how they can reverse their lifestyles through health, nutrition and exercise methods.