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Stacia / Tim

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Stacia used to live to perform theater, but at 435 pounds, her weight proved to be too much of an obstacle to take the stage. She has tried to lose the weight before but she and her husband fall into old patterns and find they just can't give up their food. At 39 years old, Stacia realizes that time is ticking and, if she wants to change, she must do it now, even if it means making some drastic changes to her home life. At 4'2" and 240 pounds, Tim is a little person whose health problems from his dwarfism are made worse by his excess weight. He dreams of holding down a job and finding love, but until he takes off the weight, those goals are out of reach. He has vowed to take off the weight before, but has never followed through. Will this time be different or will he once again fall back on old habits?moreless
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