Season 1 Episode 2

Cola Wars: Coke and Pepsi

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 15, 2007 on Food Network
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Cola Wars: Coke and Pepsi
A look at the long-standing rivalry between the two preeminent colas, from their beginnings as medicines with now-illegal ingredients to advertising gimmicks that took root in the public's mind and forced them to choose what kind of "people" they were.
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      • Cie Nicholson: Being such rivals over the years I think has definitely got us to where we are today. I think we never rest because of the fact that you had, like, you know, such a major competitor, you know, right there. So I think that we've definitely been good for each other.

      • Jesse Kornbluth: Michael Jackson does not drink a Pepsi in those commercials. If you look, the bottle comes – or the can – never comes near his lips. So what you've got in those commercials, is not a Pepsi commercial. You've got a Michael Jackson MTV video, made better than any MTV video had ever been made.

      • Joshua Karant: That was kinda my generation's D-Day, when they dropped the original Coke for the new Coke.

      • (About Pepsi lowering prices and jumping ahead in sales.)
        Mark Pendergrast: Coca-Cola, and Robert Woodruff, refused to match them ounce for ounce and penny for penny. Which meant they allowed Pepsi to gain a fairly major market share, but Pepsi also developed this, sort of, low-class image.

      • Mark Pendergrast: In those years, inside the Coca-Cola company, you couldn't say the word, "Pepsi." They were called the "Competitor," they were called the "Imitator," but you were not allowed to utter the "P-word," as they put it.

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      • Also Featured:

        > Katie Bayne – Chief Marketing Officer North America, the Coca-Cola Company
        > Joshua Karant – Author, The Porkchop Express
        > Bob Stoddard – Historian, Pepsi-Cola
        > Mark Pendergrast – Author, For God, Country and Coca-Cola
        > Andrea Strong – Food Writer, www.StrongBuzz.com
        > Chet Gulland – Youth Marketing Expert, www.RoboYouth.com
        > Alan Pottasch – Senior VP, Worldwide Creative, PepsiCo
        > Allen Rosenshine – Chairman Emeritus, BBDO Worldwide
        > Jesse Kornbluth – Co-Author, The Other Guy Blinked: How Pepsi Won the Cola War
        > Cie Nicholson – Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Pepsi-Cola

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