Food Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Cookie Monsters
      A look at how cookie companies formed when local bakeries needed to distribute outside their regions. Focusing on the number one and two corporations, Nabisco and Keebler, this episode looks at their struggles for dominance, different marketing strategies, packaging coups, and their responses to America's diet fixation.
    • The Big Chill: Swanson's and Stouffer's
      The history of TV dinners, and how each company has evolved with changes in the public's taste, fads and nutritional needs.
    • Where's the Beef? Taco Bell, Subway and KFC
      A look at franchises who have eschewed the burger way, and found fortune with classic and ethnic cuisines.
    • Top Dogs: Oscar Meyer, Nathans & Hebrew National
      Marketing, branding, product placement, sports affiliations and catchy advertisements mark the battle of America's top hot dogs.
    • Big Burger Business: McDonald's and Burger King
      The marketing practices of these two giants that have kept them on top of the heap and left indelible images in most American's memories.
    • Java Giants: Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts
      A look at how the coffee house culture went mainstream and expensive with baristas and personalized drinks.
    • Serial Cereals: Kellogg's General Mills and Post
      Three companies have dominated the breakfast market for over a hundred years. This episode looks at their beginnings in sanitariums, to the sugary children's market, and this decade's return to healthy eating.
  • Season 1