Heavyweights - Season 1

Food Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Big Chocolate: Mars and Hershey's
    The history of American chocolate begins with the 1893 Chicago World's Fair when Milton Hershey was inspired to sell his caramel company and bring chocolate to the masses. This episode traces chocolate from that point to the present, through Hershey's and Mars timelines, looking at their different advertising hooks, a lost product placement opportunity that turned to gold for the other company, and how they're changing to meet today's consumer's more sophisticated palate.moreless
  • High Stakes Snack Cakes: Hostess and Drake's and Little Debbie's
    Did you know that Twinkies started out with a banana cream filling, and that World War II rationing brought about the current vanilla filling? Tonight this and other fascinating stories about the history of the snack cake industry are revealed, along with market niches, lawsuits for product infringement and the companies' responses to the current health-conscious consumer.moreless
  • Chips Cash In: Lay's and Pringle's
    The potato chip's humble beginnings and how Pringle's turned the industry on its ear.
  • The Pizza Files: Domino's and Pizza Hut
    A look at how Domino's changed the pizza business with delivery and industry innovations, dragging Pizza Hut along with them, which countered with cutting-edge pizza and pop-culture spokespersons.
  • Cola Wars: Coke and Pepsi
    A look at the long-standing rivalry between the two preeminent colas, from their beginnings as medicines with now-illegal ingredients to advertising gimmicks that took root in the public's mind and forced them to choose what kind of "people" they were.
  • Frozen Feuds: Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry's
    An examination of the diametrical campaigns launched to achieve dominance in the high-end ice cream market. Beginning with the Danish ice cream that isn't Danish to the hippies with a social conscience, the episode looks at the different customers for each brand, an attempt to leverage one of them out of the market, and the rise and fall of frozen yogurt for the calorie-counters.moreless