Hec Ramsey

Season 2 Episode 5

Only Birds and Fools

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 07, 1974 on NBC

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  • Richard Boone was a great actor and I've seen all of his shows from Have "Gun Will Travel" to "Big Jake" with John Wayne. "Hec Ramsey" is the best.

    I've spent years looking for old reruns of "Hec Ramsey". This show was my all time favorite and I cried when they took it off the air. "Hec Ramsey" was by far the best show of the 70's on tv. I haven't seen any reruns and would dearly love to view them here on tv.com. How I can see these episodes on tv.com? TV.com has it listed but I haven't figured out how to watch any of the 10 episodes.

    "Hec Ramsey" was the western version of crime scene investigating. "Hec Ramsey" cleverly solved crimes with humor added; kind of like "NCIS".