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Season 1 Episode 1

Ep. 1: 6-15-69: Loretta Lynn and Charley Pride

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 15, 1969 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ep. 1: 6-15-69: Loretta Lynn and Charley Pride

Buck Owens, Don Rich, Susan Raye and The Hagers "Johnny B. Goode"
Loretta Lynn - "Your Squaw's on the Warpath"
Grandpa Jones - "The Banjo Am The Instrument For Me"
Charley Pride - "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)"
Roy Clark - "Sally Was a Good Old Girl"
The Hagers - "Gamblin' Man"
Buck Owens - "Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass?" (played over a video of 4 guys mowing grass on a farm)
Charley Pride - "Kaw-Liga"
Ben Colder - "Hello Wall"

Sketches include several installments of "Pfft, You Was Gone", "The Culhanes" and "KORN News". Also, "Pickin' and Grinnin'", "Hey Grandpa, What's for Supper?", Special Guest Minnie Pearl tells a story about her brother, Grandpa Jones tells a story about his aunt going to town, and in "Archie's Barbershop", Archie tells one of his famous "That's Good/That's Bad" stories.


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    Loretta Lynn

    Loretta Lynn


    Guest Star

    Charley Pride

    Charley Pride


    Guest Star

    Minnie Pearl

    Minnie Pearl

    regular (1970-1991)

    Special Guest Star

    Archie Campbell

    Archie Campbell

    regular (1969-1987)

    Recurring Role

    Gordie Tapp

    Gordie Tapp


    Recurring Role

    Don Harron

    Don Harron

    Charlie Farquharson (1969-1986)

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Hey Grandpa, What's for Supper? Here's what's on the menu tonight:
        Turtle stew with onions and crackers, wild greens, stewed auger holes and bread puddin'.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • (In the cornfield, after several bad jokes.)
        Scarecrow (Stringbean): There's more corn around here than the whole state of Kansas.

      • (During the "Pfft, You Was Gone" song, Archie sings the following:)
        I'm so lonely darlin', I'll always remember
        you took my best friend, and away you did go.
        I wish you'd come back, 'cause my heart is broken.
        You shouldn't have done it, 'cause I miss him so.

      • Samuel B. Sternwheeler (Gordie): You can lead a horse to water, but nothing smells worse than a wet horse.

      • (During the "Pfft, You Was Gone" song, Archie sings the following:)
        I had 6 young'ins and you had 11,
        then we had 6 more, just bloomin' like flowers.
        I wish you'd come back, and help me, my darlin'.
        'Cause your kids and my kids are beatin' up ours.

      • (Another visit to the Culhanes and they're discussing astrology.)
        Lulu: What sign were you born under, Grandpa?
        Grandpa: I wasn't born under any sign. I was born over a sign, upstairs over Neely's Bar and Grill in Granby Center.
        Clem (Gordie): Lulu don't mean that, Grandpa. She means "What's your birth sign". What day were you born?
        Grandpa: March 35th.
        Junior: There ain't no March 35th. You must mean April the 35th.
        Grandpa: Well, on my calendar, there's only has one month, March, and it's got 365 days in it.
        Clem: What picture's on it, Grandpa?
        Grandpa: Picture of a nude cow.
        Junior: Was it the playcow of the month?
        Grandpa: Yep, got it directly from Hugh Heifer.
        Junior: I'm gonna run away from home.
        Announcer: Tune in next week, when we hear Junior say...
        Junior: I'm back.

      • (In front of the joke fence)
        Archie: I crossed a sheep with a kangaroo.
        Crowd: What'd ya get?
        Archie: Got me some woolly jumpers.

      • (In front of the joke fence)
        Cathy: I crossed a horse with a black widow spider.
        Crowd: What'd ya get?
        Cathy: I don't know, but if it bites you, you can ride it to the doctor.

      • (In the school house)
        Teacher (Minnie): Who makes the sun shine?
        Student (Roy): The good Lord does.
        Teacher: Who makes the moon shine?
        Student: My daddy does.
        Teacher: (exasperated) Oh!

      • (During the "Pfft, You Was Gone" song, Archie sings the following):
        Remember you phoned me, a sobbin' and cryin'?
        Our dog bit your mamma, out runnin' around.
        You said, "she was sick" and you thought she was dyin'.
        I said, "now don't worry, we can buy a new hound."

      • (In front of the joke fence)
        Gordie: I crossed an electric blanket with a toaster.
        Crowd: What'd ya get?
        Gordie: I got a machine that pops you out of bed.

      • (During "Pickin' and Grinnin'")
        Roy: It's taken 4 days to get a picture of my wife.
        Buck: How come it's taking so long?
        Roy: We can't get any film that's fast enough to catch her with her mouth shut.

      • (In front of the joke fence)
        Archie: I crossed a tiger with a parrott.
        Crowd: What'd ya get?
        Archie: I don't know what I got, but when he talks, you better listen!

    • NOTES (3)

      • This episode is available on DVD as volume 1 from Time Life's "The Hee-Haw Collection".

      • On this first episode, many sketches that would become the mainstay of the show debut, including Charlie Farquharson (Don Harron) reading the news for the fictional KORN Radio, corny jokes in the cornfield, The Culhanes, a deadpan parody of weekly soap operas, Archie Campbell's Barbershop, the layabout Moonshiners, Archie and Gordie Tapp singing "Pfft, You Was Gone" with a different verse each time, Samuel B. Sternwheeler (Gordie) offering bits of philosophical advice, Grandpa Jones answering the question "Hey Grandpa, What's for Supper?", Buck Owens and Roy Clark "Pickin' and Grinnin", and their version of Laugh-In's joke wall, where someone tells a joke in front of a fence, only to get whacked across their backside after the punchline with one of the slats from the fence. The sketches are mixed in between various performances of (mostly) country music guest stars.

      • Jimmy Riddle and Jackie Phelps make their first appearances, with Jimmy "Eefing" and Jackie doing the "Hambone". They would appear on many of the first season episodes, uncredited, before officially joining the cast. Special guest star Minnie Pearl also makes her first appearance, but also wouldn't officially join the cast until the second season. Also, The Nashville Edition were credited as The Town and Country Singers (their previous name before joining Hee-Haw).

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