Season 1 Episode 11

Ep. 11: 8-31-69: Tammy Wynette, Sonny James

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 31, 1969 on CBS
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Ep. 11: 8-31-69: Tammy Wynette, Sonny James

Buck Owens - "Foolin' Around"
The Hagers - "Six Days on the Road"
Sonny James - "Mean Ole Mississippi"
Roy Clark - "Folsom Prison Blues"
Tammy Wynette - "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad"
Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Truck Drivin' Man"
Sonny James - "I'll Never Find Another You"
Susan Raye - "Johnny One Time"
Grandpa Jones - "That New Vitamin"

Sketches include several installments of "The Culhanes", "KORN News", and "Pfft, You Was Gone". Also, "Archie's Barbershop", "Pickin' and Grinnin'", "Hey Grandpa, What's for Supper?" and Junior Samples tells his fish story "The World's Biggest Whopper."


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    Sonny James

    Sonny James


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    Tammy Wynette

    Tammy Wynette


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    Sheb Wooley

    Sheb Wooley

    Himself/Ben Colder

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    Archie Campbell

    Archie Campbell

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    Gordie Tapp

    Gordie Tapp


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      • Junior: Lulu, will you marry me?
        Lulu: Yes! (after a long pause) Junior, why don't you say somethin'?
        Junior: I think I've already said too much.

      • (During the "Pfft, You Was Gone" song, Archie sings the following):
        You took all your clothes, the things that I gave you.
        Your dresses and hats, and the shoes on your feet.
        If you hadn't taken the things that I bought you,
        you'd sure look silly out there on the street.

      • Samuel B. Sternwheeler (Gordie): A woman without principles, draws alot of interest!

      • Teacher (Jennifer): Junior, how do you spell "inconsequential"?
        Junior: (After a long pause) I usually spell it wrong.

      • Archie: Lord, that wife of mine. All I ever hear from her is "Give me 1 dollar. Give me 2 dollars. Give me 3 dollars"
        Roy: What does she do with all that money?
        Archie: I don't know, I don't never give her none.

      • (At the joke fence)
        Lulu: I crossed a king cobra with a 50 acre field.
        Crowd: What'd ya get?
        Lulu: Peace in the valley.

      • Roy: Hey, why don't we get married secretly, and not tell anybody?
        Jeaninne: Yeah, but what if we have a little baby?
        Roy: Well, we'll tell the baby.

      • Roy: What do call a man who don't believe in birth control?
        Grandpa: A daddy.

      • (Inside Archie's Barbershop)
        Archie: I fell in love with my 3rd grade teacher.
        Roy: Did you ever marry her?
        Archie: No, I didn't. There was too much difference in our ages. She was 22 and I was 32.

      • (During "Pickin' and Grinnin'", the cue cards have a spelling error)
        Roy: Hey Buck, do you know how to stop "chairing" an elephant?
        Buck: I believe, Roy, I believe that is "charring" an elephant.
        Roy: No, I believe it's "charging" now that I see your line.
        Buck: (Laughing, pointing at the cue cards) Oh, you stole my line!
        Roy: Well, do you know how to stop a charging elephant?
        Buck: Well, would you believe we could hide his credit card?
        Roy: That's close enough!
        Buck: Well, I don't know how to spell charge, and they don't either. We can get somebody else to make them idiot cards. We can get an idiot you know (points to Roy.)
        Roy: It's your line this time.

      • (During "Pickin' and Grinnin'", yet another cue card goof)
        Buck: You hear about the girl in the pair of bell bottom pants, who was picked up by the shore patrol for acting like a sissy?
        Roy: (Mumbling to Buck) Do I have anything to say after that?
        Buck: (Mumbling back to Roy) Yeah, he's gonna show the cards.
        Roy: (Hesitatingly) No, I didn't hear about that, but I bet she was in a whole lot of trouble.

      • (During the "Pfft, You Was Gone" song, Archie sings the following):
        Your mama moved in, to live with us darling.
        I said, "This house is just like your own."
        She took to heart, this message I gave her.
        Now I'm so dang mad 'cause she just sold our home.

      • Clem (Gordie): My grandpappy lived 'til he was 90, and never used glasses.
        Roy: You know, a lot of folks drink it straight from the bottle.

      • Junior: My boy come home and said he was being kidded at school, about having a big head.
        Clem: What'd you do?
        Junior: I told him he didn't have a big head, pay no attention to what they said. Then I sent him to the store to get 15 pound of potaters.
        Clem: 15 pounds of potaters, how did he carry them?
        Junior: In his hat.

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