Season 1 Episode 11

Ep. 11: 8-31-69: Tammy Wynette, Sonny James

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 31, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Junior: Lulu, will you marry me?
      Lulu: Yes! (after a long pause) Junior, why don't you say somethin'?
      Junior: I think I've already said too much.

    • (During the "Pfft, You Was Gone" song, Archie sings the following):
      You took all your clothes, the things that I gave you.
      Your dresses and hats, and the shoes on your feet.
      If you hadn't taken the things that I bought you,
      you'd sure look silly out there on the street.

    • Samuel B. Sternwheeler (Gordie): A woman without principles, draws alot of interest!

    • Teacher (Jennifer): Junior, how do you spell "inconsequential"?
      Junior: (After a long pause) I usually spell it wrong.

    • Archie: Lord, that wife of mine. All I ever hear from her is "Give me 1 dollar. Give me 2 dollars. Give me 3 dollars"
      Roy: What does she do with all that money?
      Archie: I don't know, I don't never give her none.

    • (At the joke fence)
      Lulu: I crossed a king cobra with a 50 acre field.
      Crowd: What'd ya get?
      Lulu: Peace in the valley.

    • Roy: Hey, why don't we get married secretly, and not tell anybody?
      Jeaninne: Yeah, but what if we have a little baby?
      Roy: Well, we'll tell the baby.

    • Roy: What do call a man who don't believe in birth control?
      Grandpa: A daddy.

    • (Inside Archie's Barbershop)
      Archie: I fell in love with my 3rd grade teacher.
      Roy: Did you ever marry her?
      Archie: No, I didn't. There was too much difference in our ages. She was 22 and I was 32.

    • (During "Pickin' and Grinnin'", the cue cards have a spelling error)
      Roy: Hey Buck, do you know how to stop "chairing" an elephant?
      Buck: I believe, Roy, I believe that is "charring" an elephant.
      Roy: No, I believe it's "charging" now that I see your line.
      Buck: (Laughing, pointing at the cue cards) Oh, you stole my line!
      Roy: Well, do you know how to stop a charging elephant?
      Buck: Well, would you believe we could hide his credit card?
      Roy: That's close enough!
      Buck: Well, I don't know how to spell charge, and they don't either. We can get somebody else to make them idiot cards. We can get an idiot you know (points to Roy.)
      Roy: It's your line this time.

    • (During "Pickin' and Grinnin'", yet another cue card goof)
      Buck: You hear about the girl in the pair of bell bottom pants, who was picked up by the shore patrol for acting like a sissy?
      Roy: (Mumbling to Buck) Do I have anything to say after that?
      Buck: (Mumbling back to Roy) Yeah, he's gonna show the cards.
      Roy: (Hesitatingly) No, I didn't hear about that, but I bet she was in a whole lot of trouble.

    • (During the "Pfft, You Was Gone" song, Archie sings the following):
      Your mama moved in, to live with us darling.
      I said, "This house is just like your own."
      She took to heart, this message I gave her.
      Now I'm so dang mad 'cause she just sold our home.

    • Clem (Gordie): My grandpappy lived 'til he was 90, and never used glasses.
      Roy: You know, a lot of folks drink it straight from the bottle.

    • Junior: My boy come home and said he was being kidded at school, about having a big head.
      Clem: What'd you do?
      Junior: I told him he didn't have a big head, pay no attention to what they said. Then I sent him to the store to get 15 pound of potaters.
      Clem: 15 pounds of potaters, how did he carry them?
      Junior: In his hat.

  • Notes

    • Jimmy Riddle appeared uncredited, playing "Flight of the Bumblebees" on the slide flute.

    • The Nashville Edition were credited as The Town and Country Singers (their previous name before joining Hee-Haw).

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