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  • Shoot Me!

    As a child, I had to endure the most sop***ric jokes in the universe. Example: Bacteria is the back end of the cafeteria. (BOO! HISS!) Now I can see why crap shows like Fanboy and Chum Chum were made--a lot of the writers probably had trouble finding jobs since getting fired from Hee-Haw.
  • Season 10

    I am working on getting any individual collection dvds that i can that are available using as a guide, but in my browsing of the listings for Hee Haw i noticed that season 10 is missing, were the seasons mis-numberted or is season 10 listings just plain missing
  • This most wonderful show ever on TV

    I love Hee Haw and I wish it was still on TV I enjoyed it so very much....
  • For the Country Music fan this was a classic show. Some of the performances by the musical acts are truly priceless. All the greats of Country Music from the 60's and 70's appeared on the show. The weak point was the comedy...


    All the artists admitted the comedy was "corny", but for me it is pretty dire. But I understand if some people enjoy it and that it was part of the overall appeal, each to their own. One thing every viewer would agree on though is that the musical content is top-notch stuff. For country music fans - this is almost heaven!

  • A very good show with great musical guests.

    This show is snubbed by some folks and is unappreciated by some, but all in all it was a show that made you laugh, even when it was corny, of course they were in Kornfield County! But the treasures were the great cast ensemble and the talented musical guests. I mean look at the first episode. It features Miss Loretta Lynn (my all time favorite singer) as their first guest. She also co-hosted several shows in later years. I think this show will make you feel good when you are down in the dumps. Its an hour of good clean fun. Salute!!!!!!
  • In praise of Buck

    Hee-Haw was a show full of humor, songs and pretty girls. It did much to present old fashioned vaudeville humor and so much more to introduce much of the nation to country music. While the show was often corny, it was a trailblazer. And leading the parade of great country stars was Buck Owens. Though considered an outsider and rebel of sorts, Owens stood up to the criticism of some in the country music community, who viewed his participation in the show as a sellout of his earlier hard edge image. With his recent passing (March 24, 2006), I want to pay tribute to this music legend, who with a warm smile and friendly manner introduced me to a world of music I barely knew. Though hardly a country music fan, I came to appreciate the talents of such as Eddy Arnold, Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Leroy van Dyke, Webb Pierce and Buck Owens. I came to realize that rather than many categories of music there are really only 2, good and lousy. Thanks Buck. I'll miss you.
  • i was forced to watch it.

    i was forced to watch this every saturday night when i was a kid. do not get me wrong there were some funny skits. anything with archie campbell in it was guaranteed to be funny. but over all, i do not thing you could do a show like this today. but then again american idol is breaking records every year, so that proves there are a lot of easily entertained people still watching television.
  • Before my time, but I love the reruns!

    Hee Haw was on before my time. But I catch the reruns on CMT all the time. I love this show. Maybe it's just a southern thing, but Hee Haw is one of the best shows ever. It was funny in an innocent way. They didn't have to make all the rude and obscene jokes to make people laugh. I loved all the country music guests stars they had on the show. A lot of famous people have been on Hee Haw. And Buck Owens and Roy Clark were just awesome. I love the "Pickin' and Grinnin'" segment. And all the singing was great. People just don't appreciate these types of shows anymore. Hee Haw is one of a kind! I'll always love it.
  • A country based weekly variety show. Musical guests, comedy skits, and country gospel.

    I remeber hating this show when I was a child. My grandpa used to watch it faithfully, and all the country melodies were drilled into my brain. As years passed, and my fondness of country music developed, I grew to love this crazy group of country folk...Roy Clark, BuckOwens, Grampa Jones, and Minnie"Howdeeee!!!" Pearl were the main players. This show has been labeled the"country version of Rowan and Martin" The pace was fast, and they kept us entertained, whether we were in a corn field, listening to one liners, or at a barbershop, enjoying comedic country style banter. Roy Clark would pick his banjo, while Buck Owens would sing us a song. Minnie Pearl was a great country gal, wearing her straw hat, with the tag still attached. The guest stars were a range of up and comers, to current day superstars. Loretta Lynn, Barbara Mandrell, Charley Pride, Johhny Cash, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson,and George Jones are just a small part of a long list of stars that appeared on this show. Most joined in on a skit or two, and had a ball, making the audience feel right at home. The show also featured a group of country beautys, calling themselves the "Hee Haw Honeys" clad in plaid shirts, tied at the waist, and cut-off denim shorts, they raised many an eyebrow. The shows popularity waned in the 1991-92 season, due to a change in format. Theytried to urbanize this country great, and move it to the city. The new set included a night club, and viewers did not approve. They felt as if the show was "selling out". Hee Haw is not currently airing, but if youre lucky, ya just might catch a rerun on the Country Music Channel.
  • We need this show

    Hee Haw was a saturday night staple in our household growing up. Yes, it was silly and corny but it was supposed to be. With ratings falling the show was revamped. Many cast members were let go and the cornfield disappeared. That was a huge mistake. The remaining viewers were turned off by the new Hee Haw and the show was cancelled a year later. I really wish this show would return. With all the garbage on television these daysa return to something homespun and corny is just what we need.