Hee-Haw - Season 12

CBS (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • The Blackwood Brothers / Ronnie McDowell / Wendy Holcomb
    The Blackwood Brothers, Ronnie McDowell, Wendy Holcomb, and Ralph Sloan & the Tennessee Travelers.
  • Tammy Wynette / Jimmie Rodgers / Big Al Downing / Barbi Benton
    Music includes:
    Tammy Wynette - "Womanhood"
    Jimmie Rodgers - "I Have You"
    Big Al Downing - "Ain't No Fool"
    Big Al Downing - "Touch Me"
    Barbi Benton - "Do You Like Older Women?"
  • Dennis Weaver / Dottsy / Randy Boone / Woody Woodbury
    Music includes:
    Dennis Weaver - "The Fallin' Apart"
    Dottsy - "When I'm Gone"
    Dottsy - "Tryin' To Satisfy You"
    Randy Boone - "Whiskey Be My Woman"
  • Barbara Mandrell / Sonny James / Jethro Burns
    Music includes:
    Barbara Mandrell - "Fooled By a Feeling"
    Sonny James - "Burning Bridges"
  • Hank Snow / Margo Smith / Rodney Lay
    Music includes:
    Hank Snow - "For Every Inch I've Laughed I've Cried a Mile"
    Margo Smith - "It Only Hurts for a Little While"
    Rodney Lay - "Shenandoah"
  • Ray Stevens / Ava Barber / Boxcar Willie
    Music includes:
    Ray Stevens - "Love Me Longer"
    Ava Barber - "That's How Much I Love You"
    Ava Barber - "How Long Will it Take?"
    Boxcar Willie - medley of train songs
  • Billy 'Crash' Craddock / Louise Mandrell / Tommy Cash
    Billy "Crash" Craddock performs "Till I Stop Shaking" and "Robin Hood." Louise Mandrell sings "I Never Loved Anyone like I Love You." Tommy Cash performs "Don't Give Up on Me" and "When the Lovin' Starts."
  • The Oak Ridge Boys / Charly McClain
    Music includes:
    The Oak Ridge Boys - "Leavin' Louisiana in the Broad Daylight"
    The Oak Ridge Boys - "Dream On"
    Charly McClain - "You're a Part of Me"
    Charly McClain - "When a Love Ain't Right"
  • Dottie West / Pat Buttram / Jimmy C. Newman / Lonnie Brooks
    Dottie West sings "You Pick Me Up." Jimmy C. Newman performs "River Road."
  • Ep. 277: 1-19-80: T. G. Sheppard, Jed Allan, Gene Watson, The Stoneman Family

    T.G. Sheppard performs "Last Cheater's Waltz" and "I'll Be Coming Back for More."
    Gene Watson sings "Should I Come Home or Should I Go Crazy" and "Farewell Party."
    The Stoneman Family performs "Mama Don't Allow."
    Actor Jed Allan appears in comedy sketches with the cast.

    Sketches include "The Cornfield", "Pfft, You Was Gone", "Pickin' and Grinnin'", "Samples Sales", "Hee Haw's All-Jug Band" and "Gossiping Girls".

  • Janie Fricke / Hank Thompson
    Janie Fricke sings "But Love Me" and "Here I Go Again." Hank Thompson performs "Wild Side of Life" and "I Hear the South Callin' Me."
  • Ed McMahon / Faron Young / Barbi Benton / Kathy Kitchen
    Music includes:
    Faron Young - "That Over Thirty Look"
    Faron Young - "The Great Chicago Fire"
    Barbi Benton - "Singing in My Car"
  • Conway Twitty / Ronnie Prophet
    Music includes: Conway Twitty - "Don’t Take it Away"
    Conway Twitty - "I May Never Get to Heaven"
    Ronnie Prophet - "Phantom of the Opry"
    Buck Owens - "I Don't Wanna Live in San Francisco"
  • Freddy Fender / Stoneman Family / Mission Mountain Wood Band
    Music includes: Freddy Fender - "He’s Got Nothing on Me But You"
    Freddy Fender - "Yours"
    The Stoneman Family - "Poor Tramp"
    Mission Mountain Wood Band – "Mountain Standard Time"
    Mission Mountain Wood Band - "Fountain of Love"
  • Dennis Weaver / Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown / Alan Wayne
    Music: Dennis Weaver - "I Get Misty Too."
    Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and Alan Wayne - "We Should Have Been"
    Kenny Price sings "Buffalo Gals"
    Buck Owens - "Cut Across Shorty"
    The Hagers - "Red Bandana"
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford / Tammy Wynette / Karel Gott
    Music includes:
    Tammy Wynette - "No One Else in the World"
    Tammy Wynette - "They Call it Making Love"
    Tennessee Ernie Ford - "Daddy Usta Say"
    Karel Gott (Czechoslovakian singer)- "Love Me Tender"
    Roy Clark - "Down in the Valley"
  • Don Williams / Billy Parker
    Music includes:
    Don Williams - "Tulsa Time"
    Don Williams - "Lay down Beside Me"
    Billy Parker - "Thanks a Lot"
    Billy Parker - "Lord If I Make it to Heaven"
  • Sen. Robert C. Byrd / Dave & Sugar / Donna Darlene / Mike Edwards
    Music includes:
    Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) - "Roving Gambler"
    Dave & Sugar - "Golden Tears"
    Dave & Suger - "Stay with Me"
  • Larry Gatlin / Foster Brooks / Becky Hobbs
    Music includes:
    Larry Gatlin - "All the Gold in California"
    Larry Gatlin - "We're Number One"
    Foster Brooks - "Oh, Lonesome Me"
    Becky Hobbs - "I Can't Say Goodbye"
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford / Cristy Lane
    Music includes:
    Tennessee Ernie Ford - "Mr. Words and Music"
    Cristy Lane - "Simple Little Words"
    Roy Clark - "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain"
    Buck and the Buckaroos - "Sam's Place"
  • Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius
    Jim Ed Brown - "Morning"
    Helen Cornelius - "What Cha Doin' After Midnight, Baby"
    Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius - "Lyin' in Love With You"
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Act Naturally"
  • Gene Autry / The Statler Brothers / Randy Barlow / Joe Frazier
    Music: The Statler Brothers - "Mr. Autry" Randy Barlow - "Sweet Melinda" Joe Frazer, Buck Owens & Roy Clark – “Six Days on the Road" Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Victim of Life's Circumstances" Roy Clark - "It's Been a Great Afternoon" Also, a hoedown with fiddlers performing a medley of "Soldier's Joy."moreless
  • John Conlee / Susan Allanson
    Susie Allanson - "Without You"
    Susie Allanson - "Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back"
    John Conlee - "Rose Colored Glasses"
    John Conlee - "Before My Time"
    Jana Lee - "Paddy on the Turnpike"
    Buck Owens leads the cast in a "Crawdad Song" sing-a-long.
  • Billy Graham / Jimmie Rodgers / Tennessee Ernie Ford / Bobby Butler
    Tennessee Ernie Ford – "Today."
    Jimmie Rodgers performs a medley.
    Jimmie Rodgers and his daughter Michelle - "Easy."
    Bobby Butler - "Cheaper Crude or No More Food."
    Roy Clark - "John Henry"
    Roy Clark - "Bonaparte’s Retreat."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Keep Me From Blowin' Away."
  • Joe Stampley / Moe Bandy / Clarence "Gatormouth" Brown
    Music includes:
    Joe Stampley - "Do You Ever Fool Around?"
    Moe Bandy - "Barstool Mountain"
    Clarence "Gatormouth" Brown & Roy Clark - "Frankie and Johnny"
    Buck Owens & the Buckaroos - "Johnny B. Goode"
  • Senator Robert C. Byrd / Hoyt Axton / Con Hunley
    Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) - "Turkey in the Straw"
    Hoyt Axton - "Boney Fingers"
    Hoyt Axton - "Della and the Dealer"
    Con Hunley - "Since I Fell for You"
    Buck and the Buckaroos - "Hangin' In and Hangin' On"
    Roy Clark - "Tennessee Saturday Night"