Hee-Haw - Season 9

CBS (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Little Jimmy Dickens / Dottsy / Buck Owens / Roy Clark / The Hagars
  • Johnny Rodriquez / Susan Raye / Jimmy Henley / Roy Clark / Buck Owens / Lulu Roman / Sheriff Katherine Cromley
  • Kenny Rogers / The Kendalls / Joe Higgins
    Kenny Rogers - "Lay Down Beside Me."
    The Kendalls - "Heaven's Just a Sin Away."
    Buck Owens - "Lodi."
    Roy Clark - "Must You Throw Dirt in My Face."
    Roy Clark and his family - "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide."
    Hee Haw Gospel Quartet - "Gone Home."
  • Patti Page / Brush Arbor / Buddy Alan / Wesley Sarginson
    Brush Arbor - "Don't Play That Song."
    Patti Page - "We Sure Can Love Each Other."
    Patti Page and Roy Clark - "Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone?" and "The Tennessee Waltz."
    Buck Owens and the Hee Haw cast - "Shake Rattle and Roll."
    Roy Clark (on guitar) - "Georgia on My Mind."
    Also appearing:
    Wesley Sarginson (Atlanta area TV anchorman)moreless
  • Roy Rogers and Dale Evans / Alan King
    Roy Rogers - "When Pay Day Rolls Around."
    Dale Evans - "I Can't Stop Lovin' You."
    Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Buck Owens - "Happy Trails to You."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Okie."
    Kenny Price - "Leaving."
    The Nashville Edition - "Mississippi."
    Roy Clark - "Happy Days."
    Roy Clark and the Hee Haw cast - "Blackeyed Susie."moreless
  • Johnny Bench / Jeannie C. Riley / Tommy Lasorda / Dave Peterson
    Music includes:
    Johnny Bench performs "Oklahoma Morning."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town."
    Roy Clark - "It's a Young World."
    The Hee Haw Gospel Quartet - "This World Is Not My Home."
    The Hagers - "Midnight Flyer."
    Also appearing:
    Jeannie C. Riley (singer)
    Tommy Lasorda (manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers)
    Dave Peterson (disc jockey)moreless
  • Billy Carter / Barbara Mandrell / Larry Mahan / Jimmy Henley
    Barbara Mandrell - "Hold Me."
    Barbara Mandrell - "Woman to Woman."
    Jimmy Henley - "Swedish Rhapsody."
    Roy Clark - "Love for All Seasons."
    The Roy Clark Family - "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'."
    Also appearing:
    Billy Carter (brother of US President Jimmy Carter)
    Larry Mahan (rodeo champion in a singing appearance)moreless
  • Larry Gatlin / Susan Raye / Vernon Presley
    Music includes:
    Larry Gatlin - "Broken Lady."
    Susan Raye - "Honky Tonk Homestead."
    Buck, Buckaroos - "All Around Cowboy."
    Roy Clark - "Me and the Elephant."
    Buck Trent, Roy Clark - "Earl's Breakdown."
    Hee Haw Gospel Quartet - "Amazing Grace."
    Also appearing:
    Vernon Presley (Elvis's father)
  • Dennis Weaver / Susan Raye / Jimmy Henley
    Music includes:
    Dennis Weaver, Buck Owens and cast - "Make Love to Life."
    Susan Raye - "Saturday Night to Sunday Quiet."
    Roy Clark - "I'd Build a Bridge."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Let the Good Times Roll."
  • Floyd Cramer / Kenny Roberts / The Thompson Brothers
    Music includes:
    Floyd Cramer - "Last Date."
    Floyd Cramer, Roy Clark and cast - "San Antonio Rose."
    Kenny Roberts - "She Taught Me to Yodel."
    The Hagers - "Whole Lotta Things to Sing About."
    Roy Clark and Buck Owens - "I've Been Everywhere."
  • Don Williams / Dave and Sugar / Jimmy Henley
    Music includes:
    Don Williams - "She Never Knew Me."
    Don Williams - "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend."
    Dave and Sugar - "That's the Way Love Should Be."
    Jimmy Henley - "Bully of the Town."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Here I Am In Dallas."
    Roy Clark - "I Have a Dream."moreless
  • Tom T. Hall / The Sons of the Pioneers / Kenny & William Price / The Harper Twins
    Songs include:
    Tom T. Hall - "It's All in the Game."
    Tom T. Hall - "Your Man Loves You, Honey."
    The Sons of the Pioneers - "Cool Water."
    Kenny and William Price - "Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way."
    The Hagers - "Daydreams About Night Things."
    Roy Clark - "Kids."
  • Sonny James / The Oak Ridge Boys / Bob Montgomery / Kenny Price
    Sonny James - "Bright Lights, Big City."
    Sonny James - "When the Snow Is on the Roses."
    The Oak Ridge Boys - "Y'all Come Back Saloon."
    Kenny Price - "Blueberry Hill."
    Jana Jae - "Chicken Reel."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Break My Mind."
    Roy Clark (on guitar) - "Near You."moreless
  • Charley Pride / David Huddleston / Hank Thompson
    Music includes:
    Charley Pride - "I'll Be Leaving Alone."
    Hank Thompson - "Just an Old Flame."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "But You Know I Love You."
    The Hagers - "Sunflower."
    Also appearing: actor David Huddleston.
  • Loretta Lynn / Sons of the Pioneers / Ernest Rey / Russell Knight
    Loretta Lynn - "Why Can't He Be You?"
    Loretta Lynn - "She's Got You."
    Sons of the Pioneers - "Tumbling Tumbleweeds."
    Sons of the Pioneers and Roy Clark - "Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie."
    Ernest Rey - "Trixie."
    Jana Jae - "Cripple Creek."
    Roy Clark (on guitar) - "Lazy River."moreless
  • Dennis Weaver / Eddie Rabbitt / Jana Jae
    Music includes:
    Eddie Rabbitt - "I'm a Little Bit Lonesome."
    Eddie Rabbitt - "We Can't Go on Living like This."
    Roy Clark - "I Don't Know How to Tell Her."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water."
  • Larry Gatlin / Phelps & Riddle / Jimmy Henley

    Larry Gatlin, Phelps & Riddle, and Jimmy Henley.

    Larry Gatlin "Statues Without Heart, Stones With No Feelin'", "I Don't Want to Cry"

    Buck Owens "How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come Around"

    Roy Clark "Walkin' on Cloud No. 9"

    Kenny Price "I'd Buy You Chattanooga, To Get That Devil off Your Back"

    Jimmy Henley, Roy Clark "Orange Blossom Special"

    Buck Owens & The Buckaroos "Cool Water"

  • Freddy Fender / Dottie West
    Dottie West - "Every Word I Write."
    Dottie West - "When It's Just You and Me."
    Freddy Fender - "If You Don't Love Me."
    Freddy Fender - "The Rains Came."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Under the Influence of Love."
    The Hagers - "You're the Hangnail of My Life."
    Also appearing:
    The Roy Clark Familymoreless
  • Jerry Reed / Sammi Smith
    Jerry Reed - "East Bound and Down."
    Jerry Reed, Buck Owens and Roy Clark - "Bully of the Town."
    Sammi Smith - "Loving Arms."
    Sammi Smith - "All I Ever Need Is You."
    Buck Owens and the Buckaroos - "Tumbling Tumbleweeds."
    Jimmy Henley (banjo player) - "Dear Old Dixie."
  • Kenny Rogers / Jana Jae
    Kenny Rogers - "Lucille."
    Kenny Rogers - "Daytime Friends."
    Lulu Roman - "Light at the End of the Darkness."
    Roy Clark - "Devilish Mary."
    Roy Clark and the Nashville Edition - "Half a Love."
    The Hagers - "Brand New Country Star"
  • Roy Rogers; Dale Evans; The Sons of the Pioneers; The Harper Twins; Grandpa & Ramona Jones; Duke of Paducah
  • Mel Tillis; Susan Raye; The Thompson Brothers; Duke of Paducah

    Music includes:

    Hee Haw Banjo Band - "Company's Coming"

    Buck Owens - "Think Of Me"

    Mel Tillis - "What Did I Promise Her Last Night?"

    Susan Raye - "It Didn't Have To Be A Diamond"

    The Hagers - "Lady Rain"

    Mel Tillis - "The Honky Tonk Side of Me"

    Roy Clark - "Love Is a Beautiful Song"

    Hee Haw Gospel Quartet (Kenny Price, Grandpa Jones, Roy Clark, Buck Owens) - "Shall We Gather at the River"