Heidi, Girl of the Alps

Fuji Television (ended 1974)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Till we meet again
      Till we meet again
      Episode 52

      It's the end of the summer and Clara walks unaided. Clara's father and grandmother arrive in Dorfli for a visit and are surprised with the news that the girl is healed. Heidi gets Peter's grandmother an unexpected present and Clara leaves to spend the winter at home with a promise to be back every summer.

    • Clara walked
      Clara walked
      Episode 51

      Clara decides to keep a secret from her grandmother that she can stand up alone. She starts walking with the help of Heidi and her grandfather and before the summer is over, she is able to walk with help. She fails in her first attempt to walk on her own which brings her down but a visit to the meadows makes her try again and her will to pick a flower brings her the desired success.

    • Try to stand
      Try to stand
      Episode 50

      Clara starts exerting her legs with the help of Heidi's grandfather, who provides the girl with the best food he can get so she gathers her strength. Heidi learns how to help and both girls practice every day. After a while, Clara manages to move her legs but when she tries to stand up, she falls to the ground and decides to give up. A disappointed Heidi runs from her side which makes Clara finally stand up on her own.

    • A promise
      A promise
      Episode 49

      Mrs. Sesemann decides to leave Dorfli and stay at a spa where she'd be closer to Clara than going back to Frankfurt. Before departing, she throws a party and invites all of Heidi's friends. The games of the children make Clara wish to walk more than ever. Heidi's grandfather promises to help her but she is going to have to effort and give her best. The girl is committed to walk again.

    • A little hope
      A little hope
      Episode 48

      When a scare makes Clara stand up and use her legs for the first time, Mrs. Sesemann starts to believe that Heidi's grandfather might be right and that there might be hope for the girl to walk again. A trip to the lake on top of the mountain becomes the most wonderful of presents for Clara, who is beginning to realize that there's hope amidst her dreams.

    • Hello, grandma
      Hello, grandma
      Episode 47

      Mrs. Sesemann visits her granddaughter in the Alps and sees for herself that she is faring very well. Miss. Rottenmeier suggests that the girl is brought back to Frankfurt as soon as possible, but Heidi's grandfather thinks that the fresh air and the company of the children are contributing to Clara's well being. After observing Clara's life in the mountains, Mrs. Sesemann decides to let the girl stay for a while longer and asks Miss. Rottenmeier to leave.

    • Clara's happiness
      Clara's happiness
      Episode 46

      Peter has constructed a portable chair to take Clara to the meadows in a comfortable way so they take another trip together. The rain catches the children up in the mountain but they find refuge under a self made blanket tent. The next day, the go visit Peter's grandmother and Clara reads to her. The old woman is very thankful and Clara is proud to have been of help. She realizes that everyone, even her, has something to give.

    • Children of the mountain

      Peter and Heidi manage to put their plan into action and take Clara to the meadows. Miss. Rottenmeier doesn't approve of the idea and confronts Heidi's grandfather about letting the children go on their own. The man thinks that Clara has always been overprotected and that she needs to start faring for herself. Despite the happy trip, Clara realizes that she depends on others a lot.

    • A little plan
      A little plan
      Episode 44
      Miss Rottenmeier is not happy to find Clara sitting in the grass, learning all about insects and watching Heidi and her grandfather make cheese instead of dedicating time to her studies. Heidi's gradfather, however, thinks that she is learning a lot with such activities. Clara wishes to make a garland of flowers so Heidi and Peter come up with a plan to take her to the meadows.moreless
    • Clara's wish
      Clara's wish
      Episode 43
      Clara finally gets to Heidi's mountain house and she loves everything about it and its surroundings so much that she wants to remain there for the rest of her stay. Miss. Rottenmeier is opposed to the idea but Heidi's grandfather promises her that he and Heidi will take good care of the girl and tend to her every need. Miss. Rottenmeier then returns to Dorfli's winter house from where she will visit every day.moreless
    • Reunion with Clara
      Reunion with Clara
      Episode 42
      Clara receives the doctor's consent to her visit to the mountains. He is convinced that her best chance at a cure resides in the girl's will to be able to walk again. Her life in Frankfurt is too easy, she has no challenges whereas the mountains will prove the opposite. Heidi and her grandfather get the Dorfli winter house ready where the merry reunion occurs.moreless
    • Doctor's promise
      Doctor's promise
      Episode 41
      Doctor Klasen arrives to the Alm Montains to check the suitability of the place for Clara's visit. Heidi and Peter show him around and despite he is very much pleased with everything, the unstable grounds, slopes and cliffs made him think it might be too dangerous for the girl's wheelchair. Heidi makes him realize that he should focus on Clara and not on her condition: she can be carried around if needed. After considering Heidi's words, the doctor gives his agreement.moreless
    • I want to go to the Alms
      The arrival of spring brings Heidi back to the house in the Alm Mountains, from where she keeps writing to Clara all about her life. Meanwhile in Frankfurt, Clara decides to give up food which brings Mr. Sesemann back back. Clara reminds her father of his promise to take her to visit Heidi in the spring and Mr. Seseman decides to have Doctor Klasen visit the place first. Clara agrees on his father's terms and to abide by the doctor's judgement.moreless
    • Don't give up, Peter
      Big snowfalls keep Heidi and Peter indoors after school which gives the boy the chance to observe Heidi's grandfather at work. He becomes interested in learning how to work the wood and is able to borrow his tools, showing some natural carpenter skills. After building a racing sleigh and winning the Dorfli competition, Heidi's grandfather decides to the teach Peter some carpentry lessons every day after school.moreless
    • In a new house
      In a new house
      Episode 38
      When the winter comes Heidi, her grandfather and their animals move to their new big Dorfli house which Heidi comes to love instantly. Snow is falling heavily so Peter uses the excuse not to attend school the next day but Heidi makes him promise he will go and the boy finally agrees. In the morning, Heidi's first day of school turns out a sad one when Peter is nowhere to be seen.moreless
    • Goat's baby
      Goat's baby
      Episode 37
      Heidi replies to a letter from Clara with an invitation to visit the mountains. When her grandfather realizes how fond she is of reading and writing, he decides to send her to the school. In order to get the money to rent a house in Dorfli, he plans to sell Little Swan's baby goat. The idea distresses Heidi greatly so instead of renting, he works every day during the autumn in a half ruined house so it's fit to live in by winter.moreless
    • And to the meadow
      And to the meadow
      Episode 36
      Heidi wakes up delighted to be in her loved mountains and doesn't lose any time to join Peter and the goats in their daily trip to the meadows. She tells the goatherd about her life in Frankfurt and dreams of Clara joining her in the mountains. Trying to bring Little Bell back to the herd they find a beautiful spot with a waterfall and a lake. When Heidi returns home, her grandfather has a surprise for her.moreless
    • Alms starry sky
      Alms starry sky
      Episode 35
      Heidi and his grandfather can hardly believe they are together again but the girl assures him that she has returned to stay forever. Heidi is glad to find everything just the same although bit by bit, she is aware of some changes: her old clothes don't fit, Little Swan is pregnant and White Snowflake has a baby goat of her own. The reunion with Peter is a joyful one for both, and they make plans to go up to the meadows together in the morning.moreless
    • To my dear Alms
      To my dear Alms
      Episode 34
      Heidi's appetite and good mood return in the train ride as she gets closer to home. She runs all the way from Mayenfeld to Dorfli, where she says her goodbyes to Sebastian. Making a first stop at Peter's house, she presents his grandmother with the white bread and Brigitta with her fine clothes. Barefoot and on her simple robe she makes her way home, throwing herself on her grandfather's arms and crying tears of joy.moreless
    • Ghost commotion
      Ghost commotion
      Episode 33
      As a consequence of restraining her thoughts and emotions concerning her life in the Alm Mountains, Heidi starts to sleepwalk and creates the illusion of a ghost wandering the house. Mr. Sesemann's return throws light on the subject and Doctor Hans Klasen diagnoses that the only cure for the girl is for her to be sent home. The news upset both girls as Clara doesn't want Heidi to leave and Heidi doesn't want that Clara's health resents her departure. Mr. Sesemann promises to stay around his daughter so she isn't alone and to take her for a visit to Heidi's home in the spring. With that happy perspective, Heidi is finally able to leave Frankfurt and return to the mountains.moreless
    • Night of the storm
      Night of the storm
      Episode 32
      Ever since Mrs. Sesemann left, Heidi has started to recurrently long for her life at the Alm Mountains anew. She is not in the mood to play games and she's lost her appetite, which makes Clara fear she will leave her soon. Miss. Rottenmeier forbids Heidi from speaking to Clara about the mountains ever again since the perspective of losing Heidi's company will make her really sick. Heidi finds herself caught between the devil and the deep blue sea as she can't choose between her friend's welfare and her wish to be back to her old life.moreless
    • Goodbye, grandma
      Goodbye, grandma
      Episode 31
      Before her impending departure, Mrs. Sesemann makes the most of her time with the girls: she plays with them, takes them to the forest and even organizes a lovely party. As Clara and Heidi sing and dance happily, she sneaks out and leaves for her home. Finding herself as the head in command once again, Miss. Rottenmeier makes sure that everything is back to her strict code of rules and orderly behaviour.moreless
    • I want to catch the sun
      When the doctor tells Heidi that Clara needs sun, exercise and fresh air as much as her medicine, Heidi returns to the forest to gather a basket of flowers and a lot of butterflies for her friend. Miss Rottenmeier wants the basket to be thrown away but Mrs. Sesemann allows Heidi to go along with her surprise. Clara loves her present and she is soon recovered enough to leave her bed again. Mrs. Sesemann has to leave the girls but she hasn't dared to tell them yet.moreless
    • Two hearts
      Two hearts
      Episode 29
      Despite the outing to the forest has been a happy day for both girls, when Clara watches Heidi run after a butterfly with some kids she realizes she'd be happier at home than stuck to her side. Distressed, she asks Heidi to leave. As a consequence of that much activity Clara returns home feverish. Miss. Rottenmeier blames Heidi but Clara dispatches the housekeeper from her room and tells Heidi she is sorry for asking her to leave and makes her promise to stay. Heidi agrees despite the nostalgia for her life in the Alm Mountains grows every day.moreless
    • Let's go to the forest
      Mrs. Zezeman's positive influence makes Heidi start reading soon enough. The girl's progress has her teacher most impressed and Mrs. Zezeman promises her a reward. When the lady bears witness to Heidi's yearning for the mountains, she decides to take both girls on a trip to the forest despite Mrs. Rottenmeier's opposition. Heidi returns to nature for the first time since she left the Alm Mountains and Clara is amazed at the beauty of spring blooming around.moreless
    • Grandma
      Episode 27
      Heidi is worried about Mrs. Zezeman's arrival, but just as Clara tells her, the old lady turns out to be a funny and affectionate woman. Her presence at the Zezeman house makes Heidi's life give a turn from the better as she undermines Miss. Rottenmeier's strict rules. For the first time since she left the Alm Mountains, Heidi finds some enduring happiness again.moreless
    • Zezeman's return
      Zezeman's return
      Episode 26
      Mr. Zezeman, Clara's father, returns home after a 3 months absence. Miss. Rottenmeier doesn't lose any time to speak evil of Heidi but both Clara's accounts and Mr. Zezeman's own impression is favourable. He decides for Heidi to stay since Clara is as happy as she's ever been. Displeased with Miss Rottenmeier's attitude towards Heidi, Mr. Zezeman arranges for his mother to come over and help running the house before leaving on a business trip again.moreless
    • White bread
      White bread
      Episode 25
      Returning to the Alm Mountains with a big load of white Bread for Peter's grandmother has never left Heidi's mind and so her dream becomes a reality, the girl has a hidden stash of bread in her closet. However, Miss. Rottenmeier finds it and throws it away. Heidi is inconsolable until Clara makes her see that the long kept bread wouldn't be of use anyway and promises her she'd provide with a lot of fresh white bread whenever she is to return home.moreless
    • Mee-chan thrown away
      It's Sunday and Miss. Rottenmeier is to spend the day out, so she departs leaving precise instructions on what Clara and Heidi should do. However, the girls decide to break with routine and play with Mee-Chan but things make a turn for the worse when the housekeeper returns unexpectedly and has the cat thrown away. A very distressed Heidi escapes for the mountains but Miss. Rottenmeier finds her wandering the streets and drags the girl home again.moreless
    • Big commotion
      Big commotion
      Episode 23
      After befriending a little boy that helps her find her way around the city, Heidi returns home with a kitten in her pocket. Miss. Rottenmeier is horrified at its sight and orders for the cat to be put out in the street. With the help of Sebastian, the kitten is rescued, fed and hidden in the attic. Heidi decides to call the kitten Miaow.moreless
    • Distant Alms
      Distant Alms
      Episode 22
      Clara shows an interest in all things related to Heidi's life in the mountains. Heidi leaves the house on her own and wanders the streets looking for a bell tower high enough that might allow her get a glimpse of the mountains she so misses but is disappointed with the view of roofs as far as the eye can see.moreless
    • I want to fly free
      I want to fly free
      Episode 21
      Heidi falls asleep during her first lesson and dreams of the sound of the fir trees only to wake up to the disappointment of being in a big city. Clara keeps a bird in a cage, a present from her father, but Heidi sets it free so it can fly to the mountains and live happy there like Picchi. However, the bird returns to its caged life and Clara makes Heidi see that she too lives in a cage and knows nothing of the mountains like the bird. Heidi realizes for the first time how sad Clara's life is.moreless
    • A new life
      A new life
      Episode 20
      Heidi is aware that she has been lied to and finds her new home and Miss. Rottenmeier's rules overwhelming. Disappointed with her new life in the city, she daydreams of returning to the mountains. Klara is willing to let her go to spare the girl so much suffering but Heidi decides to stay for a while hoping to cheer Klara up and to see Dette fulfill her promise of allowing her return with presents for everyone.moreless
    • To Frankfurt
      To Frankfurt
      Episode 19
      When the night falls and Frankfurt is nowhere near, Heidi realizes that she isn't going to be back home anytime soon. Angry at her aunt, she cries on the train ride that takes her far away from all she loves. In the city, Klara waits impatiently for Heidi's arrival. Dette had tricked Miss. Rottenmeier into believing that Heidi would be the most suitable companion for Klara but the girl's age and lack of proper manners cause a first and appalling impression on the housekeeper, under whose care Heidi is abandoned.moreless
    • Separate ways
      Separate ways
      Episode 18
      Dette discloses her plans to Ohi, which include taking Heidi with her to Frankfurt where she is to become the playmate of Klara Sesemann, a crippled girl daughter to a wealthy widower. The idea, along with Dette's subtle threats to achieve her goal one way or the other, infuriates the old man who doesn't want to part with Heidi by any means and trusts that the girl will choose to stay. However, Dette tricks Heidi into thinking that they are to return from the city within the day and they leave the Alm Mountains together leaving a very distressed Ohi behind.moreless
    • Two guests
      Two guests
      Episode 17
      Winter comes to end and with it the isolation it provides to Ohi and his home. Heidi is happy with the arrival of the Spring as she'd be able to visit Peter's grandmother every day. Delfli's priest visits Ohi and tries to convince him to go back to living in the town so Heidi can attend school but the old man refuses to heed his advice. Dette returns from Frankfurt with striking news.moreless
    • The town of Delfli
      The town of Delfli
      Episode 16
      After having spent three winters in the Alm Mountains, Heidi has turned 8 years old already. Ohi is sent a letter by the teacher in Delfli advising him to school the girl as she is of age already and can't read or write yet. Just as he did with the previous letters, Ohi tosses it in the fire. During one of their sledge rides, Heidi and Peter get close to the town and she insists on going checking on her favourite goat. The girl's visit to Delfli makes her the focus of the town women gossip and the town boys mockery upon which she reflects while having dinner with her grandfather. Ohi is afraid to lose his protective grasp on his granddaughter.moreless
    • Yuki-chan
      Episode 15
      The summer is almost gone and the owners of Heidi's favourite goat decide not to send it anymore to the meadows to be sacrificed. It's a bittersweet day for Heidi and Pedro, who have fun in their last day with the goat but at the same time see their summer efforts unfruitful. In the very last moment, Heidi hides the goat at her grandfather's putting Peter's job at a stake, so the boy confesses where it is. When its righteous owner shows up to claim what is his own, Heidi manages to convince him to let the goat live.moreless
    • Sad news
      Sad news
      Episode 14
      Peter is the bearer of bad news when he learns that Heidi's favourite goat is going to be sacrificed after the summer because it doesn't provide with enough milk. Heidi gets devastated by the news and her grandfather's words won't put her at ease. After having a nightmare at night, Ohi advices her to feed the goat with a particular kind of herb that could save the animal's life. Peter and Heidi spend the whole summer doing so.moreless
    • Back to the meadow
      Back to the meadow
      Episode 13
      With the arrival of the spring, Peter's job as a goatherd starts again. He gathers all the goats and goes back to the meadows in Heidi's company. The mountain is full of activity again: the animals are busy everywhere, the birds are back and the fields are filled with flowers. A storm makes them seek for refuge, where a lost goat joins their flock. Its owner, a bad tempered shepherd, accuses them of thieves and gets into a fist fight with Peter. Joseph comes to the kids' rescue.moreless
    • Sound of spring
      Sound of spring
      Episode 12
      The signs of an approaching spring are everywhere. While Heidi is playing with Joseph, she notices that the firs are shaking off the snow and beginning to sound in the wind, primroses start to show over the snow and avalanches sound in the distance. While riding a sledge, two kids from Delfli challenge Heidi and Peter to a race. Rain catches them on their way back home and makes the snow melt faster. Ohi comes to their encounter and saves the kids from an avalanche in the last minute. Spring has arrived to the mountain.moreless
    • One day in a snowstorm
      The winter in the mountain is long and severe. Heidi visits Peter's grandmother when the weather allows for it, and despite the day is clear Ohi foresees a snowstorm coming in. As she is feeding the animal that come for shelter under the trees around the house, Heidi gets in the way of some hunters and saves a fawn's life. The hunters insist on going hunting towards the mountain tops despite Heidi's advice on the contrary. As predicted, the storm hits hard and finally, due to the girl's concern, Ohi decides to go out and save the men's lives.moreless
    • To grandma's house
      To grandma's house
      Episode 10
      Heidi wakes up earlier than usual; she is excited to go visit Peter's grandmother. However, the weather delays the visit for some days. When Heidi finally visits Peter's house, she is discouraged about the ruined look of it, and she gets further distraught when she find out that the granny is blind. After spending a nice afternoon, she leaves with the promise of a soon return. One day afterwards, Heidi is back with a surprise.moreless
    • Silver-white Alms
      The winter is around the corner and the first snowfall fills Heidi with joy. However, that means that Pedro and the goats won't go back to the meadows until Spring, and Heidi gets isolated at home. It wouldn't take long for her to make new friends though. On Sunday, Peter visits Heidi and lets her know that his grandmother has invited her to visit. Ohi is not happy with the idea.moreless
    • Where have you gone, Picchi
      Heidi is confronted with the hard reality of Picchi migrating with its kind. Moreover, she gets angry at Peter because the boy thinks that Picchi has left because the bird doesn't love her anymore. Ohi calms her down, takes her for a walk and explains to the girl that Picchi needs a warmer place to spend the winter. Pedro catches a bird for Heidi to make up with her. The kids become friends again but Heidi decides to free the bird so it can migrate too and isn't left behind alone.moreless
    • Sound of the fir tree
      Heidi has been living in the mountains for 3 months already, and the summer is coming to an end. The weather is not that pleasant anymore, so Ohi decides that it's not safe for Heidi to join Pedro in the meadows any more and the girl stays at home from now on. She learns how to make cheese and also that life in the mountain has a tough side full of work, responsibility and discipline.moreless
    • Sound out, whistle
      Delfli kids are jealous of Peter's preference for Heidi. Ohi comes down from the mountains to sell the wooden utensils he crafts and the cheese he makes to get groceries and all he needs in return. Delfli baker tries to cheat him, so Ohi leaves angry and heads to a further village, where he gets a good deal. At his return, he finds Heidi home who is excited with all the things she's learnt during the day: now she can milk and whistle like a good goatherd. Ohi observes her proudly and treats her with a yummy sweet he's bought for her.moreless
    • The burnt letter
      The burnt letter
      Episode 5
      Peter is entrusted with delivering a letter to Ohi. Heidi distracts him showing the kid how Picchi has already learnt to fly and they leave to the high pastures where some goats get lost as the kids play. Peter and Heidi find the goats but a thick fog isolates them. Joseph, Ohi's dog, finds them and shows them the way back to the pastures where Ohi waits. At the end of the day, he gets to read the letter that brings news from her aunt, who is well and happily established, wishing for Heidi to join her. Ohi throws the letter to the fire. He can't conceive his life without the little girl now.moreless
    • Another family member
      Day after day, Ohi realizes with great pleasure that Heidi is adapting fine to the hard life in the Alms mountains. While Heidi is at the high pastures with Peter, a storm surprises them and force the kids to take refuge for a while. Once the storm has passed, Heidi finds a little bird that has fallen from the nest, names him Picchi and takes him under her care. Peter is jealous because the girl refuses to go to the pastures with him the next day to take better care of the bird.moreless
    • In the meadow
      In the meadow
      Episode 3
      After spending her first night at her grandfather's house, Heidi wakes up to the happy realization that her newly-acquired happiness is not a dream. Ohi allows Heidi to join Peter on his trip to the meadow. The routine of the young goatherd becomes an adventure for the little girl. She learns a couple of valuable lessons and comes back home excited to share them with Ohi.moreless
    • Grampa's mountain cabin
      Heidi enjoys the simplicity and the freedom of her new life. Having been forced to seclusion before, she enjoys running around playing with the goats and enjoying the pleasures of nature. She makes herself a hay bed and thanks heartfully every sign of affection from Ohi, who bit by bit is won by his granddaughter's laughter, wit and enthusiasm.moreless
    • To the Alm mountains
      Heidi, an orphan girl since she was 1 year old, has grown up under the care of her aunt. However, just as she turns 5, Heidi is sent to live with her grandfather Ohi in the Alm mountains when her aunt gets a housemaid job in Frankfurt. Despite everyone in the village thinking it's a crazy idea, Heidi soon friends a goatherd named Peter, and she is amazed with the beauty of the natural surroundings and explores her new home with visible satisfaction as Ohi gets lost in his thoughts.moreless
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