Season 1 Episode 5

Bury The Lead

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2006 on NBC
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Bury The Lead
Lola, Ricky, and James, under direction from Mickey, break into Sam Gordon's office and obtain security information for the Rodeo Drive jewelry stores they plan on robbing. Meanwhile, James' wife wonders if her husband has gone back to his life of crime and Amy has her past come back to haunt her after someone she shot while undercover escapes.moreless

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  • It doesn't get a higher score because we will never know what happens.

    I'm sorry to say that this is it. Ending on a cliff hanger is horrible and I wish the show could have kept on going, but what do you expect when NBC changes time slots so that it goes up against Lost. Anyway, it was another funny and exciting episode. I really wouldn't classify this as a drama, but more of a comedy. And to everyone who complained about it being a Oceans 12 knock off, I'd have to agree. But I still liked it and it was unique to television and most definitely better than all the reality tv. I'd rather see 5 episodes of a show that will get canceled than watch one person make an ass of themself for $100,000.moreless
  • it's all over

    My comment on this final episode of heist:

    Oh, man! This episode turn out to be great after all! My favourite episode after all, I’m still upset after NBC decides to cancel this best show of all! Oh, well..we won’t know what happening after this episode. How sad for that, eh?

    Anyways..My favourite part:

    James and Sondra, Of course..this has left a odd situation of all after his wife has her suspicions about her husband. I couldn’t blame for Sonda’s suspicions, when she discover the gun by under drawer, I was so shocked! I mean..this can’t be James’ gun! Perhaps, James must have his reason to hide this gun under the drawer. Maybe just for the protection? We will not know after what happening after we witness this final episode. I wish I could’ve known what gonna happens between them.

    Lola and Ricky: ah, another favourite part! I like when Lola got frozen when this mean dog barking at her. I knew that mean dog is gonna attack her eventually. Nothing that she can do, but frozen and do not move at all. This is why Ricky decides to recuse her from that mean dog. But, the rope won’t support his weight, he is too heavy. That’s how the alarm starts. Lucky, they manage to escape from that mean dog. I smiled when Lola and Ricky finally makes out. But, Lola didn’t kiss him back, haha! Glad to hear that they’re safe from that mean dog.

    Amy and Mickey: hmm-mmm, I find Amy very sexy! She wear that light blue sunglasses, it’s very sexy! I like the way she’s acting in this final episode. Of course..she is in the house arrest and has to protect herself from that bad dude who come after her to finish his job. He is seeking the revenge against her after Amy set him up to be send to prison. Also, Mickey decides to break up with her to protect his secret. I respect him for that, he is cool bloke! After he decides to break up with her, but he cannot wait to get his hands on that laptop that Amy had.

    Of course, in the end..The mean dude finally went after her and finish his job, but I don’t know who got killed! Amy or this dude?? Arrah! I can’t stand of this anymore! I demand to know what happening! Haha!

    Billy and his partner Tyrese: Both of them have went to their private investigation after this bad guys who robs the restaurant and Billy took the bullet to protect Tyrese from being killed. Now, they’re here to finish their job to catch them. Both of them went to first bloke’s flat and find this bloke dead. Billy find the pizza there and he decides to grab it and eat it. How nasty! But, they decides not to left any fingerprints at all. As Tyrese finally know where another bad dude is and together..they went to their flat and this dude got himself in a ambush situation and another dude got long gun and about to shoot Tyrese. Lucky, Billy shot him before it’s happens to his partner. So..in the end, they caught them for good.

    Billy call the cops to have them head off to prison. I think so, I’m not quite sure about that.

    Now, that’s how it’s all end here! I will missed heist for rest of my life, I wish NBC would’ve gone give heist a second chance. Apparently not. Oh, well..that’s life. I’m totally disappoints with NBC..they shouldn’t have switch timeslot, it’s all screwed up. I’m very sad and little bit angry. They should’ve gone let this series rides out and to see how it’s going right before our eyes! We won’t know if Amy really dead and we won’t know what happens to rest of the gangs!

    That’s totally unfair. Oh, well..I wish heist actors and actress good luck of their futures. I hope to see some of those actors and actress again! I hope to see Lola again, she’s so awfully hot..same with Amy! Haha!

    Thank you, Heist!!moreless
  • The gang gets their hands down on gordon security. The mexi-guy from ep. 1 escapes and is looking for a final goodbye with Amy before flying off. Sandra smells what James is cooking on her back and finally the detectives have their own mini-puzzle to somoreless

    Well at first i thought this was just gonna be another lame show but i must admit i was wrong, this show is gaining momentum quick. Anyways this is by far the best show in the season, which might seem as an overstatement considering this is only the 5th show in the season. It starts off with Mickey planning a break into gordon security. Then the picture shifts to a courtroom scene where the mexi-guy's (sorry for not remembering the name) case is being processed. He is found guilty and is being sent back to the prison. However, while on the way, the police van is stopped by the mexi-guy's crew and he escapes...on the other hand the detectives with their sense of humour gets some info on the masked gang (that was invovled in the shoot-out in the restaurant). Amy is put under security at her place to protect her from the mexi guy. In the mean while Sandra (Jame's wife) is feeling suspicious about james' work. James on the other hand figures out that Mickey is falling for the cop. Okay, enough with the human emotions. As said before, mickey wants to get into the gordon security system and find any information that is helpful. LOLA and LOLa-er do some splinter cell tricks and as always get to their destination. However, stuff goes bad and the security alarm goes off. However, before sam makes it to the office the lover birds are out just in time. In the mean while, james has to make a tough decision as sandra shows up and before james could give an explaination, she makes her point and leaves. Mickey on the other hand, wants to get access to the remote computer that has amy has been using. The show ends with the mexi-guy showing up at amy's place and shooting down the cop (amy's security). After that both of them shoot at each other (amy and the mexi guy)...leaving the viewers hooked. Well i must say, it wassnt that ending that i got me jump from my sofa and write this review... nor was it that kiss that LOLA and her boy does (yes! they actually kiss this time!!) but rather it was the story which is actually getting somewhere. If you havent started watching this show... go start watching already.... its not too late yet!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The back doors in police cruisers don't open from the inside, there's no way the cop could have got out to prevent Amy from getting shot.

    • Lola's Video Hacking Cheat-Sheet

      1. Don't get ashes on the keyboard
      2. Connect to our transmission by hitting V, space bar and control.
      3. Once the video feed comes in, hit option M then space bar.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • O'Brien: Yeah, they can't penalize us for doing good police work, way to watch my back partner.
      Evans: Yeah, watching my back thank you very much.
      O'Brien: Welcome.
      Evans: Unless this cell phone over here is going to make our lives a whole lot easier in finding the rest of those damn bandits.
      O'Brien: Now look who's going all Training Day.

    • Evans: See? Now I bet you whoever sent that that's our killer. And what's the timestamp on that?
      O'Brien: It's the exact hour Lester Waverly was killed.
      Evans: The exact hour? How'd you know that?
      O'Brien: Well, that piece of pizza I ate. I estimated to be about two hours cold.
      Evans: Two hours?
      O'Brien: Give or take like four minutes.

    • James (about Sondra): You're saying she's self diluted?
      Mickey: Well we all do it.

    • Pops (Gordon jumps out of his car): I cut the cheese pretty heavy when I was in his car.
      (Mickey and Pops laugh as they drive off)

    • James: That's the tough thing you know? The professional lie versus their personal safety.
      Mickey: You could always tell Sondra the truth.
      James: You haven't had much experience with black women have you?

    • Mickey: Just remember you're doing this for them.
      James: I never forget.

    • Pops: Ricky, take a walk outside the reception area.
      Ricky: That's a 10-4 you old crusty dog.
      Pops: Just shut up and do it stupid.

    • Ricky: You know what turns me on?
      Lola: Shut up.
      Ricky: No, no. Danger. Ultimate aphrodisiac. You know after a job I like to...
      James: Shut up.

    • Ricky (doing a com. check): Roger that, big daddy.
      James: Big daddy gonna snatch the life out of you if you call me that again.

    • O'Brien: This is my 3rd date with your sister.
      Evans: Oh you rubbing it in?
      O'Brien: No I'm nervous. Things are going really fast.
      Evans: Yo you ain't ever moved fast in your entire life.

    • James: Sondra is suspicious that i'm going back to the life.
      Mickey: what makes you so sure?
      James: A husband knows the glimmer in his woman's eyes.
      Mickey: Think positive maybe she just thinks you're having an affair.

    • Pops: Finally we get to me. What kind of safe is it Mick?
      Mickey: We're not touching the safe.
      Pops: We're not hitting the safe?
      Mickey: Sorry Pops.
      Pops: Sorry my ass. I've been holding my water all this time for that. See you later.

    • Evans: Let's move like you mean it this time.
      O'Brien (slowly walking): This is as good as it gets.
      Evans: Now, if this guy is who he thinks he is than he won't be happy to see us.
      O'Brien: I got your back
      Evans: You got everybody's back.

    • O'Brien: I think I'm gonna give this to Wanda; the bullet that could've taken her brother's life.
      Evans: You could've just bled out right there just nice and peaceful, but instead I get this slow painful death.

    • Evans: Just once I'd like you to eat quiet enough so I could hear what case we're working on.
      O'Brien: You wouldn't say that to a skinny guy.
      Evans: Exactly that's why I'm saying it to you.

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