Season 1 Episode 4

How Billy Got His Groove Back

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on NBC
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How Billy Got His Groove Back
Billy and Tyrese tell Ricky to either give them information on the robberies or end up with even more jail time. Mickey and Amy end up falling head over heels for one another. Later on, Tyrese discovers that Bill has asked his sister out after a family barbeque.moreless

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  • Heist Is crap

    The plotline for this series sounded amazing, a 24 style diamond heist that will unfold in real time with a whole series charting the course of the robbery. In reality, we got a pretty silly cop show which focuses more on quirky and somewhat humorous relations between stereotypical and token acting roles. This episode again annoys everyone with the black cop - fat cop jokes, the non existent sexual tension between an idiot and a hot girl, the completely pointless effort at the most ridiculous love story between a kleptomanic detective, and a "Mr too good to be true" (who enters the scene just hours after the heist cops chase begins" jewerelly thief, and the "I need some pills for that plotline" old guy dying of non mentioned disease with amazingly convenient symptom of "I'm sick".

    Although the criminals didn't pull off the heist, at least NBC did.moreless
  • best episode thus far!!!

    My comment on this episodes:

    First, before I make a comment on this great episode of all. I was so stunned when I learn that this show will be taken off by NBC! I was so shocked to heard about that, I cannot believe that tv network wouldn’t give this show a chance! This show was my favourite so far than this! I enjoy watch this show every week on telly. They should have gone stay the perfect timeslot by 10pm! Not 9pm! How could they switch the timeslot? Have they failed to realize that heist wouldn’t be win against Lost and another of great shows of all?! Oh, well, at least..I’ll enjoy the two final episodes to go.

    Back on this storylines in this episode:

    this episode have reveal to us that pops is sick and becomes so determined to rob the bank to get many cash as he can. I understand his feeling, he want his wife to be well taken care of. I hope he can find the way to get money somehow, but I know his friend wont tell another teammates about his sickness..that would be terrible.

    Ah, my favourite part: Billy and Tyrese! It was so funny when billy dance with his sister and it has make him very mad! Obviously he doesn’t want billy dance with his sister and it has make his mum wonder! She slap his head off so badly! Gosh, this episode is so funny! It was so good! At last..Tyrese let his partner to go out with his sister after all. I think it’s the best, but I find that he’s really racist. I happen to be agree with Billy. I think tyrese is really racist after all, because he doesn’t want white men to go out with his sister. That’s what I’m think of, at last..it’s went well so far.

    Billy and Tyrese and Ricky part: Finally, both of them have found him and talk to him to get him confess about what he’s doing in underground where he throw the smoke off there. After all, Ricky doesn’t want to be going back to Jail. He must be so scared of going back to Jail. I almost understood, but I believe he is gonna tell those cops everything about his teammates that have planning to rob the banks and many of the things that they can do. In the end, Ricky want something to trade with Billy and Tyrese. Apparently to me that They’re gonna work together to catch those teammates. But, sadly..since NBC decide to cancelled this best show after all. We won’t know what’s gonna happens to those people in the near future! We won’t know if they’ll be finally going to Jail or not.

    Lola and Ricky part: Gosh, I loved the storylines between them! Ricky was so funny when he do his job!! Lola is so awfully beautiful when she’s so angry! She pop the water pool out of him. Quite funny, hahaha. Not bad after all. I like it.

    Since this episode have so many reveal to us and left us a many clues about it. We won’t know it in the near future. I’m quite upset that show will be now cancelled and will never get a chance to ride a full swing on telly! I hope some tv network will pick up this show and show many unaired episodes! I pray that show will be comes out on dvd! I think that show deserve to have on dvd! So we can see it all over again and again! I rated this episode to be 10.0.

    Very well fairly. Good storylines and well written so far. My total is totally over rated! I rated it to be 20.5! They have my best two thumbs up!! Good episodes so far!moreless
  • I'm starting to see the standard of writing for the show.

    After watching all the episodes so far, I think I can say that the writing is fairly consistant. The acting is getting better as the characters and their back stories develop (namely Pops). This show is certainly more intersting than the others being shown on different networks. I hope they keep up with the good work.
  • The best episode so far!

    Its sad that it will be canceled because this episode was very funny. The two detectives are amazing they made me laught a lot, Ricky too...

    This show is more a comedy than a suspence. It may be the reason why the ratings are bad. Maybe it will return someday, I hope.
  • Fantastic episode, just a damn shame that NBC is cancelling the show without giving it a chance.

    This was a great episode! The first episode where you start to notice weaknesses within the team. I guess the writers probable knew that this show is not going that strong in the ratings area, so we'll show a little mis-trust, illnesses, and overall small breaking ups. It really is a shame that they're cancelling the show, this was the show that I really looked forward every week to watch. The ending of the episode is sort of like an indirect way of saying "well where do we go with the series now?" when Mickey says "What's next?" I think that personally they should just ride the series out till the end and then release the mini-series on DVD. I know I would happily purchase the DVD set if it ever comes out.moreless

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    • (Ricky got shot down by Lola again)
      Pops: You know what they say kid?
      Ricky: What's that?
      Pops: You see a lot of smart guys with some dumb dames, but you never see a smart dame with a dumb guy.

    • Mickey: You're putting me in a tough spot here Pops.
      Pops: I'm putting you in a tough spot? I'm the one who's dying. You wanna switch spots?

    • Evans: You have 24 hours to give us something or we're violating your parole.
      O'Brien: And you better make it good he's in a bad mood because i'm dating his sister.
      Evans: Why you tell him that?
      O'Brien: I'm tell everybody.
      Ricky: Are you okay with that?

    • (In the elevator)
      Ricky: Lola, Lola, Lola. You know I could press the emergency button and we could make out.
      Lola: Or I could stick my thumb straight into your eye socket.

    • O'Brien: If you don't want me to come, just say so.
      Evans: I don't want you to come.
      O'Brien: Is it because I'm white?
      Evans: Yea.
      O'Brien: Is it because i'm fat
      Evans: Yea. And because you're you.

    • James: You know most architects make less money than your average hooker.
      Mickey: An excellent hooker perhaps, but an average hooker I doubt it.

    • James: In your eyes, what makes a hooker excellent?
      Pops: Endurance. Teeth.
      Mickey: Well I suppose it would encompass a few different traits: looks, price, flexibility
      James: So by that definition an unattractive hooker can never be excellent.
      Mickey: All I'm saying is that things being equal is that the more beautiful of the two will always be able to charge more.

    • Ricky (being interrogated by the detectives): Are you going to charge me with something? Oh, I get it. You're going to try to black cop, fat cop, and way hot cop me.

    • O'Brien (winded from walking up a few flights of stairs): How'd you get up here so quick?
      Evans: I'm not fat.

    • O'Brien: So you're saying 'Niggaz' with an 'az' is acceptable, but...
      Evans: Don't say it.
      O'Brien: That word with an 'er' is offensive?
      Evans: Yes, fool. They're both offensive, just like cracker with an 'a' and honke with two 'E's.

    • Pops: Will the two of you shut-up, or shoot me in the head?

    • Mickey: Underling.
      Pops: Will you just go with it? I'm creating a mood.

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    • The episode title "How Billy Got His Groove Back" is a reference to the 1998 romantic-drama How Stella Got Her Groove Back, starring Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs.