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  • this was a a great show that didn't stop giving us interesting and humorous dialogue

    i can not say anything bad about this show except that it ended way too prematurely. it did not give us the end and that is what really ticks me off about its cancellation. if only we knew how the job went, who lived and didn't. I think this show was extremely witty and intelligent despite the fact that the characters themselves neither pretended or meant to be. Bring it back and I will definitely start watching. {starting chant} bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back! bring it back!
  • This show reminds of a few gangster movies that took place just 8 years ago.Well anyway this show was a very fun show to watch but why did they have to cancel it?.I just wish NBC would bring this show back.This show had a good storyboard, okay background.

    This show had good characters but why did they choose Beverly Hills? how about LA would have been a more fun background than it is now. I love all the action when they rig up a plan to rob a store. I liked the jewelry store robbery the best. This is the best show to come out in 2005 I will give the show credit for that.
  • This was an incredible show. It had flare, exictement, and was always cunningly fresh. Like said before, it was the schedule that crushed this show. Leave it to NBC to put it up against Lost and American Idol..

    Heist is among my favorite shows ever. It is exciting, fresh and fun. It has lots of comedy and action as well, which makes this show complete. Contrary to what NBC appears to think, poor ratings do not indicate a poor show. It indicates a combination of a poor show and a good time slot. However, Heist was an excellent show with a horrible time slot. Please, NBC, Bring Heist back. You are deserting millions of fans with barely no word. Heist is a show with an excellent plot, cunning schemes, unique characters and unbeatable comedy. NBC, Please bring Heist Back!
  • A message to the network! This could have become one of the greats!

    This show should never ever been cancelled. Bad scheduling was the reason for people not watching it.

    The people I have shown this series to and told to watch were absolutely shocked when I told them it was cancelled.

    It was funny, interesting and a great idea.

    If you had any common sense then bring it back and give it a good scheduling and you'll see people in their millions watching it.

    It had everything you need to make a great show: Great characters, interesting plot and jokes gallore!

    The executives who run thee networks have no idea when it comes to good programming.

    For the love of god bring it back!!!

  • Why do they cancel good shows?

    I started watching Heist when it began and found it really interesting; there was the overall plot of the one big heist that the group wanted to pull, then the smaller crimes that they had to commit every week in order to be able to pull the big job. If nothing else, it was a good education in how to rob a jewellry store!

    But that's not all that it was; it was funny, and action-packed. The scripts were good and well acted, and it certainly had enough intrigue and plot twists to hold my interest and bring me back every week. Unfortunately, the executives in tv-land didn't seem to think so and cancelled it after six or so episodes. So we were left hanging, wondering what happened. I hate it when they do things like that.

    It's sad when good shows get cancelled, yet stupid reality shows (not naming any names!) continue to get renewed. We need more shows like Heist... oh, and I guess the tv executives agree, because for the fall 2006 season, there seem to be quite a few shows like Heist. I just don't get it, really.
  • A Big Disapointment...

    Don't read this review. It has spoilers in it. I thought this show would be really good. But it turns out in the pilot episode that Zac Efron plays a Hostage Robber. He wasn't in the episode very long. It happened way too fast. He delivers pizza to this house, they grab him, take his shirt off, put a bomb on his chest, and he goes in this bank and they see the bomb and give him this bag, and then these people stop him and tell him to drop the bag, and then he explodes. The bank people were much smarter than those other people. After seeing this, It isn't worth it to watch the rest of the episode, or any others, and I'm glad it gets cancelled.
  • Finally there was a show that both my wife and I could enjoy together. It had something for everyone...but no more. Have chimps been hired to make programming decisions?

    Heist was a well written and well performed show. It had action, drama, comedy, mystery, and plot twists and turns galore. Who in thier right mind would cancel such a fine show after such a short run? The show was not even given a decent chance. Schedule changes, poor promotion, unnanounced discontinuation...what are these people thinking. The network website continued to list Heist as a scheduled show for weeks (months?) after they stopped airing it.
    I know that Heist was a knockoff of \"Ocean\'s Eleven\", but it still had its own flavor that made it stand on its own. The characters were very well \"filled out\" for a first season, and it seemed that the ensemble really clicked. You don\'t often get that kind of integration until the third season in most cases.
    What can I say? Bring it back! At least have the decency to run the story to its conclusion.

    If the folks in programming are not willing to put up a good show like this one for at least two seasons, perhaps they should be examined for other signs of brain damage.
  • This is one of the most exciting television shows today. Truly beats watching reality television.

    The Heist is an outstanding show that has a seemingly great cast. The concept of a crew of criminals pulling off some of the most amazing robberies makes for some exciting television. This is one of the better quality shows that has included action with satirical humor. All though in its first season probably hasn\'t done well by televisions standards and rating, I hope that it brought up for consideration to return for a second run. This was one of my frequently shows that I TIVO. I work nights and generally watch the show the next morning before I head to bed. I rate the show a perfect TEN!
  • This was one of the best shows. I had it set to record and then...NO LONGER AIRING? You can\'t just stop a show right when the plateau of the show is about to happen. BRING IT BACK!!!

    This show was my favorite show to watch. My wife didn\'t want to watch it so I got an hour all to myself. Now I have to watch re-run after re-run of Law & Order. Please bring back the show so I can have some sanity in my life.
  • Heist ~Excellent Show

    Its great to have a tv show that does not have lawyers or doctors in it. It will be a mistake to cancel Heist, mark my words, this is a hit show, wait and see...if it does not get cancelled prematurely. In a word excellent show.

    Nice to have a show that has the veiw of both side the criminal mind and the police investigations.

  • Professional thief, Mickey O’Neil decides to create an expert team of career criminals to attempt one of the biggest heists in history. Their goal is to rob three of the most renowned jewelry stores on Beverly Hills’ famed Rodeo Drive during Academy Award

    this is a new show with only 2 episodes out, but it has got me hooked straight from the first. this is one of those shows where you cant wait for the next episode. this is basically oceans 11/12 put into a show with new actors and a different story but the same outline. even though its only released 2 episodes its already in the top 15 which says something - its awesome. if anyone likes thrilling action, clever plots, nice girls - this is your show to watch. its like prison break except breaking into a shop and stealing lol.
  • NBC are a buntch of t*?!s

    i am realy getin sick of getin in to a show only for them to pull the series and leve it on a clifhanger like they did and not show episode 6 is just stupid they are a buntch of stupid ar se holes who care only about money not about makeing quality television that people enjoy watching thats why they are goin down hill fast

    i mean they air heist against abc`s lost and fox`s american idol so how the hell would it ever compete with them and gain a folowing after just 5 episodes

    but again its money and the Richard Heads at NBC think in there infinate wisdom lets just bin it and make somethin else hmmmmm and they put deal or no stinkin deal (now that lost has finished and i bet rateings go up and they blame heist for being crap) but of corse the main thing is its cheap as hell all they have to do is pay the host and the cash prizes whish is far cheaper than paying a cast of actors film crews scrip writers ect

    all in all

    rot in hell NBC
  • what ever happened to the heist. please bring it back to the nightly line up. i was really into the story line and then you cut it off. this really sucks

    a great show and i only wish you guys wouldn\'t start a show and the viewer get all caught up in the story and then you never finish it. continue airing it and bring it to an end if you don\'t think it is worth the money. just finish it
  • BRING IT BACK! The Thrill is just on after the 5 first eps, how can you end it now?! Damn you, NBC!

    I can't believe they cancelled the best series on the screen that combines Crime, Action-Thriller and light Comedy. WHY?!
    They said it's only gonna last 13 episodes so produce and air all of them, dont axe the series (or should it be mini-series in the middle)!
    It was definitely one of the best shows on the screen, but what can i say? its NBC dammit...
    they did the same to JOEY in the middle of season 2 and FOUR KINGS after only 7 eps...
    So NBC just aired it when FOX airs AMERICAN IDOL, and ABC airs LOST, not a good sign for the show, isnt it?

    I think we should start a petition to bring the show back on the air, at least to complete it, all the 13 episodes!
    On NBC or whatever, every network that will pick it up will be a winner! maybe of the cables - FX, Showtime, TNT...
    FX did nice with THIEF, who was like the biggest (not not even funny, too dramatic) rival of HEIST, now they can have it all, the dramatic-heist-type show - THIEF, and comic one - HEIST, think about it.

    SO who's with me in the petition?
  • Is it over? it can't end now! IF NBC does't send it then some other network should and ought to send it!! It's a great show! And they can't show us 5 episodes and then stop! to much teasing! bring it back! please?:p

    Heist is a great show! It got everything a great tv-show needs! All that great publicity before the show started and now they give up? it can't be true! I'm so anxious and curious about what happens next, that I can't believe they are cancelling the show! I just love the twists and surprises in the show! Imagine all the working hours spent on writing this, but NO, NBC isn't happy about the ratings so it ends! Change the schedule or change network! anything! just show me the rest of Heist! I'm really disappointed! I wish I had some kind of power to convince the people behind this desicion! Bring back Heist! Please!!!!

    From a big Heist-fan from Norway

    Absolutely great show, it has everything you need to keep the audience coming back week after week. You don’t know who to cheer for the cops or the crooks. I have even been recording this show and sending it to friends who are stationed in Japan, guess what they love it also.
  • How could they possibly end it there????

    This show might have just been a mish mash of different film scripts/ideas, but it was complete class. The robberys were always really well thought out and the comedy value was top notch. The two coppers just made the show. Absolute legends.

    Theres no need in ending a show after just a few episodes, its not right. The people demand more Heist!!
  • Bring It Back PLEASE!

    One of the best shows I've seen in a long time, Heist is basically a TV version of Ocean's Eleven. As the latter being one of my favorite movies, I could not resist loving Heist. If it had been introduced during a more normal time during the year and not put up against American Idol and Lost, we would probably be seeing it renewed for another season. Filled with fast-paced action and some light-hearted comedy, the show was just a perfect blend of the two most popular genres. If NBC were to brign it back, they would never regret it.
  • Heist is an awesome show, i cant believe that they pulled it...they should bring it back, give it another chance, i just thought i\'d say that....


  • Bring this show back! Heist is as good as many other shows in it\\\'s category and runs a close second to Thief.

    The Heist concept seemed an impossible task. It was a thrill to tune in every week to see how they were going to resolve their problems. Additionally, the show has a light hearted flavor I also enjoyed. I hate it when a network leaves us hanging. I can understand a fast wrap-up at the end of the season but to pull it in the middle is just plain mean.

    I think the plot got a little of of hand but could have been saved with some good writing to bring it all back into perspective. Some of those bizarre situations like the head theif sleeping with the head cop was too much to swallow. The head cop\\\'s inappropriate behavior was also suspect.

    As I write this, I realize the whole series was a bit much to swallow -- so why did I like the show? I\\\'m not quite sure but I looked forward to watching it each week and I was entertained. Probably, I just wanted to see where the writers were going with this. Still, I would like to see it stay on the air.
  • This show was funny. Bring it back!

    I am so tired of finding shows that I like to watch and having them get pulled so fast. Just like wonderfalls. It's so frustrating. I looked forward to seeing what would happen next. They were funny and it had action. No it wasn't just like Oceans 11 but if it were wouldn't that be boring? The story was good. The People were funny. I thought it had action. I am very disappointed this was not given more of a chance. Please please help all of us fans out and bring this show back...
  • Heist created by Mark Cullen and Robb Cullen is a show about five people, Mickey, James, Pops, Lola, and Ricky, who are trying to pull off the greatest heist of all times; rob three jewerly shows on Rodeo Drive during the Acadamy Awards.

    Heist is a great show with great characters and great writers and directors. The show is a Ocean\'s Eleven rip off, yeah, no doubt, but it is still a great show to watch. Every episode brings them closer to their goal but unlike Ocean's Eleven and Twelve there are more obstactles for them to conquer. Very funny show!
  • This show is lots of fun to watch. It's not that original, but its funny.

    Mickey brings together four others to help with a huge, profitable heist of a few jewelry stores. While they work on their plan, the police tries to follow their leads to figure out whats going on. Heist isn't too different from the heist movies that you see in theatres, but those kind of movies are great. The relationships between the characters are probably is most well done part with the show. Billy-Tyrese and Lola-Ricky are both hilarious duos to watch. Unfortunately, the show got cancelled because NBC decided to put a new show up against Lost and American Idol. It was tough to see where Heist was trying to go with their story, but the story was good. Shows like this shouldn't be cancelled. Bring it back, please!
  • Heist excellent show. Dougray Scott is in it. He's a fabulous actor. The show was great right from the start. Unbelievable heist pulled off. I was totally wowed. NBC shouldn't show at 2am. Maybe it would have a chance to survive. last episode shown, i'm d

    I think that the show heist absolutely the next greastest show on nbc. The way heists were pulled off was just unreal. It was so good. Heist really has real potential to be great. Maybe if nbc would show it before 2 am. The show might just take off. I mean dougray scott is in it for crying out loud. He is a beautiful man from the movie ever after. Based on what I have seen this show deserves to be given a chance. it was just starting to be an excellent show. I really want to see what happened with the cop and the con.
  • Its a great new show, i guess created off the ideas of classic movies. A great way to put a new scenario for a tv shows. You dont see many heist style tv shows, it does have its competitior 'thief' but wont do any harm to heist.

    A great show, something alot of people like. Very well planned shows, ideas caught of classic movies; an example would be oceans 11. Characters of the show are very well selected a mixture of a different type of people. The characters all have their own reason as to why they are involved in the doing the heist. A great use of romance in the show also between micky (main character) and the detecitve (forgot her name lol). A great show with a mixture of things going around, but mainly based on the heist.

    It is a good show on television and i think that people will enjoy watching such show as it progresses. I also think the producers will try to make this show better every season.
  • THIS IS Un-be-friggin-leviable!! every time we get a show that we love they effin axe it! cmon after only 5 shows?? are u kidding me? this show if great! i love it every week i anticipate what is going to happen next..

    bad move for NBC and they wonder y their ratings suck soo damn bad! i cant believe this.This show is just truly getting into the plot....for the love of god let them work it out for at least a season and not leave the current fans wondering wtf is going to happen next..that of which they will never know the stupid station wants to shut it down...this is the same exact crap ABC did with "life as we know it" friggin axe it not even with enuff epps to build a full plot...bad move NBC re think this.
  • I saw the pilot episode and found it distinctly average. Not as exciting, slick or funny its predecessor Hustle.

    Being a fan of Hustle (the original BBC version) I found Heist slow moving in comparison.

    In the first five minutes of the pilot, the two main characters were having an enjoyable interaction which I found promising, however the promise didn't last. Although the actors did a good job, they struggled to pull off a convoluted plot which seemed to get tangled in its own mess time and again. And the most frustrating thing of all, the wit that runs through Hustle seemed to have been lopped.

    The last ten minutes or so started to pick up my interest again and made me think that it would be worth giving another go, but it seems as though that might not happen now.

    Maybe if it gets pulled and you like Heist, check out Hustle instead. There's 18 episodes of Ocean's 11 rip-off gold to enjoy.
  • Heist.


    Heist, in my opinion, is a terrific show. I have a thing for con movies and things like that. I think that this show deserves a better chance, a run longer. 4 episodes in they want to cancel it? NO. This is a great show and plz keep it.
  • Truly dreadful television. It starts off trying to be a witty Ocean\'s 11-esque thriller - but ends up being an irritating, boring and completely lifeless comedy / thriller.

    Truly dreadful television. It starts off trying to be a witty Ocean\'s 11-esque thriller - but ends up being nothing more than an irritating, overplayed, outdated, lifeless comic (??) / thriller.

    The plots are horribly dis-jointed, the characters are completely devoid of any screen presence or empathetic value.

    What made Ocean\'s 11 such a success was the characters each had a certain charm, an identifable characteristic and a genuine \'likeability\' factor about them. These lifeless drones put me to sleep (yes truly) midway through the 2nd episode.

    It\'s being pulled by NBC? Wow, I\'m surprised this dross even made it past the cutting room trash can.

  • Though totally cliché and a rip-off of Ocean's Eleven and The String it's really fun to watch.

    Yes, this show is really dumb, I admit. The characters are flat and just try too hard to be cool, but it works for me. It is really fun to watch the show. With every episode I'm getting more and more hooked on it. Should be interesting where this is heading. I wouldn't give it more than one season lifetime but there's worse on TV these days.

    The directing, story-writing and color-sheme add even more to the cliché. It's a fun show to watch. "That's Entertainment"
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