Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on NBC
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Mickey and the crew try to stop the delivery of a vault and what's inside it, to a local raceway. A source with not a very large reputation gives the detectives more of a scoop against Ricky.

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  • A great episode.

    It may not have moved the plot along, but it was really really funny. I loved the scene in the diner, just because it borrowed from Pulp Fiction. I am starting to think that this show should be labeled as a comedy rather than a drama. The characters aren't completely original (stereotype of a pretty woman who shoots down the advances of a horny guy, the foreigner, the stubborn old guy) but the combination is great.moreless
  • "Strife"

    My comment on this episode:

    Well, in the beginning, they were planning to rob something in the vault. But, this vault is pretty super-lock. Nothing very important, it was little bit bored.

    But, lola..oh boy!! She's way, way hotter than two previous episodes! It was so funny when ricky wear lola's lipstick on his lips! haha!

    Not bad. It's getting better than two previous episode so far.

    Of course, this black guy, he demand to know why his friend gather the crews to rob the banks and everything. Now, since he finally reveal it to us and I understand why.

    I'm very surprise that his crews are in and willing to do it for him! I smell that in the future..it'll be uglier! Maybe rest of the crews could end up in the jail. Maybe or maybe not, maybe they're too clever to get caught after all.

    At the end, they got tons of money. Hmm-mmm..how's boring. Still same old crap after all. I expects something better!

    Still, I loved this episode anyways! Aye!

    I rated this episode to be good. (8.7) that's all for now.moreless
  • Well it just continues this time wesee why some of the crooks do what they do.

    This show just gets better and better. Amy and Mickey stealing the room service as part of their date by pretending they are about to arrest the guy in the hotel room. James after his wife finds out he quit his job goes to a synanguge (I must point out now that I am Jewish so it is doublbly funny) to seeks advice from a rabbi if to lie to ones family so that he can better support them was great. Histrical was the fact that the color of the kippa Afircan AMerican James wore in Temple was mainly white. Then the greatest line in the show Pops telling Rickey "She's not into you" I hope this thing is not pulled.moreless
  • This episode is a perfect example on why the heist is such a great show!

    After watching the first episode I figured it was some kind of publicity stunt, throw in a lot of humour and action and get the people interested and then fade into the general cops and robbers show. But now, after watching the third episode I must say this show is truly great, it just keeps getting better and better.

    The turns are quick and the dialogues witty, one second you laugh the next you’re dodging bullets.

    In this episode we get to know a bit more about Mickey and James. A perfect example of how this show differs from so many others is when James gets home and his wife has found out he quit his day job. In any other show she would have been boiling mad but in heist she’s proud of him, she means he’s finally taken a stand for himself and the family. On the other side she doesn’t know the truth.

    We also find out that the reason Mickey is doing this heist is not for the money but as revenge on the person, his old partner, who tried to kill him and then stole his wife.

    The acting has also improved from the first episode in which I thought some of the actors/actresses did a half-bad job playing their roles. Now I’m really starting to like them and Amy really is quite cool.

    If they keep the good acting and writing up I’m sure this will be on the air for many seasons to come.

  • It was funny, but not much happen on this episode...

    The plot did not really advance in this episode. It was more of talking and other boring stuff. The truck robbery wasn't so exciting too.

    However, I think it was the best episode for the detectives, O'Brien was great, he took a gun shot for a playstation.

    I laughed when Ricky and Lola (she's so hot) where discussing. When he puts her lipstick... haha
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Asia Sims

Sarah Johnson

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Avrey Larson

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Frank Crim

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The sign at Temple Beth Abraham that compels James to talk with the Rabbi reads: "Morality is a Burglar's tool never left at the crime scene."

  • QUOTES (25)

    • O'Brien: You think I got a shot with her [Sykes]?
      Evans (shaking his head no): Oh yeah.

    • James: Look, I just want to know; if the pay day was big enough would the lie be worth it?
      Rabbi: It rarely is.

    • Sykes: Glad you're alright.
      O'Brien: Really?
      Sykes: Yeah, I am. (hands over a take out order from the diner) The waitress at the restaurant thought you might be hungry.
      O'Brien: She had her shot. Salad?

    • ER Doctor (pulling the bullet out of O'Brien's arm): Lucky for you this was a small calliber and you had a little extra weight.

    • O'Brien: Oh no.
      Evans: What?
      O'Brien: They're taking wallets.
      Evans: They're going to see are badges. We gotta make a move now. Wait 'til that guy comes back from the safe. I'll take him and the door. You got the other two.
      O'Brien: Copy. This is all very Pulp Fiction.

    • O'Brien (talking to the waitress): My name is Billy. I like your mouth.

    • Evans (calling over the waitress at the diner): Oh will you just relax. Just relax. Just have some confidence. When she comes over here you ask her for her number.
      O'Brien: Not ready. not ready!

    • O'Brien: Everything here tastes the same. Like dirt.
      Evans: But it's no fat dirt. Why don't you get a side of ranch, have a heart attack? What do I care?

    • Bill (To a Thug after he got shot): Now, my homie is about to get smoked, okay? So I pull a heisman and take a cap in my wing for his punk ass.
      Thug: For real?
      Bill: Serious. Check this out. (Shows him his wound) It burns.
      Thug: Damn. Check this out. (He lifts up his shirt to show is six pack)
      Bill: Wow, I'm gonna put mine away now.

    • Ricky: So, I was thinking, maybe you and I could grab a drink sometime.
      Lola: No.
      Ricky: Maybe margaritas?
      Lola: No.
      Ricky: Martinis?
      Lola: No.
      Ricky: Mai tais?
      Lola: No.
      Ricky: Mojitos?
      Lola: No!
      Ricky: Manhattans?
      Lola: No!
      Ricky: I like a girl that doesn't drink.
      (rolls her eyes)

    • Ricky: Lola, hey, I was thinking that you may want to go out and grabs some tacos?
      Lola: No.
      Ricky: Muchaka?
      Lola: No.
      Ricky: Chile kilas?
      Lola: No.
      Ricky: Molelay?
      Lola: No!
      Ricky: No food, no drinks. I get it you just wanna cut right to the sex part. (She gives him a look, and Pops appears from in the back of the truck)
      Pops: Idiot, get it through your thick head: She doesn't want you.
      Ricky (Pause): Have you been back there the whole time?

    • Bill: Hey, listen, partner, I want you to know that I don't want things to change between us just because I saved your life.
      Evans: You know, I'm not even so sure that this bullet woulda hit me, you know, 'cause you a good four or five feet wider than I am.
      Bill: So what you're saying is that my morbid obesity saved your life. Well, remember that the next time you're gonna be purposely hurtful.

    • Ricky: I made one as a kid, burned a hole into the girls locker room. It should get through the armored truck.
      Mickey: But won't it burn up the money?
      Ricky: Oh...um, maybe.
      Mickey: Don't.

    • (At the race track)
      Pops: Too bad we can't bet today.
      Mickey: I never bet on horses.
      James: Oh, this should be good.
      Mickey: Too many uncontrolable variables, you're better off throwing money in the dumpster.
      Ricky: What kind of variables?
      Mickey: Well, having a small man on your back for one.
      Lola: I hate that too.
      (All four guys, give her a look)

    • Amy: So what are your thoughts on this?
      Mickey: This? I didn't know I was required to have a philosophy on getting a drink.
      Amy: Well, this is more than just a drink.
      Mickey: Not yet.
      Amy: I meant that it was a date.
      Mickey: Oh, and the last time?
      Amy: Almost a date. (Mickey laughs) This is the part where we find out intimate details about each other.
      Mickey: What sort of intimate details?
      Amy: Like...my favorite movie's The French Connection.
      Mickey: I'll go with The Great Escape.
      Amy: What else?
      Mickey: It's not that I'm not interested in your likes, dislikes, favorite color, that sort of thing....
      Amy: Then what are you interested in?
      Mickey: I wanna secret. A deep desire, somethin' that thrills you, that thing that revs your engine.
      Amy: Have you ever stolen anything?
      Mickey: A stick of gum when I was a kid, maybe.
      Amy: Do you wanna steal somethin'?
      Mickey (Laughs): Me?
      Amy: Yeah. Why not?
      Mickey: Because you'll arrest me.
      Amy: Well, what if I take the night off from being a cop? We can start with somethin' small?
      Mickey: Why not sometin' big?

    • Thug: Then my moms left.
      Bill: 7 years old, that's cold-blooded, dawg.
      (Evans comes out of the house)
      Thug: Hey, you be cool, Bill.
      Bill: Stay strong, my brother. Head up.
      (Evans shakes his head)

    • Ricky: What do they do with the money and stuff from the old vault? Do they move it? Do they put it in a bank?
      Mickey: It gets stolen. By us.

    • Pops: The East Coast is dead to me.

    • James: So you have no moral obligation to your fellow man?
      Mickey: To my fellow man, yes. To my fellow prisoner, no.
      James: You say that intellectually, but that's not what you show me.
      Mickey: I'm enegmatic. What can I tell you?
      James: How about a new exit strategy?
      Mickey: For life?
      James: The heist.

    • James: Say you were in a prison camp of some sort.
      Mickey: I was in a prison camp of some sort. It was called prison.

    • (After they robbed the track)
      Mickey: Now that's our best day at the track ever.

    • (When Evans gets called in)
      Bill: I'll wait here, good gate work.

    • (When Bill and Evans went to get the info on Ricky, in the ghetto)
      Evans: I'm just saying don't speak.
      Bill: Okay, skittles. Wow, this place must have cost hundreds.
      (They walk up to the gate)
      Black Guy: What's your business here, pigs?
      Bill: Relax we're Mormans. OK, were cops.
      Evans: Tell Lucas, Tyrese is here.
      (The black guy leaves)
      Bill (To a different black guy with, a do-rag on his head): So what's with the stocking on the head? It's a tough look to pull off.

    • (During the conversation with James about prison)
      Mickey:To my fellow man, yes. To my fellow prisoner, no way.

    • Lola: Are you wearing my lipstick?
      Ricky: No. (She gives him a look) Yeah.
      Lola ( punches him): I told you to stay out of my stuff. ( Hands her retainer case) My retainer.
      Ricky: I didn't wear it. ( gives him a look) OK, I wore it. ( throws it out the window)

  • NOTES (0)


    • Pulp Fiction

      The reference to Pulp Fiction that Det. O'Brien makes is to the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film where John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson are calmly sitting in a diner as it is being robbed.

    • Bill makes a reference to the Playstation while speaking to Evans.

      The Playstation is a video game system created by Sony back in 1998.