Helen West Casebook - Season 1

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  • A Clear Conscience
    Episode 3
    Helen's life is falling apart. Witnesses won't testify, her romance with Bailey is on the rocks, and her apartment desperately needs a spring cleaning. When a friend convinces her to hire help, Helen gets more than she bargained for. The new cleaning lady's husband is Bailey's prime suspect in a murder investigation. Helen finds that justice can be an uphill battle, but Bailey comes through in more ways than one.moreless
  • Shadow Play
    Episode 2
    A street sweeper and a lowlife, Lycett makes many court appearances, often charged with lewd acts but acquitted for lack of evidence. Out of court he obsesses about his missing daughter--the only reason, he claims, he's so interested in children. Back in the offices of the Crime Prosecution Service, files keep disappearing, and Helen's clerk, Rose, is sleeping her way through the young police recruits. Helen's romance with Bailey falters when he comes close to exploring other options.moreless
  • Deep Sleep
    Episode 1
    When the wife of a respected pharmacist dies in her sleep, it seems like natural causes--except for the amount of chlorofom in her system. Helen's by-the-book boss wants her to move on, and even her boyfriend, Bailey, dismisses her suspicions. But Helen won't let it go and pursues the truth on her own time. When a junkie dies and the dark past of a key witness comes to light, Helen senses impending menace about to explode.moreless