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AIRED ON 2/27/2015

Season 2 : Episode 7

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Season 2 : Episode 8

Show Summary

Helix is an intense thriller about a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak, only to find themselves pulled into a terrifying life-and-death struggle that holds the key to mankind's salvation...or total annihilation.

Hiroyuki Sanada

Hiroyuki Sanada

Dr. Hiroshi Hatake

Mark Ghanime

Mark Ghanime

Major Sergio Balleseros

Billy Campbell

Billy Campbell

Dr. Alan Farragut

Kyra Zagorsky

Kyra Zagorsky

Dr. Julia Walker

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  • If King, Crichton and Cook had a bastard child...

    First season: Imagine if you've got Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Robin Cook and asked them to create a TV series. As examples, you would give them Burning Zone, Fringe and Cameron's The Thing. If you are really lucky, you might end up with something like Helix.

    Second season: No idea when it started going wrong. As I watch S02E04, I have to wonder what happened to the Helix we used to know. Really close to giving up on the series.moreless
  • mysterious and suspenseful, though flawed

    After the first three episodes, I was a big fan of this one. It was stylishly filmed, intriguing, and contained some genuinely creepy/scary moments, making it the closest thing to Fringe I've seen in some time.

    The show generally held up well after that. There were some problematic choices in the plotting, like the way they handled the woman in charge of animal autopsies. She was a good character, but they way they kept her separate from the rest to keep her from reporting information in a blatant attempt to slow plot development was annoying and senseless. And it's actually making less sense as it progresses, with episode three really pushing credibility hard to keep her research away from the head CDC guy.

    This turned out to be a fundamental flaw of the series, with people always unable or unwilling to give information that would make things much clearer, rarely for any reason beyond attempting to keep the suspense up.

    There were also issues the a soap-opera tendency and will characters whose behavior could be inexplicable and at times wildly unprofessional.

    In spite of these issues, the show was generally pretty good until the last few episodes, when it went downhill. The finale was weak and unsatisfying.

    While it was never as good as in the first couple of episodes, season 1 was, overall, quite entertaining. I'm curious to see what happens with season 2.moreless
  • Playing with stupidity

    If you like a little science in your science fiction, give this freak show a pass. (Didn't watch season 1, so this addresses episode Supposed to be CDC virus hunters, confronted by what they perceive as an ingested pathogen based, as far as I could tell, solely on the observation that SOME of the victims have growths coming out of their mouths. Only a single survivor so let's take her with us to check out ground zero! Though it is a 20 hour sail from the mainland (under power,) we will be stranded for two weeks with an unknown pathogen so lets not take any protective gear and let's not bother with a protected food and water supply, either! Our wonderfully observant pathogen hunters miss an entire field of hundreds of skulls - on an island a day's ride from anywhere - that only our survivor and the only female scientist notice. Don't notice that a complete animal specimen in a jar completely disintegrates upon impact with the ground though no break in the container is shown. I am already convinced that these writers read too many old issues of Tales from the Crypt during science class and have to be shoved face first into their dinners to realize that dinner is served. Meanwhile, we have two timelines, thirty years apart, to track with no real motivation for wanting to track the future. I might watch episode two simply because the cult has me a little (not too much) curious but if it is as brain dead as San Jose, I doubt I'll linger. From the 'here's last season' recap, season one was a rethink of the Thing mated with a vampire story and season two is going to revisit Dr. Moreau but give him pretend knowledge of genetics. If you want to rethink the classics, at least make it worth the while.moreless
  • Boring with lost potential...

    At the beginning this show had a potential but going further with the story it started to become more boring with every new episode. The last episodes of the first season are being dragged like the writers had no story to tell... From quite interesting at first it evolved into something I will not watch anymore and I think that the second season will be the last.
  • This show makes the CDC look totally inept.

    I wouldn't send this team in to control an outbreak of laughter. I assume they never got a professional adviser. Tihs really is unwatchable.

    Helix "Scion" Review: Who's Tripping the Hardest?

    We're not any closer to knowing all the answers, but we ARE closer to people losing their friggin' minds.

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