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If the Helix's Season 1 finale ends on a cliffhanger (I've already seen it and I'm not saying!), fans need not worry about having to move on without closure. Syfy has renewed the viral thriller for a second season, ordering 13 more episodes for 2015. Yay! I think.

Helix has been a bit all over the map in its first season, sometimes delving into the bizarre (much to my delight), but also sometimes poking at things it hopes will make it more of a "serious" science-fiction show. I've been reviewing the series all season, and I like it best when it just runs around screaming instead of trying to establish character relationships, but lately it's improved at the latter, and it still shows a lot of potential.

Helix has averaged 2.1 million viewers per episode in Season 1, which means it's done pretty well for a Friday-night cable show.  But who needs numbers when you've got rat .GIFs?! 

Keep up the rodent torture in Season 2 and you'll be on the right track, show. 

Helix's Season 1 finale airs tonight (Friday, March 28) at 10pm on Syfy. Look for my review as soon as the East Coast airing concludes.

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